Power Rankings 7/12 – 7/18…

1. John Cena: He is still the title holder of the most competitive title in the company. Kevin Owens had the last laugh on Raw when he interfered and put Cena in a pop up powerbomb. Before this it looked like Super Cena was about to make quick work of Rusev.

2. Seth Rollins: Rollins could not hold his own against Brock Lesnar during the inevitable contract signing gone wrong. Seth was not entirely buried during the invasion of Suplex City. He heeled it up on the mic and literally kicked Kane while he was on the ground.

3. Cesaro: He was wrestling like a video game character on Raw. Cesaro seemingly turned on all the cheat codes in a wild triple threat all star match with Rusev and Kevin Owens. He ate the pin, but looked impressive.

4. Rusev: He showed a surprising amount of heart and fight during his performance on Raw. The once proud Russian supporter showed a different side of his talent as he was given ample freedom on the microphone and really stood out during the triple threat marathon of a match.

5. Kevin Owens: KO wisely gave up during the aforementioned triple threat match in order to focus on his match with John Cena at Battleground. In typical Owens fashion, he interfered during Cena-Rusev and attacked the US Champion.

6. Brock Lesnar: I was thinking of keeping the part timer off the list, but he’s impressed during the last few weeks. He’s been carrying around J&J’s destroyed Cadillac like it’s a trophy. He’s been dismantling the Authority left and right and is ready for his 1 on 1 rematch with Rollins.

7. Ryback: The Big Guy pulled out a few new moves during his victorious tag team match on Raw. He won the match with a well executed Big Splash off the top rope.

8. Roman Reigns: Roman finally sought his opportunity against Bray Wyatt, wisely and unsuspectingly during his entrance on Raw. Roman looked strong as him and Wyatt clashed in the ring.

9. Randy Orton: He offered a priceless promo on Smackdown last week calling out Sheamus. He defended his actions by picking up a win in a tag team match against Sheamus and Big Show. I wonder if this means Sheamus will pick up the win at Battleground…

10. Bray Wyatt: The Eater of Worlds wasn’t too active this week. He did not get to face Dean Ambrose due to Reigns’ interference. Wyatt looked equal to Reigns during their clash and the two look to put on a physical bout.

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