Power Rankings 9/20 – 9/26…

1. John Cena: The Champ is back at the # 1 spot. I’m still not sure why he lost the United States title at Summerslam to begin with, but for whatever reason he did. Cena regained the belt at Night of Champions while defeating Seth Rollins clean. Cena picked up another clean victory over Rollins, no-selling a frog splash in the process, during this past week’s Raw. At the very least Super Cena’s terrific U.S. Open challenges should be returning.
2. Kevin Owens: Owens put on an impressive showing on Smackdown last week vs. Dolph Ziggler before Ryback interfered causing a disqualification. KO had the last laugh at Night of Champions when he used some heel tactics to pull off a surprising victory vs. Ryback. On Raw, Owens delivered hilarious commentary as usual with his nemesis Michael Cole and co. He also squabbled with Ryabck following the Big Guy’s squash win over the the Inspirational Bo Dallas. Owens is now the Intercontinental Champion and should bring long-awaited prestige back to the belt.
3. Wyatt Family: The addition of Braun Strowman has done wonders for Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt. They defeated The Shield and Chris Jericho at Night of Champions. Y2J ate the TKO submission from Strowman’s lethal choke out. The teams duked it out on Raw the next night to get the show started, with Randy Orton in place of Jericho. What’s next for this feud, and who’s willing to face off with the Wyatts knowing the capabilities of Strowman?
4. New Day: They are 2-1 in their most recent stretch of matches, with the only loss being a DQ courtesy of Xavier Woods’ interference at Night of Champions. They still retained the titles because of the DQ. Other than that, Kofi Kingston used a patented diva roll up to defeat D-Von Dudley on Smackdown last week. They also teamed up with their new friend Rusev to defeat the Dudley Boyz and Doph Ziggler in the funniest WWE match of 2015 (all laughs thanks to Dr. Xavier Woods PhD).
5. Seth Rollins: The WWE WHC is going through a tough stretch: he’s 1-3 in his last 4 matches. And in his one victory he ended up potentially ending the career of Sting. He lost a tag team match on Smackdown while partnered with Sheamus. They took on his old friends, The Shield. He also lost cleanly to John Cena on back to back nights, losing the United States title in the process. He’s still the WWE WHC, but it looks like Rollins’ nightmares are becoming a reality as the Demon Kane has returned and Rollins is in his cross hairs. Will this culminate in a Hell in a Cell match with the duo at the end of the month? 

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