We Need To Talk About TNA…

(Don’t know where or to watch TNA? Go to POPTV.com and enter your zip code in the channel finder to find out what channel you can catch it on! If you do not have TNA available on your television, you can catch Impact online HERE.)
As The New Day has taught us, the power of positivity goes a long way. It’s certainly easy to be pessimistic, but sometimes you have to look at the bright side.
Ever since the start of 2016, TNA has been thriving in a way it hasn’t in quite some time. This all started with the move to POP TV. With this move, the wrestling organization has finally wrapped up its draining World Title Series.
This tournament occupied valuable air time. The competition felt like a placeholder to occupy the dwindling last few months of TNA’s contract with Destination America. The tournament felt like an afterthought because the matches that composed it were irrelevant in nature; a good portion of matches wrestled during the WTS were random one on one matches filmed for promotional purposes. They were simply edited in a manner to encompass the WTS.
Unfortunately the World Title Series was literally the only story taking place in the fall of 2015 in TNA. Its resulting stranglehold on the organization halted the progress of side stories and character development.
2016 has buried all memories of the tournament ever since EC3’s victory. Now TNA is keeping things simple and sticking to its strengths.
Matt Hardy and Ethan Carter III have seamless chemistry as arch enemies. The bad blood they have created through promos, matches and social media is impressive to say the least. The rivalry they formed toward the end of 2015 is one of the few positives to take away from that time period. The anticipation for their upcoming Last Man Standing Match for the TNA WHC is through the roof. It sure looks to be the exclamation point to an impressive feud.
Promos and humor have always been strengths for TNA. We saw a prime example of this when EC3 sang a debuting Shynron to the ring last week on Impact. The self-aware antics were terrific and show how TNA distinguishes itself from other wrestling companies.
Moreover, it was encouraging to see a talented newcomer, like Shynron, wrestle against such a storied opponent (Jeff Hardy) in his very first TNA match.
TNA is also realizing it needs to inject some blood into its tag team division. For this reason, James Storm and Bobby Roode are together again as Beer Money.
The re-emergence of Storm is a gift in itself. After wrestling a much-publicized match on NXT, it seemed like the TNA original was parting ways with the company he helped put on the map. Fortunately for TNA, he had a change of heart and resigned with them.
Consequently, in perhaps an even more intriguing revelation, Eric Young and Bram have now created a super team and are looking to take out Beer Money. Super teams are almost a rarity in major promotions these days. Young and Bram make for a fitting pair that can light a much needed fire in TNA tag team wrestling. For once, The Wolves’ World Tag Team Titles look to be in jeopardy.
TNA is even recruiting world class talent. Michael Bennett departed Ring of Honor and is now a regular on TNA alongside the lovely Maria Kanellis. In a backstage promo on last week’s Impact, Bennett and EC3 laid out the blueprints for a potentially monumental feud.
TNA has a lot going for it: the Knockouts are having incredible matches (last week’s hardcore match was a blast) and Josh Matthews and The Pope are commentating ringside once again.
Last, but certainly not least, Kurt Angle is wrapping up his farewell tour. We’ve only got a few more times to see an all time great hone his craft. His main event with Drew Galloway last week was nothing short of magnificent.
TNA needs to be commended for getting a lot right. The last few weeks they have been perfectly executing promos, matches, and storylines.
TNA is really starting to heat up. There’s no better time to watch than now.

by Kevin D’Hooge


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