Power Rankings 8/09 – 8/15…

1. Seth Rollins: The WWE WHC remains steady, if not shaky, at the top of the list. He opened up Monday Night Rawllins with yet another vintage tongue in cheek promo at the expense of John Cena. Rollins’ arrogance set in motion an inadvertent defense of the WWE WHC against Randy Orton, which the champion narrowly escaped thanks to interference from our beloved Sheamus.
2. Cesaro: Welcome to the Cesaro Section! He has won over marks and smarks worldwide. Cesaro continues to grow on the mic and has really found his look as the suit wearing action star a la Daniel Craig/Jason Statham. He ate the pin on Raw against Randy Orton in a triple threat match, but it’s best for business to not feed Cesaro to Rollins just yet.
3. Kevin Owens: Despite Randy Orton taking a shot at Owens’ unspectacular physique this past Monday on Raw, KO is looking slimmer and appears to be getting in better shape. Once again he was electric on the mic in the opening segment of Raw and showcased some highlight reel moves in the Triple Threat match against Orton and Cesaro
4. Roman Reigns: It still amazes me that Reigns won Superstar of the Year last year…I’m not sure what he did to deserve to receive that distinction. This year, however, he looks to be a front runner for Most Improved Superstar. Reigns has been having sharp, short promos on Raw and Smackdown. He picked up a big win over Rusev on Smackdown and brought the battle to Bray Wyatt on Raw during the Dean Ambrose-Luke Harper match.
5. Randy Orton: Orton picked up double duty on Raw, defeating Cesaro and Kevin Owens in the process before narrowly being disqualified by Sheamus in the main event. Orton put on an impressive physical performance over the course of the night. It would be nice if WWE allowed him and Sheamus to have a legitimate feud instead of just having them robotically interfere in each other’s matches.
 6. Rusev: The Super Athlete Rusev had a bit of a down week. Roman Reigns beat him clean on Smackdown. Rusev was squashing The World’s Strongest Jobber, Mark Henry, on Raw before Lana and Summer Rae interfered with the match. Rusev and Summer Rae stood tall as Summer locked the Accolade in on Lana.
 7. New Day: They lost in their seemingly weekly tag match with PTP and Mark Henry last week on Smackdown, but they did defeat Los Matadores on Raw. They’ve been given some more time in the spotlight lately and have provided memorable backstage segments. Unfortunately, they won’t be the lone team at Summerslam facing PTP for the Tag Team championship.
8. Neville: The Man that Gravity Forgot scored a win over his old nemesis King Jobber on Raw. He’s officially been assigned to face the aforementioned Jobber and Stardust, with actor Stephen Amell as his partner, at Summerslam. Sadly this assignment will take a bit of the spotlight away from Neville.
 9. Stardust: The Strange One destroyed Zack Ryder last week on Smackdown in a one on one contest. He ended up clobbering Neville after his victory on Raw and smacked his rival, actor Stephen Amell, who was in attendance at Raw. Stardust ended up being taken down by the star of Arrow, but at least he has seen a resurgence in his character of late.
 10. Stephen Amell: Sad times when an actor makes the list over actual superstars. In fairness to him, he had an athletic entrance into the ring on Raw and took Stardust down in convincing fashion. It should be fun seeing the continuation of this feud. Amell certainly looks to have a future in WWE. 

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