In Support of Sheamus?

by Kevin D’Hooge

Let’s review the week that was for Sheamus and how it inadvertently affected The Stacked Card.
As predicted on our Round 23 podcast, Sheamus successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Roman Reigns, who was the WWE WHC for a total of 5 minutes.
I for one am in support of Sheamus being the champion. I’m not being sarcastic either. I think it makes sense to continue the Seth Rollins-themed “sell-out” champion for the interim. It is still premature to put the title on Roman Reigns. I fully expect Roman to partake in a lengthy chase for the title a la Daniel Bryan from 2013-2014.
This is what’s best for business. Putting the title on Roman so casually after the Survivor Series tournament would be too easy. Plus, he would likely not be able to enjoy a long title run with the threat of Sheamus’ MITB looming around every corner.
I believe Sheamus has been purposely lurking in the mid-card during his current run to make him an afterthought. For the casual fan, his successful cash in was probably surprising because he hasn’t accomplished too much over the last few months (other than winning MITB).
Sheamus has been thrown in countless forgettable feuds and matches. He hasn’t had much time to cut promos or to show off the qualities of his new heel character either.
The way he has been thrown back into the spotlight will do wonders for his character. It’s either sink or swim for Sheamus now. Now that he is The Authority’s handpicked champion, he will have plenty of time to prove whether or not he is deserving of the opportunity. I honestly think he has the potential.
Writing the previous few paragraphs was challenging. First of all because I never thought I’d ever write anything endorsing Sheamus. Second of all because the revelation of what happened this past Monday.
As mentioned earlier, we at The Stacked Card were enthusiastic, to say the least, in seeing Sheamus as the WWE WHC. We may have been sarcastic in our support of him, but we did no harm. We expressed joy on Twitter during Survivor Series Sunday. The next day we created the #SheamusAppreciationWeek movement on Twitter. We posted classic YouTube clips of Sheamus’ greatest moments.
These moments included a Friday Night SmackDown brawl with Randy Orton, a backstage battle with Big Show and Sheamus’ first WWE WHC victory over John Cena at TLC.
Apparently Sheamus did not appreciate our support of his career. He cold-bloodedly blocked us on Twitter. I’m not sure what would have provoked this. Feel free to gander at our social media accounts. We never said anything disparaging. We only took “mild” pot shots after he blocked us, but we could have done much worse.
A lot of other fans were much, much worse on social media. People were saying that Sheamus is washed up, is boring, can’t wrestle, and is simply being used as a seat warmer champion until WWE’s injured focal superstars return.
On Talk is Jericho a few months ago Sheamus told Y2J that he enjoys being a heel. He loves the boos from the crowd and he takes pleasure in antagonizing audiences. He even sulks in the “You look stupid” chants.
Yet, when we actually wrote positive things about him, he chose to block us. I don’t get it and I don’t think I ever will.
Part of me still feels uneasy about the whole ordeal because I almost feel like a TWF (typical wrestling fan) troll. The other part of me is smart enough to realize we did nothing wrong and that Sheamus and his PR team are to blame for the overreaction.
Sheamus, if what we wrote ticked you off, you might as well block everyone on Twitter and Facebook. Better yet, just delete all of your social media accounts. The reactions will just get worse from here.
Believe that FELLA!

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