Power Rankings 7/19 – 7/25

1. John Cena: The United States champ won his feud against Kevin Owens and looks to have his sights on the WWE WHC and Seth Rollins next. Could he be holding 2 belts soon? Without a doubt Cena has been having a career year.
2. Brock Lesnar: Lesnar suplexed Seth Rollins to oblivion during Battleground, but was unable to pick up the title due to Undertaker’s curious interference. Lesnar looked as vicious as ever as he and Undertaker battled the entire locker room in order to take some swings at each other on Raw. This rambunctious segment is creating buzz for their Summerslam clash.
3. Cesaro: The King of Swing sat out Battleground, but was a key factor in helping himself, John Cena and Randy Orton win a 6 man tag match on Raw. Great things are in Cesaro’s future.
4. Rusev: I can do without the corny soap opera story line with Summer Rae and Lana, but Rusev has been impressing in the ring. He was the last man standing from his team during Raw’s 6 man tag match and put up an inspiring fight.
5. Bray Wyatt: Luke Harper is back with Wyatt. This reunion helped Wyatt pick up the win at Battleground against Roman Reigns. The duo proceeded to beat down Reigns and Ambrose on Raw showing their menace.
6. Randy Orton: Orton took out Sheamus during a slugfest at Battleground. He continued his winning ways on Raw by owning the match winning pinfall during the main event.
7. Seth Rollins: Rollins was manhandled by the beast Brock Lesnar at Battleground and continued to run away from challenges at Raw by declining John Cena’s challenge.
8. Kevin Owens: KO looked weak at Battleground, tapping out to a poorly executed STF lock by John Cena. Like Rollins, Kevin Owens continues to look weak. On Raw he did so by running away from the main event tag team match.
9. Charlotte: She does make the occasional botch, but it would be hard not to with such an explosive and acrobatic move set. She has picked up the pinfall in her last 2 matches, including a triple threat match at Battleground.
10. Sasha Banks: The Boss has not disappointed during her first few WWE bouts. She put up a valiant effort at Battleground and scored a tag team victory on Raw, causing Paige to tap out to the Banks Statement.

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