Fete Finale…

Beyond Wrestling’s Fete Finale was a send off show that went off with a bang. It was the last Beyond Wrestling event held in the cozy confines of Fete Music Hall.
The first match of the night hooked the crowd in and never let go. Matt Tremont went to war with Suge D in a Fans Bring the Weapons match. The toys of destruction included a Christmas tree decked in barbed wire, a Garfield bat also wrapped in barbed wire, a Rock Band drum set, a guitar, mouse traps and thumbtacks.
Tremont and Suge D delivered a hardcore masterpiece. By the end of the match, both men were decked in blood, gashes and bruises. They walked away with permanent war wounds and really left it all in the ring. Tremont proved especially heroic while rocking the crimson mask. He went through hell, but never surrendered. He survived the onslaught of multiple painful bumps and scored the win with his patented Death Valley Driver directly onto the aforementioned barbed wire Christmas tree.
A recurring theme of the Fete Finale was matches with meaning: grudge matches, rematches, dream matches and matches between allies.
The tag team Death By Elbow (Chris Hero and JT Dunn) were forced to go one on one with one another. No punches, or rather elbows, were held back in this one. It was a physical showdown that showcased exactly why Dunn and Hero are 2 of the best wrestlers in the world. This was a wild, emotional bout where Hero escaped the victor with a death-defying piledriver off the second rope.
In a battle of electric fan favorites, Donovan Dijak and Tomasso Ciampa did battle. Ciampa shocked all in attendance with a pinfall on the mighty Dijak in under a minute. However, upon further review, it was revealed that Ciampa used a foreign object hidden in his knee brace to power his arsenal. The match was restarted at the request of Dijak.
The two went back and forth in a suspenseful match where anything and everything was possible. The crowd was completely invested in the action. Dijak and Ciampa traded familiar finishers and painfully innovative new maneuvers. Dijak emerged victorious, using Ciampa’s own “Project Ciampa” to win it.
In a match that could only be described as a technical chess match, Brian Fury and David Starr participated in a rematch from the Tournament for Tomorrow 4 championship. A big fight feel was in the air, as Fury and Starr have both been unstoppable of late.
The two engaged in chain wrestling. Each move was met by an expertly thought out reversal and vice versa. Clearly, Starr and Fury are master technicians of the mat. Fury fought out the hard-earned win with a pop-up power bomb transition into a Boston Crab.
The final match of the night was between bitter rivals Kimber Lee and Chris Dickinson. Kimber Lee did not wait for the bell to ring: she went for it all with a cross body off the top balcony onto an unsuspecting Dickinson.
To close out Fete, the two wrestled all around the venue. Kimber Lee was crafty in her move choice. She pulled out a highlight-reel somersault power bomb off the top rope. This move nearly gave her the win. Dickinson ultimately pulled out the win on a submission.
Dickinson offered a handshake to his bitter rival at the conclusion, but this was revealed to be a facade. He hit Lee with a cheap shot and intended on furthering the damage. Donovan Dijak entered the ring to attempt a rescue, but he was quickly overthrown by Dickinson and his new ally, a returning Sami Callahan. This allegiance looks to be a major threat to the Beyond Wrestling roster.
Sami Callahan won a match of his own earlier in the night, defeating Joey Janella via submission.
In a physical, crowd-pleasing tag team match, Strong Style Thugs (Low Ki and Homicide) faced off with Da Hit Squad (Danny “Mafia” Maff and Steve “Monsta” Mack). Pinkie Sanchez caused a disqualification, but he was rewarded with finishing moves from both tag teams, who found a common enemy in the process.
Matthew Riddle and Drew Gulak defeated Chuck O’Neil and Eric Spicely due to a well-timed, surprise pinfall.
The polarizing faction Crusade For Change also made an appearance. Darius Carter and TJ Marconi articulated their controversial views on the powers that be within Beyond Wrestling. They were met by Team Pazuzu, who begged to differ with the Crusade. Both teams took part in an out of control brawl across Fete. This should lead to future feuds down the road between the factions.
With Fete Finale, Beyond Wrestling closed out both Fete Music Hall and 2015 with as incredible a wrestling experience a fan could ask for. The matches were top-par, the capacity crowd was loud and engaged throughout, and all responsible for putting on the show brought their A-games.
Beyond Wrestling’s next show will take place on January 31 at Arts at the Armory in Somerville, MA. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

2 responses to “Fete Finale…

  1. Good review, and GREAT show, but you jumped around as far as the order of matches a little too much! At least should gone hair more into detail about the effort of callihan and janela as well. It was cool meeting you fellas, and I hope to see you at future shows!

    • Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I do remember meeting with you Ziti. I’m glad you enjoyed the show. My background’s in sports writing and I was always taught to start at the end and work my way to the beginning…either that or I’ve been watching too many Tarantino movies. Apologies to Callihan and Janela. Believe it or not, I try to limit my word count and not everything makes the final cut. See you at the next show!

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