The Hardy Lawyer…

by Kevin D’Hooge

In an absolute revelation I will be basing an article on a tweet for the SECOND time this year.
Last night Sasha Banks and Bayley became the first women to main event a WWE-sanctioned event. And what a main event it was! To top it all off, it was a 30 minute iron woman match. It was probably my favorite WWE match of the year.
The internet rejoiced at the conclusion of the match. Social media (justifiably so) went wild.
TNA wrestler Matt Hardy dropped a pipe bomb by tweeting “I love how fans forget TNA has ALWAYS highlighted the KOs. Until the NXT girls got hot, fans ALWAYS complained about the way WWE used Divas.”
After writing this tweet, and ensuing responses to Twitter users around the world, Hardy became the #1 global mention on Twitter (just to clear things up, Hardy had nothing but praise for the WWE and NXT Divas. His criticism was aimed at WWE creative). The criticism and insults Hardy has received for tweeting this are absurd.
Hardy’s tweet is correct. TNA was established in 2002. They have had their formal Knockouts (i.e. Women’s) Division since 2007. In that time, TNA has made it a priority to give their women competitors sufficient time to establish characters, deliver promos, and to perform competitive matches.
WWE has been notorious for disregarding its female competitors. The Attitude Era and much of the 2000’s saw the Divas as sex symbols first and wrestlers second. Even then, match time for the Divas was sparse and move sets were limited. This current decade has seen WWE make vast improvements in its portrayal of Diva matches.
In a lot of circles, WWE is being treated like the United States’ messiah of women’s wrestling. It’s not. Essentially, WWE created a disease (disregard to women’s wrestling). They also happened to generate the antidote on a mainstream level (NXT).
Sure the tweet came off as being a case of sour grapes. Sure Matt Hardy is an easy target for the Twitter-sphere given the controversial TNA World Title angle he’s currently involved in.
Hardy infamously won the TNA WHC this past weekend at Bound for Glory in a triple threat match with Ethan Carter III (EC3) and Drew Galloway. With some help from his brother/special guest referee, Jeff, Matt won the title. EC3 was upset with the unfair play and is now (kayfabe) suing TNA and Matt Hardy. As a result, Hardy elected to drop the title.
Is this exaggerated overbooking? Perhaps, yes. But at least it has given birth to the World Title Series, a wrestling play on the World Cup, which will determine the next TNA WHC.
To those questioning why Hardy would support TNA, especially with regards to this brief “championship reign”, all I can say is at least he got his moment in the sun (a title win in his home state of North Carolina, a celebration in the ring with his family, etc.) and at least TNA chose to put the title on him.
At the very minimum, TNA has always stuck by Matt Hardy. They’ve been there at his highest points and at his lowest.
This is why he chose to stick up for TNA women’s wrestling. There really was no better time for him to vent on Twitter because when else would the topic be as of the essence?
Did he rain on Sasha and Bayley’s parade? I don’t think so. Nothing can take away what they did. Kanye West trolling Taylor Swift this is not.
We’re living in a PC world (SOUTH PARK!) and it’s refreshing hearing somebody speak their mind for once.
With that being said, yes, TNA has always been fair to its women’s division. However, what NXT has been doing for the last 2 years is not only fair, it’s revolutionary. 
People can criticize Matt Hardy all they want. It’s fine with me. I believe in freedom of speech. I also believe Hardy has the right to respond to the “social justice warriors” as he sees fit.

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