Power Rankings 7/26 – 8/01…

1. John Cena: Cena has seemed like a parody at times over the years with his heroically clichéd “Never Give Up” attitude, but this past Monday he added new meaning to those words. Broken nose and all, Cena picked up the clean win over the WWE WHC Seth Rollins in inspiring fashion.
2. Seth Rollins: The WWE WHC shot back up the power rankings by defeating Cesaro last week on Smackdown and bloodying up John Cena on Raw. While his vicious knee to Cena’s nose was unintentional, the act gives Rollins the mean streak he sorely needs.
3. Cesaro: For what it’s worth, he main evented Smackdown last week and looked to be in secure of the victory until Seth Rollins gave him the ol’ poke in the eye. Cesaro had the crowd on its feet during Raw as he jolted to the ring in defense of an under attack Randy Orton. Whether Orton will be appreciative of the rescue is another story…
4. Rusev: He has not been performing much in the ring of late and his gift giving segment on Raw with Summer Rae was pitiful and embarrassing at best. While it wasn’t the best material to work with, Rusev proved how natural he is on the mic and his knack for embodying charisma.
5. Sasha Banks: The Boss looks to be both the Diva of the future and the present. She beat Paige in a 1 on 1 match on Raw and forced her to tap out to the Bank Statement for the second week in a row. Perhaps the best elements of the Diva Revolution are the freedom given to the characters and allowing the “heels” to win clean.
6. Kevin Owens: Frustratingly, Owens has not been completing his matches lately. His in-ring promos are also missed. He looks to having a promising program with Cesaro leading to Sumerslam. Hopefully Owens is only being restrained for now only to explode in a Summerslam bout.
7. Luke Harper: Now this guy knows how to deliver brief nonsensically brilliant promos. Key word being brief. Bray Wyatt, take notes. Harper’s move set and ability to sell moves make him an elite superstar, who will hopefully be used correctly this time around.
8. Stardust: He doesn’t have much in-ring work to speak of recently, but his promos have been entertaining. Bray Wyatt can also learn from this guy. Stardust is taking the spotlight from Neville (the hero) in this storyline, proving that sometimes the villains are more fun to root for.
9. Becky Lynch: Becky displayed a varied and painful looking move set on Raw. She scored the tap out submission against Brie Bella and Alicia Fox in a tag team match. She also didn’t botch any moves or cause Fox to have a concussion (*cough Charlotte *cough).
10. Big Show: As much as I do not want the young up comer in the power rankings, he’s here. This is more of a statement of how WWE is not utilizing their talent in the best manner, as many top superstars had time off or wasted away in pointless segments this week. Regardless, Big Show-Dean Ambrose on Raw was a lot better than it had any right being. They told a good story in the ring and part of that is a testament to Show. However, he should not be being pushed as an IC title challenger in the year 2015, especially at the expense of Dean Ambrose…

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