Power Rankings 7/5-7/11…

1. John Cena: Up 3 spots. The U.S. Championship arguably has more prestige than the WWE WHC right now. Cena’s run as champ has done numbers for the title and in showing the potential for Cena’s challengers. Cena and Cesaro once again had a match of the year candidate on Raw.
2. Seth Rollins: Down 1 spot. J&J Security helped Rollins jump Roman Reigns on Smackdown last week to earn a disqualification loss. On last night’s Monday Night “Rawllins”, Seth decided to call out Brock Lesnar (with the assistance of axe handles and J&J by his side) only to have the Beast pummel J&J’s Cadillac, tear through the security team and chase Rollins out of the building.
3. Cesaro: Up 7 spots. Cesaro has gone toe to toe with John Cena over the last two Raws. He’s won the love of the WWE audience. If he keeps it up, he may have a chance at the U.S. title at a future PPV (hopefully a Triple Threat with Cena and Owens).
4. Kevin Owens: Down 2 spots. Kevin has been out of luck lately. He lost his NXT title to Finn Balor at Beast in the East. He didn’t even get to interfere with the outcome of Cena-Cesaro. When he finally infiltrated Cena’s pinfall victory, he fell victim to the Attitude Adjustment. With Owens drawing the short end of the stick, it’s all but certain that he will gain the U.S. title at Battleground.
5. Bray Wyatt: Up 1 spot. Bray had a clean victory over Dean Ambrose on last week’s Smackdown. He continues to get the upper hand against Roman Reigns. This week he fooled Roman into thinking he was ringside and the distraction caused Roman to get counted out against Sheamus.
6. Rusev: New entrant. The Bulgarian Brute is healthy again! He duped Dolph Ziggler and the WWE audience by milking his injury for an additional week. It’d be interesting to see if Rusev will wrestle with a boot of some sort, that would be sure to inflict extra damage on the Show Off.
7. Neville: Up 1 spot. Neville and Chris Jericho wrestled a show-stealing match at Best in the East. Y2J didn’t give the upstart the rub, but Neville still looked impressive and showed he could keep up with the future hall of famer.
8. Ryback: Down 3 spots. Ryback defeated Mark Henry on last week’s Smackdown. He actually looked like he was on the verge of being defeated by Big Show on Raw until The Miz interfered. Ryback made up for this by shellshocking Miz and taking down Big Show.
9. Randy Orton: New entrant. The Viper has been virtually forgotten following his feud with Seth Rollins. Him and Sheamus look to have a date at Battleground, but WWE is doing very little to add excitement to this showdown. Orton showed on Raw that he is still over with the WWE Universe by RKO’ing Sheamus following his count out victory. However, at this point almost anybody would get cheered for laying out Sheamus.
10. Dolph Ziggler: The Show Off won his tag team match with John Cena at Beast in the East. Other than that there isn’t much to speak of. Rusev inflicted much pain on Ziggler on last night’s Raw. Ziggler sold the injury well. He was even shown being sent away in an ambulance. He may not have looked strong, but his character is getting a much deserved promising storyline.

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