Night at The Bash…

It’s main event time at NECW Bash 15. In one corner we have Brad Hollister, former NECW champion. In the other corner we have the undisputed people’s champ “Masshole” Mike McCarthy. And in the other corner we have the REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED NECW Heavyweight Champion of the world, Slyck Wagner Brown! Ding ding ding.

The competitors did not disappoint. All three clashed for the ultimate prize. Bodies were contorted and weapons were utilized with “no disqualification” and “elimination” rules in effect. Masshole was given a piledriver outside of the ring by Brown. In turn, Brown was battered with a chair by Hollister and saw his ankle targeted by a figure four on the ring post. As a result, Brown was declared eliminated via TKO.

That left only a wounded Masshole and the vicious Hollister left. Hollister executed everything in his arsenal: he tossed Masshole through 3 rows of chairs and executed numerous signature moves, but Masshole wouldn’t give up.

The down, but not out, Masshole was able to reverse some of Hollister’s moves and rode the momentum. Mike “Masshole” McCarthy finally locked in a guillotine choke and Hollister tapped out. To the crowd’s avail, McCarthy was crowned new NECW Champion.

On September 12, 2015 New England Championship Wrestling celebrated its 15th year anniversary during Bash 15. The event was held at the Everett Recreation Center in Everett, MA.

The promotion was founded by Sheldon Goldberg in 2000. He was the master of ceremonies for the historical night. All the stunts were pulled to ensure a picturesque and memorable evening. Current and past talent alike, from across the globe, were brought together for one night to commemorate the anniversary.

In addition, numerous wrestlers, managers and pioneers in women’s wrestling were given Legend Awards over the course of the night. They were honored for their efforts in constructing NECW into the institute it is today.

Another title changed hands when masked wrestler Todo Loco defied all the odds by winning the NECW Television Championship from Sensational Scott Levesque. Loco was a huge underdog, but he clawed his way to a career defining win.

On top of all this, Sheldon Goldberg made a huge announcement: NECW will be returning to television in January 2016. It will be available on COZI TV in Boston and ME TV in New York and Connecticut.

With this in mind, it is imperative for wrestling fans to support independent wrestling promotions. The industry cannot survive otherwise. Independent promotions offer a unique one of a kind experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

NECW has never been hotter. It has an influx of talent and its management knows how to properly optimize its product. Do yourself a favor and watch an NECW event live. NECW is available on Twitter and Facebook.

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