TLC LIVE Report…

I have been watching WWE since approximately 1998. This past Sunday’s TLC was my first time watching WWE live in person. It was an extremely positive experience. Here are my biggest takeaways from the event:
  • The WWE commentators get their own entrances to the ring ! Jerry Lawler got the biggest pop.
  • The pre-show match between Boston’s own Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch was electric. The fans were vocally supportive of both.
  • Nothing can prepare you for the sound of pyro. I happened to be in line at the concession stand when the opening pyro went off and it sounded like a million suns exploding.
  • Merchandise and snacks are ridiculously expensive. But so aren’t the tickets that got you in in the first place, so you might as well indulge. I spent $10 on a water and popcorn when I could have gotten the same at any convenience store for $2. Snacks make the experience better, plain and simple. #NoRegrets
  • The tag team ladder match was the undisputed fan favorite match of the night. The breathtaking and innovative bumps looked quite painful. Kalisto’s Salida Del Sol to Jey Uso from the top of one ladder onto another was one of the greatest bumps I’ve ever seen.
  • All the momentum created by The Usos, New Day and the Lucha Dragons was hindered by Ryback vs. Rusev.
  • Their sluggish, careless bout caused fans to get restless. Some notable chants started during the match included “Boring”, “Let’s go Patriots” and “CM Punk”.
  • Don’t chant for CM Punk. I love him just as much as anybody, but he’s not coming back. That’s great that he’s deciding to try out MMA. I applaud him for it and can’t wait to see him fight. However, he’s not watching WWE and probably doesn’t care that you’re chanting his name. If you’re bored at an event chant something more creative.
  • We had a feeling Rusev would win because shortly before the match, his aerial flag holder was lowered from the rafters. The flag never shot out after the match. I’m not sure why…
  • Alberto Del Rio beat Jack Swagger in a Chairs Match. Can we get rid of Chairs Matches? It’s an underwhelming stipulation by itself.
  • I can’t tell if Jack Swagger is over or if patriotism is. Regardless, people love chanting “We the People” and “USA”.
  • Team ECW vs. The Wyatt’s had a big match feel to it. After 2 straight slow paced matches, it felt like this one would deliver just like the tag team ladder match…not so much. If I had booked the match, I would have made it a little closer. At least let Rhyno gore Erick Rowan through a table; have the Dudley Boyz 3D Luke Harper through a table. Then have the Wyatt Family take over.
  • The Wyatt Family entrance is awe-inspiring in person.
  • Dean Ambrose got a massive ovation after defeating Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship. The match could have been more epic, but at least the last few minutes were really thrilling.
  • Charlotte is losing steam with the WWE Universe as a face. It’s wise to shift her into a heel. This is traditionally a role in which she has thrived. In contrast, Paige can say the most offensive things on the microphone and still get cheered. She got one of the biggest pops all night.
  • There was very little excitement for the TLC main event between Roman Reigns and Sheamus. At times you could hear a pin drop at the TD Garden. The match felt like a micro-managed spot fest.
  • We at The Stacked Card were screaming loud in support of our WWE WHC, Sheamus. We also proudly held up our “Sheamus Fan Club” sign. Surprisingly our “Brogue Kick City” and “Let’s Go Sheamus” chants failed to catch on. Instead fans decided to chant “NXT”, “Daniel Bryan”, “We Miss Rollins”, “We Want Cena/Cena Sucks” and “YES!” instead…
  • Roman Reigns’ post-match beat down of just about everyone in sight was quite cool. The typical wrestling fans, who initially seemed disinterested in the match, jumped on his bandwagon by the end of the night. Reigns thrives in post-match brawl style fighting. If only he could implement this more into his regular matches…
  • Triple H really sold his post-main event beat down. He was strapped into and wheeled out on a gurney long after the cameras stopped rolling.
  • You see all types of fans at WWE events: lurkers of Reddit’s Squared Circle, vocal fans who still think the action is all too real and calm and collective fans just sitting and enjoying the show. My personal favorites were a father and his young son seated in my section. They were polite and respectful throughout. They took pictures and videos to commemorate the night. They cheered and celebrated when their favorite superstars did well. It was nice seeing one generation of fandom being passed to the next.

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