Smackdown Recap 1/28/16…

SmackDown begins with the WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day. They taunt The Rock for not having gold. Just as Big E mocks The Rock for cooking “a big bowl of doo doo,” The Miz interrupts.
He demands respect for being a movie star. The Usos theme plays and they walk out laughing. They ridicule The Miz’s fashion. The New Day defends The Miz by retorting The Usos are allergic to gold.
Titus O’Neil and Dolph Ziggler join The Usos. An eight man tag team match is formed.
The Usos, Dolph Ziggler, and Titus O’Neil vs The New Day and The Miz
The Usos and Titus kept control of the match through double teams. Later, Big E and Kingston cornered Jimmy Uso, who was caught in a unicorn stampede. Xavier celebrated by playing his trombone while Big E twerked.
Soon enough, all chaos broke loose and everyone fought in the ring. The Usos took to the sky with a Suicide Dive. The Miz delivered a Skullcrushing Finale to Titus, but it wasn’t enough. Titus pins The Miz to get the win and celebrates in the crowd.
Neville vs. Kalisto (C) for the United States Championship
Jerry “The King” Lawler announces a luchador being the US Champ doesn’t sit well with him since he isn’t a fan of Kalisto.
The match proves to be a high flying affair. Neville was devastated by being slammed into the barricade. Both men are outside of the ring and almost out for the count. Upon returning to the ring, Neville takes control with a sit up power bomb. Fans scream Neville’s name. The announcers seem nervous as the men climb higher and higher on the ropes. Kalisto turned the tables by delivering a Frankensteiner and getting a near fall. Kalisto won the match with a Salida del Sol. “The King” is becoming a believer in Kaliso but warns that Alberto Del Rio looms in his future.
Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho appears in the ring talking about the Royal Rumble. Dean Ambrose walks to the ring with flowers in hand, his hair disheveled and wet. Roman Reigns enters the ring next. The three men exchange friendly trash talk. Ambrose states he is the man of WWE and has no time to be scared of Brock Lesner. Technically, he just needs to beat Roman at Fastlane, not Brock. However, Ambrose has never won against Roman.
The Wyatt Family enter. Bray Wyatt mumbles, but Roman doesn’t know what he is talking about, making the arena burst into laughter. This sets up a 6 man tag main event.
Curtis Axel vs. A.J. Styles
Axel challenges WWE newcomer A.J. Styles. Styles accepts, walking to the ring with a hood covering his face. Axel quickly takes control by drop kicking Styles then delivering a back breaker. Jerry Lawler quipped Styles will have to prove he is a superstar in the WWE universe. A.J. tries to pin Axel with a back press but Axel kicked out. Styles proves “The King” wrong with a Styles Clash and picked up the victory.
Charlotte vs. Natalya
Charlotte launches a big boot to the face of Nattie and quickly goes for the cover. Ric Flair can be heard shouting “Woooo!” Charlotte responds with chops to the chest, straight out of The Nature Boy’s playbook. Nattie responds with a suplex but gets distracted by Ric Flair wooing in her face. With the upper hand, Charlotte goes for the kill: a Figure 8 and wins. She doesn’t let go and continues to punish Natalya. Becky Lynch runs to the ring, breaking up the tortuous hold.
Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan
The Wyatt Family controlled the match by double teaming Jericho. Luke Harper cornered Y2J, targeting his legs. Jericho somehow gets back to his feet, but Luke punishes him with a crossbody and a near fall. Luke delivers a big boot to Roman behind the ropes. Y2J has a small window of opportunity and makes the tag to Dean. Ambrose avenges Y2J by bulldogging Rowan. The Lunatic Fringe goes on a massacre, diving on Bray and wiping out Rowan. Ambrose finds himself on the top rope, destroying Rowan with a flying, spinning heel kick then catapults Bray. Dean and Jericho team up and springboard off the ropes to tackle the Wyatts. In the ring, Roman kicks out of a cover.
Out of nowhere, the monstrous Braun Strowman, interferes causing a DQ. Ambrose runs to Roman’s aid, but Braun throws Jericho into the announce table.
All hell has broken loose. The Wyatts now focus their attention on Roman Reigns.
Big Show enters out of nowhere to the rescue.
The Wyatts aimed to dismantle The Big Show. Roman tries to be a hero with a superman punch but got caught. The Big Show chokes Braun. Change of plans! Here comes the superman punch to Rowan. Luke remains the only Wyatt standing. No hope, he is surrounded by The Big Show, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, and Dean Ambrose.
The last men standing.

– by Ashley D’Hooge


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