RAW Recap 2/15/16…

Dean Ambrose opened Raw by asking Brock Lesnar for another F5. Instead, Stephanie challenged him to a Fatal 5 way for the Intercontinental Championship with a twist: If Roman Reigns interfered, Dean would be disqualified and would not compete in the triple threat match vs Brock and Roman at Fastlane.
Dean Ambrose vs Stardust vs Dolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze vs Kevin Owens
Dean had a lot to lose with the Intercontinental Championship and his spot at Fastlane on the line. Ambrose fought valiantly. He single-handedly demolished Stardust, Dolph, and Tyler Breeze with a high-risk maneuver. KO impressed with simultaneous cannonballs to all three opponents and Ziggler performed an impossible feat. He Zig Zagged Dean while Ambrose attempted a Dirty Deeds on Tyler. Kevin Owens walked away with the victory with a pop-up powerbomb on Breeze.
When the universe takes something away, it leaves your hands open for something new. Now more than ever, Dean is dedicated to winning at Fastlane.
Big E vs Mark Henry
The New Day were pissed that Mark Henry walked out on them, which led to a grudge match between Big E and The World’s Strongest Man. Mark Henry’s size was his downfall. Big E, at 5’11” and nearly 300 pounds, was the quicker man. Big E got ridiculous height with multiple big splashes. These moves may have legitimately injured Henry. He later awkwardly fell out of Big E’s Big Ending and was unable to get up. Big E scored the pin and medical staff tended to a wounded Henry.
Brie and Charlotte
Charlotte antagonized Brie by telling her to forfeit their upcoming Fastlane match to take care of her ailing sister and retired husband. Brie Bella beat the hell out of the Diva’s Champion.
The Miz vs AJ with Y2J as guest commentator
The Miz was out for revenge, still bitter about his damaged Hollywood smile. Ruthless, he dragged AJ across the ring by his mouth then stretched the WWE rookie’s jaw. The Miz’s biggest mistake was being too concerned with Chris Jericho. AJ Pele kicked kicked The Miz in the face, which he never recovered from. AJ’s hits were lethal. He won via submission with the calf crusher.  
AJ, aware of Jericho’s mind tricks, offered a third re-match at Fastlane. Y2J did not accept, but he said he wasn’t opposed either.
Paige vs Summer Rae
Paige seemed out of it the whole match. Summer Rae even coerced the Anti-Diva but it took a high heel kick from Rae to wake up Paige. Summer dominated with a leg drop, choking submission, and bulldog to win.     
Paul Heyman
Paul Heyman reminded Roman Reigns that Dean stood in his way at Fastlane. Reigns must choose between his daughter or his best friend i.e. winning the match to motivate his daughter or batter his friend Dean Ambrose and rob him of a chance of main eventing Wrestlemania. The Dudley Boyz ambushed Roman after he thanked Heyman for being honest. Dean came out for the save but their camaraderie didn’t last long when Ambrose attempted a Dirty Deeds on Roman. Turned out it was just a test. Roman needs to be quicker than that if he wants to qualify for WrestleMania.
Was the assault a coincidence? Paul Heyman and The Dudley’s have a history together from ECW. They might have helped him as a favor.
Can Roman trust Dean? Is his friendship more important than promising the title to his daughter? We’ll have to see how things unfold.
Heath Slater with Curtis Axel and Adam Rose vs Zack Ryder
Slater did a victory lap outside the ring as a pre-win celebration. Ryder dazzled with a Broski Boot and jumped over the ropes to take out The Social Outcasts. Slater still prevailed to get the win.
The Lucha Dragons and Neville vs Rusev and Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio with King Barrett
The Lucha Dragons and Neville were spectacular. They annihilated The League of Nations with a series of aerial attacks and kept the tempo up. However, their heroic efforts weren’t enough. Alberto del Rio won by double stomping Sin Cara’s abdomen.
Becky Lynch vs Naomi with Tamina
Earlier that night, Tamina harassed Becky Lynch. Team BAD thought they would be able to intimidate The Lass Kicker but they only helped to fire her up. Becky won via submission but her victory was cut short by Naomi. Sasha Banks rescued Becky and scared off Team BAD.
Braun Strowman with Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, and Luke Harper vs The Big Show
The Wyatt Family rely on strength in numbers and that’s why they are unstoppable. A crucial moment was when Braun tried to lift The Big Show but couldn’t. The World’s Largest Athlete is a behemoth at 7’ and 441 pounds. The Big Show built momentum with a suplex but Erick Rowan caused a disqualification. Ryback came to The Big Show’s aid then Kane appeared from the depths of Hell. Kane and The Big Show sent a message to the Wyatt’s by double choke slamming Luke Harper.
by Ashley D’Hooge

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