Casting Shadows…

by Kevin D’Hooge

The Biggest Party of the Summer is finally here! Although, for some reason it doesn’t quite feel like Summerslam is just a few days away. 
The underwhelming build can be placed on WWE creative. Continuing its recent trend for major events, the main spotlight will be occupied by part timers. Undertaker and Brock Lesnar will do battle on the grand stage.
The match is ludicrously being advertised as the match that is too big for Wrestlemania, which I didn’t even think was possible.
It could also be described as the match too big for logical booking. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter what these two legends are feuding over, people will tune in no matter what.
Lesnar and Taker far and away have the loftiest reputations on the roster. They are two rogue tough guys who still carry the traditions of years past. 
A match with both of these guys healthy promises to bring excitement, especially if their brawl a few weeks ago on Raw was any indication. 
The big question is whether Taker’s cardio can last a main event time length with the Beast Incarnate. Further, will Brock be tame enough to make sure Taker can keep up with him this time around.
With all of that being said, this feud has been curiously booked. It’s unclear who is face and who is heel, or if traditional roles are just being disregarded. 
Taker has been displaying shades of heel. He initiated the feud by interrupting Lesnar’s all but certain WWE WHC winning pin over Seth Rollins at Battleground. 
The next night at Raw Undertaker gave a fairly neutral promo before preparing to attack a defenseless Paul Heyman later in the night. This led to the aforementioned brawl with Brock.
Continuing the hellish trend, Taker attacked Brock Lesnar by surprise in his home state of Minnesota this past week on Raw. Oh and did I mention the two low blows Taker has given to Lesnar?
Lesnar and Heyman haven’t exactly been angels either. Per usual Heyman has been doing all the talking, purposely enticing Undertaker with threats and insults. In all respect to Heyman, him and Lesnar are essentially the victims here. 
Adding to the nonsensical booking, Taker and Lesnar have only had 3 on screen segments together promoting this feud. In all fairness, that is probably more segments than Brock and Roman Reigns had in 2 + months of promotion for their Wrestlemania match.
Also, why now, Undertaker? It’s been a year and a half since his immortal loss to Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Taker even faced Bray Wyatt in a snore fest at this year’s mania. Now all of a sudden it’s time for Taker to get his revenge!?
Obviously, the timing of the battle is to blame on both superstars’ limited schedules, but still. Also, let’s not forget about upping last minute quarterly buys for the WWE network.
Undertaker seemingly gets to call his shots and matches whenever he wants, even if it means interfering in Lesnar’s revenge match of his own against Rollins. I suppose Taker has earned it. 
Regardless, the match will be very anticipated and widely covered. ESPN will even be in the building. Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are no longer in their primes, but they are ace workers, so we can expect fireworks in the main event.
The actual quality of the match is a whole other story. Speaking of story, this bout barely has one going for it. It really doesn’t need one. Undertaker has never beaten Lesnar. Brock is the 1 in 22-1. We have the Beast in one corner and the Phenom in the other.
Their combined age is 88. Undertaker hasn’t put on an entertaining match in over 2 years. Brock only has 3 moves. Still, for some reason this main event still feels important and exciting, all because of the past prominence of its 2 competitors.

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