Fastlane Recap 2/21/16…

WWE continued to anger fans Sunday night at Fastlane by not making Kalisto vs Alberto del Rio for the United States Championship part of the main show. A special shoutout to the luchador for winning two out of three falls and keeping his title.
Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch vs Team Bad
The Boss and The Lass Kicker clashed early on in the ring but resolved their drama to work as a team. Sasha even cheered on her teammate while Naomi dominated. Banks recognized the importance of the match and her alliance with Lynch. The ladies worked well together and displayed beautiful harmony with double kicks to Tamina. Becky performed a missile dropkick off the top rope and Banks and Lynch won with simultaneous submissions.
Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler
KO is the ultimate trash talker. This is an important element in the game since it wears down the opponent mentally. However, Owens was getting too cocky for his own good. Ziggler had two consecutive wins going into the match and did everything he could not to lose this opportunity. Dolph dropped elbows all over the place. First with a flying elbow then with four simultaneous elbow drops. The Show Off was impressive with a hurricanrana, which threw Kevin into the steel  steps. KO proved he wanted the title more, by kicking out of a Famouser. He later powerbombed Ziggler to remain champion. Get ready for #KOMania.
The Wyatt Family with Bray vs The Big Show, Ryback, and Kane
The family had targeted these three individuals over the past few weeks. They even kidnapped Kane. I’m not sure how that’s possible! No one has been as destructive as the Wyatt’s. Luke Harper was able to snapmare The Big Red Machine, another impossible feat. That pissed off The Devil’s Favorite Demon and he threw Harper over the top rope. Ryback displayed unbelieveable power over Luke. He was hungry and it showed. The Big Show got revenge on his nemesis by tossing Braun and taking out the entire family. Good prevailed over evil when Ryback pinned Harper. Does this mean the family’s reign of terror will finally be over?
Brie Bella vs Charlotte with Ric Flair
This was the most heartfelt match of the night. Brie had to protect the name of her family. Charlotte had been pushing her for weeks until Bella cracked and attacked the Divas Champion on Raw. Emotion is a funny thing. Brie could use her frustration to motivate her or let it be a distraction. She proved to be motivated, utilizing Nikki’s snapback and Daniel Bryan’s kicks. Charlotte stayed true to character and mocked her opponent, dancing like Nikki and mocking Bryan’s Yes celebration. Bella was feisty and even caused damage to the Diva, she was bleeding from her face. A critical point in the match was when Brie drop kicked Charlotte off the top rope. She may have injured her leg in the landing but reversed the figure-8 into a Yes lock then a single leg crab. Bella’s leg gave out from the previous injury, causing Charlotte to win with her signature move.
AJ Styles vs Jericho
Chris Jericho continued to play mind games during the match. He went for the Walls of Jericho early but only to mess with AJ’s head. Styles wanted no part of his games and drop kicked Y2J. Chris used every offensive arsenal from his book, from flying assaults, quick-thinking, and his famous submission move. AJ overcame the mind tricks and outsmarted Jericho. He won with the Calf Crusher.
Despite being furious, Chris was classy and shook AJ’s hand. Or was it another mind game? Only time will tell.

Curtis Axel with The Social Outcasts vs R-Truth
Even though this was a one-on-one match, it was a numbers game. Goldust made a guest appearance and accidentally caused a distraction to R-Truth. This allowed Axel to steal the win.
Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman
Brock Lesnar went beast mode on Ambrose and Reigns. He delivered four German suplexes to Roman and five on Dean. The former alliance members teamed up to take out Lesnar. He was unstoppable until they smashed him through the announcer’s table (twice!) and buried him in the rubble. Now the real fun began when the friends turned on each other. Dean bulldogged Roman, delivered a flying elbow, and performed a Dirty Deeds. He attempted a second Deeds but Brock suplexed both of them. The Beast had a Kimura Lock on Reigns but Ambrose broke it up with a chair. With Brock out of the ring, Roman speared and pinned Dean for the win.
Triple H made a guest appearance. Who will be victorious at WrestleMania 32?

by Ashley D’Hooge


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