Bring Back The Brand Split: Mock Draft

With the recent implosion of young talent coming through NXT, the thought of instituting a draft has been brought up in many wrestling forums and newsletters. With the likes of Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, and Sasha Banks, the WWE is flush with unique and fresh talent. This is not even accounting for the wrestlers on the main roster, many of whom have enormous potential but have not been given the opportunity to shine, even with the 5+ hours of WWE content a week. With that being said, should the WWE bring back the draft?
When the WWE started the Brand Split in 2002, they had just acquired a boatload of talent through the acquisitions of WCW and ECW. There was a desperate need to split the rosters in order to give each talent exposure. Is there such a need now? What would a theoretical “draft” look like if one was implemented?
So what we did is a”mock” draft with  Matt as the GM of Raw and Kevin as the GM of Smackdown.
RAW (Matt)                                            SMACKDOWN (Kevin)
1: Seth Rollins                                                    Kevin Owens
2: Dean Ambrose                                                     Cesaro
3: Rusev                                                                  John Cena
4: Bray Wyatt                                                     Dolph Ziggler
5: Samoa Joe                                                     Roman Reigns
6: Finn Balor                                                       Luke Harper
7: Kane                                                                 Randy Orton
8: The Miz                                                           Tyler Breeze
9: Tyson Kidd                                                     Cody Rhodes
10: Paige                                                               Sasha Banks
11: Neville                                                             King Barrett
12: Xavier Woods                                                 Sami Zayn
13: Naomi                                                             Becky Lynch
14: Rhyno                                                            Damien Sandow
15: Kalisto                                                              Hideo Itami
16: Big E                                                                  Curtis Axel
17: Bailey                                                                  Charlotte
18: Titus O’Neal                                                      Fandango
19: Jack Swagger                                                      Ryback
20: Natalya                                                              Alicia Fox

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