Power Rankings 9/6 – 9/12…

1. Seth Rollins: Despite having his bronze statue tossed in a garbage truck by Sting and losing both of his matches on Raw, Rollins remains the man in WWE and is still WWE WHC. Rollins very well could have beaten Ryback on Monday, but a titan tron interruption by Sting proved to be the deciding factor. Rollins and New Day also fell short against Super Cena and the Prime Time Players.

2. John Cena: Cena must be gearing up for his opportunity to rematch with Seth Rollins for the US Title at Night of Champions. John Cena proved why he is Super Cena on Monday night when he was getting beat up for three-fourths of the match only to come back and execute the match winning AA.

3. Ryback: The Big Guy scored an even bigger win over WWE WHC Seth Rollins on Raw. He may have won on a diva roll up courtesy of assistance from Sting, but a win’s a win.

4. Dudley Boyz: The Dudleys still have yet to suffer a defeat in their return to WWE. They defeated the previous tag team champs, the Prime Time Players last week on Smackdown and took out Los Matadores on Monday Night Raw. They even came to the rescue for a beaten down El Torito, by tossing a Matador through a table.

5. Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose: These guys ought to consider entering the tag team division following their feud with the Wyatt family. Well you know, if they make it out alive. The former Shield members defeated the New Day on Smackdown last week and mopped the floor with the jobbing Ascension on Raw.

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