The Verbal Assassin…

Check out our interview with Tony Hinchcliffe HERE on Soundcloud!
In what could be considered the deepest talent pool in comedy history, Tony Hinchcliffe distinguishes himself from the rest of the pack.
The Youngstown, Ohio native is making waves in the comedy world through his new stand-up special One Shot, his podcast Kill Tony, his acclaimed work as a roaster, his stand-up comedy sets across the world, and guest appearances on podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience, Your Mom’s House and Fighter and the Kid.
One Shot is an innovative new comedy special that, likes its title suggests, is filmed in one take. The special was filmed at the legendary Pasadena comedy club The Ice House. No topic is off limits for Hinchcliffe. He riffs on numerous subjects including murder, “boner pills” and Bill Cosby.
Hinchcliffe is a marksman with his words. Perhaps that is why he is such a renowned roast comic. Tony lit up the comedy world following the Roast of the Iron Sheik in 2013. He’s also a regular writer for Comedy Central Roast specials.
Along with Brian Redban, Hinchcliffe serves as the host of Kill Tony. This podcast acts as a showcase for up and coming stand-up comedians performing at Hollywood’s The Comedy Store. Tony, Brian and guest judges offer advice and critiques to the performing comedians.
Hinchcliffe started stand-up comedy in 2007. He’s quickly turning into one of the most formidable comics on the planet. His work ethic is nearly unmatched. The sky’s the limit for The Golden Pony.
When he’s not crafting jokes on stage, Tony is an avid fan of wrestling and mixed martial arts. Tony was once offered a job as a writer for WWE and is a regular guest on Joe Rogan’s UFC Fight Companions.
Tony’s tour dates can be found here. Tony can also be found on Twitter and Instagram. His comedy special One Shot is available for streaming on Netflix now.

by Kevin D’Hooge


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