The Dream Left Behind…

FINALLY BEYOND WRESTLING HAS COME BACK TO ARTS AT THE ARMORY! The most interactive wrestling on the planet held its first event of 2016 in Somerville, MA.
Joey Janela vs. JT Dunn in a Steel Cage Match
Dunn and Janela would test the strength of the cage by suplexing and throwing each other into it at every opportunity.
During one high-stakes battle atop the cage, Janela and Dunn exchanged blows. Janela chopped Dunn across the chest, forcing him to fall and get tangled in the ropes.
Just when Janela thought he could escape the cage, Dunn sat up and suplexed him over his head.
JT Dunn finished strong with a scissors kick into the cage and a leg drop onto a dangling Janela. Dunn escaped the cage for the win.
Jonathan Gresham vs. Ryan Galeone with Veda Scott
Gresham was fast and furious early on. He connected successfully with flying knees and a cross body outside the ring.
Veda Scott proved resourceful to Galeone. Carefully timed distractions helped put Galeone back in the match.
As the match grinded down, Galeone went for a powerbomb, but Gresham converted it into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb. Galeone kicked out of the pin. He finally tried ending it with a one-handed pump handle slam. Gresham found a way out and had Galeone on the brinks of defeat with an abdominal stretch. Veda Scott caused a distraction, yet again, allowing Galeone to powerbomb and pin Gresham.
Matthew Riddle vs. Chuck O’Neil with special guest referee Drew Gulak
In a battle between men with MMA backgrounds, Riddle and O’Neil attempted to outgrapple and outstrike one another. Riddle created momentum by taking O’Neil down to the ground. O’Neil, ever the opportunist, locked in an arm bar. Riddle countered by slamming O’Neil’s body into the mat.
The match ended in exciting fashion as Riddle had a guillotine locked in tight. O’Neil suplexed his way out of the submission. While being slammed down, Riddle miraculously locked in a submission and won. Riddle wouldn’t let go, so guest referee Drew Gulak had to step in.
Da Hit Squad (Danny Maff and Steve Mack) vs. Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano
Two of the best tag teams in the world did battle here. Maff wowed early on by slamming Gargano at will and he even performed a Hurricanranna on Ciampa.
Ciampa and Gargano dug deep to get control of the match. Gargano delivered a particularly painful spear to Maff.
Steve Mack would tag into the match and he cleared house. He impressed with a suicide dive outside the ring. The teams nearly fought to a standstill. Ciampa and Gargano finally took the win by trading off on knees and superkicks.
Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Brian Fury
Sabre made his Beyond Wrestling debut. This technical masterpiece perhaps saw neither man touch the ropes at all. Sabre and Fury traded off on muscle-tearing grapple holds. Sabre utilized various moves such as the neck crank and straight jacket.
As the bout winded down, Fury went to his dependable Boston Crab submission, but it was reversed. Sabre connected with a deafening punt kick. He went on to escape a powerbomb and refused to tap to a locked in Boston Crab. Sabre won via submission.
Travis Gordon vs. Shynron
These men were equal matches early on. They traded strikes, attacks and flips. Gordon gained control by super kicking Shynron while he was atop the turnbuckle.
Shynron later gained momentum with a Pele kick. Gordon attempted a head scissors, but Shyron landed clean on his feet and delivered his finisher to Gordon for the win.
Chris Hero vs Matt Tremont
Hero and Tremont opted to smack each other around in this one. No shots were held back.
At one point it looked like Hero had enough. He began walking toward the dressing room as Tremont escorted him back to the ring. Tremont took advantage with a Samoan drop. Tremont then got a little too greedy when he attempted a top rope maneuver. Hero caught him.
Hero finished Tremont with a Moonsault, elbow strikes, and piledriver.
Crusade For Change vs. Team Pazuzu
These teams last met at Fete Finale in December where they brawled across the venue. This match would serve as proving ground for the premier stable in Beyond Wrestling.
Team Pazuzu took advantage early on by double and triple teaming TJ Marconi of the Crusade. The Crusade took control once Darius Carter was tagged in. He delivered European uppercuts to Jaka. Marconi joined in on the fun by clotheslining Jaka as well.
Jaka nearly had the last laugh when he powerbombed Anthony Gangone of C4C, but Carter pulled a quick one on Pazuzu by utilizing a roll up pin. Crusade For Change continued their hot streak as they escaped victorious.
Tracy Williams vs. AR Fox in a Submission Match
Plenty of creativity was on display here. Williams performed a leaping neckbreaker off the top rope and locked in a choke hold. Fox escaped.
AR Fox gained some crucial offense with an Enziguri to Williams on the top rope. Bouncing off the top rope, Fox hit a face buster and submitted Williams.
Chris Dickinson and Sami Callahan vs. Kimber Lee and Heidi Lovelace
Dickinson and Callahan used teamwork to ground Lovelace. Dickinson even took to the microphone giving Lovelace an ultimatum: join him and Callahan or suffer with Kimber Lee.
Heidi answered with an Enziguri. Kimber Lee tagged in and missile dropkicked Dickinson.
The match teetered back and forth. Lovelace sealed it with a low blow to Dickinson on the top rope. Kimber Lee executed a powerbomb for the victory. The crowd erupted.
The next Beyond Wrestling event is scheduled for February 28 at Aurora in Providence, RI. It has already been sold out!

by Kevin D’Hooge


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