RAW Recap 2/22/16…

Brock Lesnar physically assaulted Dean Ambrose upon arrival at the arena before the start of Raw. He was taken to a nearby medical facility and was last seen wearing a neck brace from being thrown through a windshield.
Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award
Vince McMahon presented the first ever Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award to none other than his daughter, Stephanie McMahon. She thanked her husband, Triple H –
What the. . . ?!?!
Finally, Shane-O Mac has come back to wrestling!
A graying Shane danced on stage in his Nike dunks and a charcoal suit to his theme song, “Here Comes the Money.” The arena went absolutely nuts. Last time we saw Shane was back in January 2010 when he resigned from the company to start his own business ventures.
He called Vince and Stephanie out for running the company into the ground, the infinite injuries, lackluster ratings, and poor stock. Vince messed up big time but Shane was back to save the business. Previously, he had cut a deal and took time off but never lost his place in line. Shane let Stephanie climb the ladder into her current position but now wanted control of Monday Night Raw. He wanted to make sure there was a generational future for WWE.
Vince dismissed Stephanie so he could have a private conversation with his son. Mr. McMahon proposed a deal, if Shane beat one person of his choosing for one match, Raw would be his. If Shane-O-Mac lost, he would have to give Vince the lockbox so nothing would be over his head for a possible blackmailing. Deal.
Vince, naturally evil, set his son up for failure. He must defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 in a Hell in a Cell match. Shane made a deal with the devil.
Neville and The Lucha Dragons vs The New Day
The Lucha Dragons and Neville were spectacular with high flying moves. The trio complimented each other with springboards, lionsaults, and 450 splashes. However, one botched move from Sin Cara cost them the match. Kofi won for The New Day with Trouble in Paradise.  
Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman
Earlier that night, Dean was taken away in an ambulance after a brutal beating from The Beast. He had somehow escaped and drove the ambulance into the arena. While still wearing the neck brace, he dragged himself to Lesnar and challenged him to a no holds barred, street fight at WrestleMania. Brock responded with an F5 then accepted the brawl.
The Usos vs The Ascension
The Dudley Boyz dissed The Usos’ father, Rikishi, which provided The Ascension an opportunity to sneak attack. The Cosmic Wasteland were no match for The Usos. Jey won it easily with an Uso Splash.
Y2AJ vs Heath Slater and Curtis Axel with The Social Outcasts
Chris was obsessed with AJ Styles. The past 24 hours allowed him to ponder his loss at Fastlane and he wanted to communicate his epiphany with AJ. The Social Outcasts were sick of listening to Jericho congratulate his nemesis and threatened the newly formed Y2AJ. The former rivals proved to work well together. Styles took out The Social Outcasts with a springboard crossbody while Chris delivered his Walls of Jericho to Axel. Winners via submission, Y2AJ.      
The Wyatt Family with Braun Strowman vs Ryback, The Big Show, and Kane
Order seemed to be restored after a big win at Fastlane for Ryback, The Big Show, and Kane. During Raw, we even saw vintage Kane with a sidewalk slam and The Big Show dominate with a side suplex. That was enough for Ryback. He cost his teammates the match by leaving in the middle of the fight. Bray got the victory with Sister Abigail.
Ryback revealed in an interview that he left because he doesn’t have anything to prove. They had already won at Fastlane. The spotlight should be on him and he doesn’t belong in a tag team. He had no ill feelings toward The Big Show or Kane.
Sasha Banks vs Naomi with Tamina
Sasha survived a punishment from Naomi and cheap shots from Tamina to win. Naomi tapped out to the Bank Statement.
Roman Reigns vs Sheamus with The League of Nations
With The League of Nations lurking outside the ring, the numbers were not in Roman’s favor. Plus, Ambrose was injured and their friendship was damaged. The ref sent The League back to the locker room but out came Triple H with his belt. He attacked Reigns and the match was disqualified. The Cerebral Assassin viciously slaughtered Roman, heaving him into the time keepers area, tossing the bell at him, and repeatedly bashed his face off the announce table. Roman’s face was busted open; blood was everywhere. The Game snapped. He Pedigreed Reigns on the steel steps. What can we expect from The Cerebral Assassin on SmackDown?

by Ashley D’Hooge


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