Power Rankings 8/23 – 8/29…

Despite an incredible weekend of wrestling and an entertaining 3 hours of Raw this week, only 6 superstars made the power rankings. This is partly a result of a promo heavy episode of Raw, new competitors entering the scene (and a few part timers going back to hibernation), and a few dusty finishes at SummerSlam:
1. Seth Rollins: With assistance from Jon Stewart’s chair shot heard round the world, Rollins made history: he became the first superstar to hold the WWE WHC and the United States title at the same time. Rollins unleashed an impressive arsenal of moves to put away Cena at SummerSlam as well. The champ didn’t get to celebrate for too long, as the Icon Sting ambushed his statue ceremony on Raw. Regardless, Rollins is lined up for another high profile feud.
2. John Cena: If it wasn’t for an ill-timed ref bump and help from Jon Stewart, Cena would be the WWE WHC and US Champion. He put up a formidable fight in defeat. It’s unclear what’s next for Cena as Sting will be feuding with Rollins.
3. New Day: They did it! New Day are your new tag team champions of the world! They won clean and Big E’s literal groundbreaking tackle to the outside of the ring of a Matador stole the show at SummerSlam. New Day will now be lined up to feud with the legendary Dudley Boyz.
4. Kevin Owens: What a weekend for KO! Him and Finn Balor went through hell in their ladder match at Takeover. Owens impressed even in defeat. The next night at SummerSlam, Owens made up for his NXT loss with a big rebound win over Cesaro.
5. Cesaro: Props to Cesaro for carrying Josh and ZZ in wrestling matches during the Tough Enough finale. He came up short against Owens at SummerSlam, but put up a (Jamie) noble fight. 
6. Ryback: The Big Guy is still the IC champ. He pinned The Miz to retain at SummerSlam, in part thanks to Big Show KO punching The Miz. Big Show was “rewarded” for this with an absolute beat down on Monday Night Raw thanks courtesy of Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, and Cesaro for some reason…

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