The Man on the Moon…

by Kevin D’Hooge

The legendary comedian Rodney Dangerfield used to joke, “I get no respect.”
If there’s one WWE superstar who can relate to this phrase it’s Cesaro. The Swiss Superman has paid his dues in the E and then some. What he’s got in return for his efforts is pitiful.
To anybody who watches wrestling regularly it is abundantly clear that Cesaro is one of the most exceptional wrestlers of his generation. If he were around during any other generation, he would be a legend.
Instead Cesaro is treated like an afterthought by the current administration in WWE. His pushes are often teased, but ultimately fall flat.
The King of Swing has been employed by WWE since 2012. In that time he has won the United States Championship once, the Tag Team Championship once (with Tyson Kidd), and he won the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.
In an absolute revelation it is now the second winner of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal (Big Show) who has gone over Cesaro in two straight televised matches. To add insult to injury, Big show even eliminated Cesaro earlier this year at the ATG Memorial Battle Royal.
What does Cesaro need to do to get booked properly by WWE? Grow up to 7 feet in height and bulk up to 500 pounds?
At this point it appears Cesaro’s summer push only aimed to benefit Big Show’s credibility vs. Brock Lesnar and served no purpose to Cesaro whatsoever. What kind of sense does that make?
Cesaro was shooting up the cosmos and closing in on the stars. He just got shot down and is falling back into the Earth’s atmosphere. Now what?
Rumor has it that Cesaro will get his push within the next few months. Inquisitr is reporting that Cesaro will have a strong showing at the 2016 Royal Rumble and may be the favorite at Money in the Bank next year.
I don’t find these reports comforting for Cesaro. WWE doesn’t even know what’s going to happen in two weeks, let alone what’ll happen at the Royal Rumble in January.
Who’s to say that Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Bootista, or someone else may return down the road to steal the thunder from a hard-working company man like Cesaro at a Royal Rumble or MITB. Anything can happen in WWE and we know how much they love part-timers!
Cesaro can do all the moves he wants. He can cut humorous promos backstage or in the ring. He can get entire arenas to hold up “Cesaro Section” signs. He can main event Raw for two months in a row.
It doesn’t matter. He “doesn’t have the x-factor” as some like to say. Well if he doesn’t have the x-factor I don’t know who does.
The bottom line is that Cesaro needs consistency in his role. He’s been nothing but dependable during his time in WWE. He hasn’t gotten any respect in return.
Earlier this year somebody hacked into Cesaro’s Twitter account (or did “they” sideways winky face) and spoke some truth.
In a series of tweets ‘the hacker’ wrote  “#PushCesaro . This company is a piece of s***. I’ve pretty much had it with WWE. I think it’s about time I get pushed, what do you all think WWE Universe?”

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