The Iconic Matt Hardy…

Matt Hardy is the best heel in professional wrestling right now. There I said it. Let me tell you why.

He’s getting reactions from people all over the map. If you tell him you hate him, that you’re offended, or that you can’t stand him you’re just adding fuel to the fire whether you like it or not.

Matt is performing so well because he is combining all the best heel characteristics into one juggernaut. Ignorant internet dwellers label him as “unoriginal”. So I ask: is there such thing as original? Every move, every character, and every story takes inspiration from something.

Hardy is implementing the family dynamic (think Triple H and the McMahons, Edge and La Familia), egotistic wealth/royalty (King Booker, JBL, Ted DiBiase), security (Seth Rollins with J &J, Shawn Michaels with Diesel, EC3 with Tyrus), and he is putting people on blast on Twitter just as brilliantly as the likes of the Iron Shiek (if you think Hardy is crossing the line, what about Shiekie?) and Kevin Owens.

Hardy has no restrictions on Twitter because his followers don’t either. Matt Hardy has never eh-eh-EVER taken the first direct shot at a fan online. Just to be clear, many Twitter users are taking direct shots at Matt Hardy’s personal life and family. What do you expect him to do? If you’re going to hit him with an insult, you better expect one back. You would do the same if somebody called your life’s work and family into question. If you poke a bear, what do you think it will do?

Matt’s jabs are stinging, hilarious, and don’t cross the line. When one Twitter user asked Hardy, “How does it feel to be the official sinking ship world champ?” Matt responded, “How does it feel to know your life is meaningless? That if you disappeared today, no one would miss u or care? NEXT!” Read that out loud-it’s hilarious! If you think Matt’s being serious, you need to get your brain checked.

You know how I know that Tweet’s funny? The Twitter user who originally replied to Hardy tweeted back, “to be fair it was quite funny.”

People who insult celebrities online have to be accountable for their words. Don’t get mad when said celebrity responds back. Matt Hardy is not going to substantially hurt anyone’s feelings with his jabs. Clearly the Twitter users he’s responding to are “smart marks” who are aware of the industry and of what Matt’s doing.

If Matt Hardy tweeted something and you didn’t like it here are some possible things to consider:

a.) Matt Hardy just messaged me. OMG!
b.) I didn’t like what he wrote. Maybe I should be careful of what I write on the internet.
c. ) I’ll get him back with a (tasteful) zinger!
d. ) I’ll just unfollow/block Matt Hardy.

The response should not be “I insulted Matt Hardy first and he got me back. He’s a terrible person. WAH-WAH-WAH!”
Last, but certainly not least, Matt Hardy is doing arguably the best in-ring work of his career. His feud with EC3 has been top-notch. They put on a classic battle in last year’s Full Metal Mayhem match and their brutal Last Man Standing match a few weeks ago was epic.

Hardy remains active on the independent scene where he frequently takes on up and coming wrestlers, showing them the ropes (literally and figuratively). I’ve heard nothing but positive things from fans and wrestlers who have attended these events.

Matt Hardy has now turned into one of the premier veteran performers in all of professional wrestling. He still has much more to give back to the industry.

At the end of the day Matt Hardy is an entertainer. The man you see on television every week isn’t really him. Neither is the guy you see on Twitter. If you don’t realize that, then I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.

In a way Matt Hardy is the perfect example of a reverse Truman Show, so to say. He knows his “public life” is a work, but many wrestling fans are still living under a rock.

I love what Matt Hardy is doing. His edginess is refreshing. His wrestling is out of this world. His promos are must-see. His constant, electric social media presence is addicting.

It’s okay if you’re not a fan of Matt Hardy. However, there’s no need to insult the man himself.

I also love the fact that social justice warriors are legitimately appalled by his actions. To them, I say this man is actively enrolling at South Park Elementary.

Matt Hardy has probably never had more fun in his career than now. I can’t blame him. Bow down to the ICONIC champ we need and deserve.

by Kevin D’Hooge


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