Power Rankings 08/02 – 08/08…

1. Seth Rollins: The WWE WHC takes over the top spot with John Cena hobbled for the time being. Seth has been destroying promos left and right and defeated Neville on Raw in a match of the year candidate. Rollins is getting hot at the right time.
2. Cesaro: The King of Swing is at an all time high. All in attendance at San Jose’s Monday Night Raw held up “Cesaro Section” signs. He’s been exuding confidence in his promos and took home a victory along with Dean Ambrose against Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins on Smackdown.
3. Kevin Owens: Yes, he ate the pin in the aforementioned Smackdown main event tag team match, but KO has been receiving significant air time. His feud with Cesaro is must see tv. Owens was electric on Miz TV and hasn’t “walked Owens walked” from a tv match all week !
4. Rusev: The Super Athlete hasn’t gotten any mic time since his “sensational” fish segment on Raw last week, but he has been shown off in other ways. He squashed Mark Henry on Raw this week and defeated Jack Swagger in a surprisingly competitive Smackdown match last week.
5. Paige: She has been stealing the Diva spotlight lately. Paige scored a submission win over Naomi on Raw. She has been shining elsewhere, being featured on an entertaining episode of the SCSA podcast and continues to be the harshest judge on Tough Enough.
6. Neville: To the WWE Universe’s relief, Neville came to the rescue of R-Truth last week on Smackdown, defending him from Stardust. He then went on to wrestle a clinic with Seth Rollins on Raw, nearly stealing the belt on a few occasions.
7. Roman Reigns: The Samoan Badass hasn’t been too prominent on tv recently. However, he reminded us of his potential on Raw this week with a few highlight reel maneuvers in a tag team victory on Raw.
8. Dean Ambrose: Congrats to the Lunatic Fringe for making my Power Rankings for the first time ever! He was a part of tag team victories on both Raw and Smackdown. He shouldn’t get too comfortable on the list as it seems like WWE is slighting as simply a henchman for Roman Reigns against the Wyatts.
9. Charlotte: She didn’t give anybody a concussion this week! Wooooooo! There’s a reason to celebrate! In all seriousness, she remains an absolute athlete in the ring and caused Divas champion Nikki Bella to tap to the Figure Eight in a Diva tag match on Raw.
10. Randy Orton: Sadly the Viper looks to be heading aimlessly towards Round 2 with Sheamus at Summerslam. Somehow he is still one of the most over superstars on the roster, proving so on Raw as he received the hot tag and turned the momentum toward his team’s favor.

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