Infiniti and BEYOND…

by Kevin D’Hooge

Beyond Wrestling‘s event Powder Keg can best be described as a book that’s so good you don’t want it to end. Nothing summed up this feeling quite like the main event of the evening between Ricochet and Shynron.
Both competitors are justifiably known as being two of the most gifted high-flying wrestlers in the business. Both wrestlers came prepared for battle. Just when you thought you saw a death-defying move, these men would pull even more inventive moves out of their pockets.
450 splashes, standing moonsaults, a whisper in the wind to the outside of the ring, etc. You name it, they did it and then some. The match resembled a chess match as each wrestler tried to outsmart the other one.
Ricochet was finally able to pull away by executing a crafty move out of his bag of tricks: a Go to Sleep smashing Shynron’s face off his shin. This proved to be the deciding factor in a narrowly fought match.
The Powder Keg event on September 27 was Beyond Wrestling’s first appearance in Somerville, MA. After watching the event live, it came as no surprise that it was a sold out show.
The independent wrestling promotion is on the rise. They have had shows all across the east coast and are looking to expand. Their fan base is rabid and growing exponentially.
Perhaps one of the biggest appeals about Beyond Wrestling is its atmosphere and community. Attending Beyond Wrestling doesn’t feel like being at a wrestling event; it feels like being at a rock concert. And the volume isn’t at 10; it’s at 11.
The promotion encourages fans to stand alongside the ring, right in front of the action. The fans are knowledgeable, passionate, and are always starting creative chants.
In other action, fan favorites clashed when Donovan Dijak took on Andrew Everett in the opening match. This match really delivered as it featured power (Dijak) vs. speed and agility (Everett). Dijak’s power ultimately proved to be too much as he scored the win.
In a nearly show stealing match, Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions The Kingdom (Michael Bennett and Matt Taven with Maria Kanellis) faced Death by Elbow (Chris Hero and JT Dunn).
The two savvy teams pulled out countless devastating moves. The momentum swung both ways: during one sequence The Kingdom double teamed Chris Hero. He was slammed into the mat by Bennett and Taven performed a lionsault on him.
In another sequence Death by Elbow did just as their name suggests: they alternated on continuous searing elbow strikes to the reeling Kingdom.
The match was such a stalemate that the only way The Kingdom could find a way to win was through a desperation roll up pin.
Brian Fury battled with Trevor Lee in a back and forth contest that showed the athleticism of both competitors. Just as it looked like Lee was going to win, Fury quickly turned things around with an incredible match winning combination: a pop-up powerbomb converted into a Boston Crab submission for the win.
The team of War Machine (Raymond Rowe & Hanson) also competed against Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & Jaka). It was the team work of Doom Patrol that soared them to victory as they successfully isolated the members of Rowe and Hanson.
Witnessing a Beyond Wrestling event live cannot be summed up in words. It has to be experienced. Independent wrestling promotions are thriving now like never before. Partly because the live in-person experience transcends what watching wrestling on television can do.
Beyond Wrestling is thinking outside the box with its concepts, but it’s also returning to the roots of wrestling by truly making the event all about the fan experience.
Beyond Wrestling will hold their next event in Providence, RI on October 25 at the Fete Music Hall. They will return to Somerville in January 2016. They can be found on Twitter at @beyondwrestling and they’re also on Facebook.

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