Gratitude Era…

by Kevin D’Hooge

The best wrestling matches have a sense of uncertainty over who will win. The uncertainty is even better when the match does not go according to plan.
Beyond Wrestling’s Gratitude Era” featured a true David vs. Goliath match: the 6’ 7’’Donovan Dijak against the 5’ 4’’ Jonathan Gresham.
What proceeded can best be described as war. 
Dijak and Gresham brought the fight outside the ring and into the live crowd at Fete Music Hall. They exchanged strikes back and forth for extensive durations until Gresham capitalized on a downed Dijak. Gresham performed a suicide dive and cross body combination on him.
Gresham rolled Dijak into the ring looking for the finish. He locked Dijak in a submission hold in the center of the ring.
Dijak’s body was contorted in every way imaginable. A tap out was all but imminent. It felt as if the underdog, Gresham, was seconds away from victory.
Before you knew it, Dijak found a second wind and used all his strength to get back on his feet. With Gresham still on his back, he performed a somersault onto a turnbuckle. 
From that point on, Dijak took over with inventive offense: he pulled together a Go to Sleep knee strike, a gorilla press over the top rope, and concluded with a springboard elbow drop. Dijak secured a 3 count. 
This past Sunday’s Beyond Wrestling event “Gratitude Era”, held at Fete Music Hall in Providence, RI, struck many chords.
This was apparent during the final two matches of the night: JT Dunn and Jaka had a play-in match of sorts to earn the reward of wrestling Chris Dickinson in the main event.
Dunn was decked in body and face paint. He was a warrior prepared for battle.
He and Jaka were equals in the ring. Dunn almost picked up a 3 count after super kicking a fallen Jaka in the back. In turn, Jaka delivered a violent belly to belly suplex into a turnbuckle. Dunn kicked out at the last second.
Out of desperation Dunn performed a German suplex on Jaka and held on for a pin fall win. As soon as the bell rang, Chris Dickinson sprinted to the ring.
He took advantage of the exhausted Dunn and began a vicious beat down. Dickinson was unrelenting and brought the fight outside the ring, into the crowd. Dickinson used everything to his advantage, including terrorizing chair shots.
All hell broke loose when Dunn struck back: he attempted a spinning elbow, but inadvertently knocked the referee out. This served no advantage to Dunn as he actually found a way to pin Dickinson for a 3 count, but the referee was still out cold.
The match proceeded until Dunn knocked the referee out a second time in the middle of the ring.
Dickinson took full advantage: he tossed countless chairs into the ring. He bashed Dunn senseless and tossed him head first into a chair lodged in the ropes. Coincidentally, the referee became conscious at this time and Dickinson sealed the three count.
Dickinson wasn’t satisfied with this. He wanted to brutalize his down and out adversary. Several of Chris Dickinson’s allies, Team Pazuzu, rushed out from the locker room to join the pulverization.
Luckily for Dunn, he had back up: Da Hit Squad and Shynron came to his rescue. Dunn and Dickinson will square away business in November.
The entire night was action packed and full of all sorts of local delights. Mama Colorado’s kitchen was on full display and operating on all cylinders. I can attest to enjoying the best pulled pork sub I’ve ever had and a Fruity Pebbles treat that was to die for. Intermission also allowed fans to interact with and meet the wrestlers.
In other action, the aforementioned legendary tag team Da Hit Squad faced off with The Kingdom. Mike Bennett and Matt Taven of The Kingdom wanted nothing to do with their competitors. Da Hit Squad controlled much of the match, but a distraction by Maria Kanellis allowed The Kingdom to steal the win.
Shynron and Amazing Red did battle in a technical, highlight-reel spectacle. Amazing Red headed to the top rope at the climax of the match, but Shynron dodged the move. He nailed his finisher on Red and scored the win.
In a 10 man tag match Brian Fury captained a team that included Travis “Air” Gordon, Cam Zagami, Anthony Greene, and Brick Mastone to victory. Fury won it with his signature pop-up powerbomb and Boston Crab.
AR Fox and Tracy Williams opened the show with an entertaining clash. Despite Fox slamming him from the top rope onto the ring, Williams dug deep to pull out an arm bar submission hold on an unsuspecting Fox.
Beyond Wrestling’s next events will be held on November 28 and 29 at the Fete Music Hall in Providence, Rhode Island. Beyond Wrestling is available on Twitter and Facebook for further event information.

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