Power Rankings 6/28-7/4…

1. Seth Rollins: The future of the WWE is on fire: two weeks ago him and the Authority took out Brock Lesnar and this past week Roman Reigns was mopped around by Rollins and company. Rollins holds the belt and he has the Authority in his corner. He has never looked stronger.
2. Kevin Owens: The NXT Champion has been catching John Cena off guard ever since his defeat at Money in the Bank. Owens brutalized Cena after his loss at MitB and dethroned both Cena and Cesaro this past Monday on Raw. Owens looks to have the upper hand.
3. Sheamus: The Money in the Bank winner has been on a hot streak recently. Ever since his heel turn, Sheamus has looked mighty strong in the ring. This past Monday he had a convincing win over Neville.
4. John Cena: Even though, Owens has had the upper hand in their feud recently, Cena is still a major force. He was putting on a classic match with Cesaro before Owens’ interference. Cena was also the victor over Owens at Money in the Bank.
5. Ryback: The Big Guy has been owning the fans of late. He defeated The Miz this past week (via count out). He still looks like the favorite to defend his title at Battleground.
6. Bray Wyatt: The man rarely performs in matches, but he has been getting in Roman Reigns’s head of late and has been cutting memorable promos.
7. Roman Reigns: He hasn’t been winning too much lately, in order to sell Bray Wyatt in the feud, but he has definitely improved in the ring and is executing his father figure role to a cue.
8. Neville: He has barely been given the mic and is sporadically used in storylines, but Neville never disappoints in the ring. WWE higher-ups have much confidence in him based on his match selection. If only he won some more…Startlingly, this summary sounds like the next superstar on the list.
9. Dolph Ziggler: His linking with Lana makes no sense, but this past Monday’s segment was a nice change of pace. Hopefully a mixed tag match is in the works between Ziggler and Lana and Rusev and Summer Rae. As always, Ziggler has been arguably the best in-ring talent of late.
10. Cesaro: Unfortunately Tyson Kidd will be on the shelf for some time. Cesaro has been impressing in singles matches lately, his last 2 bouts have been with Kevin Owens and John Cena. This is a great sign of confidence from WWE. There are also rumblings that Cesaro may tag team with Neville.

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