New Venue, New Attitude: State Of The Art…

On Sunday February 28th Beyond Wrestling was live with back to back shows at Aurora in Providence, Rhode Island: By Popular Demand and the nightcap State of the Art.
Team Tremendous (Bill Carr and Dan Barry) vs. Da Hit Squad (Steve Mack and Danny Maff)
Steve Mack was fast and furious with his offense. He wowed all in attendance with a massive Hurricanrana on Bill Carr. Carr tagged in Dan Barry, who delivered a springboard splash that resulted in a 2 count. Barry followed with a double foot stomp to Mack.
Mack quickly shook off the damage and gorilla pressed Barry. Bill Carr joined in and super kicked Mack. Danny Maff came to the rescue with a suicide dive to Bill Car. Dan Barry countered with a flying Swanton Bomb outside the ring. As the action moved back to the ring, Maff reversed a sleeper hold by Team Tremendous into a cannonball. Da Hit Squad secured the victory via pinfall.
Following the match EYFBO (Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik), fresh off a win over Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, challenged Da Hit Squad to a match down the road.
Shynron vs. Smiley
Shynron and Smiley flew across the ring in an acrobatic contest. The masked superstars flipped across the venue at every opportunity. At one point Shynron looked to be in trouble as Smiley was preparing to suplex him off the top rope.
Shynron cleverly pulled off a landing instead. Smiley was awkwardly tangled in the ropes and Shynron used this to his advantage. The Spirit Dragon Shynron delivered a corner to corner missile dropkick and finished Smiley with a 450 Splash off the top rope for the win.
Veda Scott vs. Jordynne Grace with Ryan Galeone
Both women entered this contest with swag and confidence on their sides. Jordynne’s formal introduction included reference to her 225 pound squat and 190 pound bench press stats. Scott on the other hand was accompanied by Ryan Galeone.
Both women delivered moves frequently and viciously. Grace showed off her strength on a delayed suplex. Scott countered with a brutal German suplex and later with a spear. Distractions by Galeone further assisted Veda. Veda Scott was victorious on a roll up pin where she illegally grabbed Grace’s tights for momentum.
Space Monkey vs. Kobe Durst (C) for the Alpha-1 Zero Gravity Championship
Space Monkey and Durst innovatively fought through Aurora. Space Monkey nailed an impressive Moonsault outside the ring. Durst later took over with a backstabber.
Durst found success when he grounded the aerial Space Monkey. Kobe retained his belt with a double foot stump off the top rope and ensuing pinfall.
Ethan Page vs. Sugar Dunkerton
Ethan Page, aka All Ego, could not have a more accurate nickname. The prideful Canadian masterfully generated heat from the sold out crowd at Aurora. Sugar Dunkerton answered the call to silence Page.
Page backed his trash talk early. He violently Irish whipped Sugar D into the corner turnbuckle. Sugar D took over valiantly with perfectly timed knees to the body. Once Page was brought to the ground, Dunkerton gambled with a high-risk maneuver. He took flight off the top rope for a big splash and earned the win.
We at The Stacked Card sponsored a giveaway at Aurora. We held a free raffle with two 6-month subscriptions to Beyond Wrestling’s Youtube service Beyondemand up for grabs. Myself and The Stacked Card co-host Matt accompanied ring announcer Rich Palladino in the ring to select the winners. All entrants received complimentary cups, pens and candy.
Eddie Edwards vs. Bryan Fury
In a battle of New England wrestling stalwarts, Edwards and Fury engaged in a chess match. After successfully connecting on a facebuster, Edwards targeted Fury’s chest.
He delivered innumerable knife edge chops to Fury, whose chest became noticeably red. The crowd aided Edwards in counting the chops one-by-one. Edwards continued to wow with a Swanton Bomb outside the ring and into the crowd. Fury dug deep to shake off the damage. With all the energy he had, he body slammed Edwards on the floor.
In a frenzy of a climax, there was a struggle on the top rope where Fury fell to the mat. Edwards attempted a double foot stomp, but missed. Fury capitalized with an Alabama slam. He locked in his vintage Boston Crab, but Edwards escaped and retaliated with a powerbomb and Single Leg Boston Crab. Fury refused to quit and took the w with a pop up powerbomb/Boston Crab combination for the submission win.
Chris Hero vs. Jonathan Gresham
Gresham was looking to overcome the odds against the vaunted Hero. Hero dominated early while using size to his advantage. His big boots, body slams and knife edges chops prevented Gresham from zipping around the ring.
Gresham was able to recover and dazzled all in attendance with a marvelous Hurricanrana. He followed up with a double foot stomp and missile dropkick that knocked Hero down. Gresham scored arguably the biggest win of his career on a perfectly timed roll up pin. Hero was upset with the outcome.
Evil Uno vs. Pinkie Sanchez with Christina
Uno nearly got the win early on with a facebuster, but Sanchez kicked out at 2.
Sanchez turned the tables once Christina got involved in the match. Her distractions gave Sanchez an obvious advantage. Uno finally had enough. With Sanchez dazed on the top rope, he used Christina to knock him down with a Hurricanrana. Uno later won via tapout.
Matt Riddle vs. ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey
This was a battle of martial arts specialists. “Speedball” Mike Bailey answered Riddle’s open challenge to the joy of the crowd. Each competitor took moments of control. Riddle’s gritty ground style proved imposing on Bailey initially.
Speedball was able to take over momentarily with electrically acrobatic maneuvers. This would not be enough though. Riddle was able to lock in a submission on Bailey, who did his best not to submit. Speedball finally gave in and Riddle scored the win.
Donovan Dijak vs. Sami Callihan
This rivalry match was bonkers! Dijak started things off with his vintage spinning big boot. Dijak proved he meant business when he choke slammed Callihan on his knee.
Callihan miraculously survived this painful move and managed to powerbomb the towering Dijak. Callihan showed off his high-wrestling IQ by beating Dijak to the kick so to say; he used Dijak’s spinning big boot on him.
As the match went down to the wire, Dijak finished Callihan off with Feast Your Eyes for the 3 count. Callihan wanted to put bad blood aside and attempted to shake hands with Dijak.
This was a false embrace. Callihan ambushed Dijak and beat him down. Fortunately, Bryan Fury came to the rescue and Callihan quickly escaped the ring.
The next Beyond Wrestling event will be held on Saturday April 2. Follow them on social media for more updates!
by Kevin D’Hooge

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