Big Time Wrestling Recap 3/04/16…

Big Time Wrestling was live from Lynn, MA on Friday March 4th. Prior to the show and during intermission, several wrestlers including Billy Gunn, X-Pac, Ethan Carter III, Eddie Edwards, Slyck Wagner Brown, and Anthony Greene were available for photos and autographs.
Mr. TA vs. Anthony Greene
Mr. TA’s entrance was eerie to say the least. His hooded robe and sadistic entrance evoked a sense of gloom. Once in the ring, he made his disdain for the audience clear. The feeling was mutual.
His opponenet was the upstart Anthony Greene, who quickly fired up the crowd. TA used his veteran experetise to control the pace of the match. He grounded the energetic Greene. TA’s strength was ultimately the deciding factor. To his credit, Greene had a near fall toward the end of the match, but it wasn’t enough. Mr. TA won via submission with a Vice Grip.
Slyck Wagner Brown and Sean Burke vs. DX (Billy Gunn and X-Pac)
DX, ever the masters of trash talk, took to the microphone to let Wagner Brown and Sean Burke know exactly who they were dealing with.
Gunn showed that he’s just as resourceful as ever. His dominance forced Burke and Brown to pause the match and regroup outside the ring.
X-Pac was tagged in shortly after and executed stellar Spinning Wheel Kicks. While X-Pac intended to go for a Bronco Buster, Burke distracted the referee. This allowed Brown to deliver a low blow to X-Pac. Brown and Burke took advantage.
Fortunately for DX, Gunn tagged back in and cleared house. X-Pac followed with Bronco Busters to both Brown and Burke. Gunn finished them off with a Fame Asser for the pinfall victory.
Eddie Edwards vs. Danny Miles
Edwards and Miles sparked the crowd up following intermission. They masterfully played on the crowd’s emotions in a match that featured nonstop close calls and near finishes.
Edwards took control early by targeting Miles’ chest with knife edge chops. The action got all too close when Edwards took to the air with a Springboard Crossbody outside the ring. Both Edwards and Miles came crashing right in front of me.
Miles survived the onslaught and came back with some innovative moves himself, including a Gut Check. Edwards later took control and attempted a Frog Splash off the top rope, but Miles expertly avoided it.
As the finish came near, both men managed to reverse in and out of signature moves. Edwards finally took the win with a crafty cradle pin.
Ethan Carter III vs. Todo Loco
Carter came out to the roar of “EC3” chants. Except from one fan in attendance, who was not a fan. Carter challenged him to enter the ring. To everyone’s surprise, he actually accepted Carter’s challenge. However, Todo Loco came to his defense and the match formally began.
EC3 is always a blast to watch. He was so dominant early on that he started planning his post-match celebration. Carter yelled out drink orders to the bartender in between body slams. He wanted to make sure he had whiskey, ice cold beers and some shots for him and his fans on tap by the time he got a pinfall.
Perhaps he got too far ahead of himself. Loco impressed with not one, but two Hurricanranas. Loco followed up with a standing Enziguri. Later on EC3 surprised Todo Loco with a roll up pin, but then had an even better idea; create additional damage with a single-armed powerbomb mid-pin.
Loco countered with a Tornado DDT. Todo Loco went for the kill with a Swanton Bomb, but missed. EC3 capitalized with the 1 Percenter for the pinfall win. Carter and Todo Loco shook hands at the end and showed mutual respect for one another.
Bam Shaw vs. Flex Armstrong (C) First Blood Match for the Big Time Wrestling Championship
The crowd went nuts for this one. The Bam Squad was vocal and ecstatic throughout. Shaw stopped by the bar for a beer and brought one to the ring for good measure.
Armstrong on the other hand, drew masterful heat from the get go. He endorsed Donald Trump for President and even suggested the Republican Presidential hopeful build a wall around Lynn, MA.
Shaw and Armstrong fought all across the venue and throughout the crowd. The men pulled out all the stunts when they slammed and flipped each other through vendor tables, causing much havoc and destruction in the process.
When they came back to the ring they piled up even more weapons including a chair, ladder and pan. Shaw wowed everybody with a powerslam into the corner on the strategically placed pan.
While masking an injury, Armstrong pulled out handcuffs and locked Shaw up to the ropes. Armstrong struck Shaw with numerous chair shots causing Shaw to bleed. Armstrong escaped Lynn still the BTW Champion.
by Kevin D’Hooge

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