Power Rankings 10/4 – 10/10…

1. John Cena: Cena defeated Seth Rollins at WWE MSG this past Saturday in a steel cage match and continued his winning ways on Raw by defeating New Day member Big E. Both matches delivered plenty of thrills. Reports are indicating that the United States champion will be taking an extended leave of absence to get some much needed rest. Expect Cena to drop the belt at Hell in a Cell or the ensuing Monday Night Raw.

2. Kevin Owens: He is 2-1 in his last three matches, with the lone loss being a voluntary count out last week on Smackdown against Ryback. Aside from that, Owens defeated Chris Jericho at WWE MSG and squashed Sin Cara this past Monday on Raw. The victory against Y2J is another notch in Owens’ belt during his short run in WWE.

3. New Day: Technically speaking, they lost their 3 matches over the last week: they lost to the Dudley Boyz and Kane on Smackdown, they lost via disqualification to the Dudleys at WWE MSG and Big E lost to John Cena on Raw. With that being said, they appear to have taken on more sinister characteristics. They dragged a beaten up Dolph Ziggler to the ring with them on Raw this past week. At the conclusion of Big E’s match they cleared house. They managed to pulverize Cena, the Dudleys and Ziggler in a post-match brawl to close out Raw.

4. Roman Reigns: Reigns has been taking center stage in his feud with Bray Wyatt. This week on Raw he scored the match-winning pin via a spear to Luke Harper in a #6mantag match. Last week on Raw he got the last laugh on Bray Wyatt by spearing him through the announcer’s table in a post-match brawl. Reigns looks to be the favorite heading into his Hell in a Cell match with Wyatt.

5. Kane: He’s gone 1-1 during the week. The lone loss was a disqualification against the Dudley Boyz where Kane’s partner, Seth Rollins, drop kicked a table into the Dudleys. Kane has found much success in tormenting Rollins as much as possible. Most of their segments result in Rollins getting tombstoned by the Demon. Unfortunately for Kane, Rollins will likely win the feud since that’s how these things go.

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