WWE Recap 2/28/16 – 3/05/16…


Triple H walked out to the arena greeted by boos. We all have authority figures in our lives and hate it. We want to challenge the authority but don’t because of fear. They teach us how to know our role and shut our mouths. Roman should have listened to his fear but didn’t. He didn’t know his role. Where did the disobedience get him? The hospital. No one could challenge The Cerebral Assassin’s authority- except Dean Ambrose.
Ambrose had a message from Roman- he’s coming for Triple H.
The Lunatic Fringe challenged The Game for the World Heavyweight Championship, to which The Cerebral Assassin said he’d think about it. As a punishment to respect his authority, Dean had to face Alberto del Rio.
Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks
Charlotte and Ric Flair were at ringside observing The Lass Kicker and The Boss. Both women were fast paced and tried to catch the other off guard. Daddy’s Little Nature Girl wasn’t impressed when Becky missile drop kicked Sasha off the top rope. The match ended in a draw when Becky awkwardly landed on top of Sasha. The positioning resulted in both women technically pinning the other. What does this mean for WrestleMania? Will there be a triple threat match for the Diva’s Championship?     
The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler
Past feuds created a lot of animosity between the two men. The Miz got the upset victory with a roll up pin after whipping Ziggler into the corner post.
Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award
Stephanie McMahon finally accepted her award. She was upset because the crowd chanted for Shane so she knocked over the table. Stephanie questioned all in attendance; how could they love a man who blackmailed his father and abandoned his family’s business? In the past six years, Shane had never been to Raw, SmackDown or WrestleMania. He deserted the audience just like he abandoned his family.
The Lucha Dragons vs Rusev and Sheamus with The League of Nations
The Lucha Dragons have been on a losing streak. Sheamus must have cursed them. Despite attempts with a flying crossbody and corkscrew, Rusev got the win for The League. del Rio further tormented Kalisto by draping him on the ropes and stomping on his chest.
Ryback vs Adam Rose with The Social Outcasts  
Ryback declared if the spotlight wasn’t given to Ryback, he would take it. Ryback won in dominant fashion by screaming and slamming Rose into the mat.
The New Day vs Y2AJ
Jericho still had a black eye from Kofi’s kick on SmackDown. AJ was victim of the Unicorn Stampede and 300 pound splash from Big E. He countered with a Pele kick and saved Jericho with a flying forearm. Y2J got revenge on Kingston with the Walls of Jericho for the tapout win.  
The Undertaker
Shane will not lead WWE into a new era since The Deadman does Vince’s bidding. The Undertaker quickly corrected Mr. McMahon, “The blood of Shane will be on your hands.”
Jimmy Uso vs Bubba Ray Dudley
Jimmy superkicked Bubba while D-Von grabbed a table. I thought Dudleyville was a table free zone? Jey flew face first into the table. Bubba secured the win since Jimmy was distracted.
Kevin Owens vs The Big Show
Will this be another count out victory? Please, not again. The Big Show choke slammed KO onto the top ropes, resulting in a low blow. Now the men were even.
Brie Bella vs Naomi with Tamina
Naomi controlled the match and celebrated by showboating. Bella fought back with Yes kicks and went into Brie mode, but it wasn’t enough. Naomi won via submission.  
Dean Ambrose vs Alberto del Rio with The League of Nations
Ambrose was all bandaged up from Brock Lesnar’s assault last week and was still forced to face del Rio. Dean managed to stay in the fight despite a DDT and cross arm breaker on his bad shoulder, along with Alberto stomping on his chest. Somehow, Ambrose flipped del Rio off the top rope. Barely able to stand, he also wiped out the entire League of Nations with a high flying move.
The Game summoned The League to gang up on Dean, which caused a disqualification. After a Pedigree, Triple H accepted the title match. “Thanks Hunter,” mumbled a battered Ambrose. The Game lost it. He ripped off his blazer and went into assassin mode. Byron learned his lesson and didn’t slip The Lunatic Fringe a blood capsule.Welcome to SmackDown the insane asylum!
by Ashley D’Hooge


Welcome to SmackDown the Insane Asylum.
Dean Ambrose had never created a five year plan, he enjoyed living in the moment. When Triple H made his spiel about being an authority figure, Ambrose couldn’t stand it anymore and challenged him. His five second plan didn’t work out exactly as he imagined since now he could barely walk. The upside, his wish came true to face The Game for the WWE Championship. The road to WrestleMania had indeed become messy since the main event was already advertised for Hunter and Roman Reigns. The Lunatic Fringe messed everything up. If he won, does that mean Reigns would face him? Would he still face Brock Lesnar in the same night?
Kevin Owens interrupted Ambrose. He said the Lunatic had no right to open SmackDown since he was Lesnar’s doormat and Triple H’s personal punching bag. KO didn’t even have a credible opponent for WrestleMania and he was the reigning Intercontinental Champion. Disgruntled, he tried to surprise attack Dean. Always the comedian, Ambrose stated he saw Kevin’s actions on the big screen.
The Usos vs Sheamus and Rusev with The League of Nations
Jey was the victim of the night for The League of Nations. He suffered a headlock from Rusev, a standing drop kick, and a chinlock. Sheamus basked in their glorious exploits while Rusev mocked Jey for not being able to tag his brother in. Jimmy tried to save the match with a super kick but Sheamus countered with the Brogue Kick for the win. I’d like to see The League face The Wyatt Family. They are the two most destructive tag teams in the WWE.
Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz
Ziggler caught The Miz in a backslide for the three count. Quickest. Match. Ever.
Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks
The Lass Kicker and The Boss continued to be evenly matched with simultaneous drop kicks. Even the crowd was split down the middle. Charlotte paid a visit with Ric Flair. The Champ looked disinterested while The Nature Boy had a stupid grin glued to his face.
Becky saved herself from the Bank Statement then the ladies traded punches. Sasha was drop kicked out of the ring then they double clotheslined each other. The Nature Boy strutted his stuff (was he wearing slippers?) and wooed in their faces. The brawl was disqualified when Charlotte assaulted Lynch and Banks. I smell a triple threat match. . .
In an interview with Renee Young, The Divas Champ stated neither woman deserved to face her. She defeated Becky twice and Sasha never beat Charlotte. Young suggested rumors of a triple threat match but The Diva walked away.
Kofi Kingston with The New Day vs AJ Styles
The New Day babbled about Jell-o and the WWE network being a miracle.
Styles quarreled with Kingston, utilizing a back breaker and a drop kick. He eliminated Xavier and almost destroyed Francesca II. Kofi responded with a theatrical solo unicorn stampede. AJ reversed a back body drop and flew off the top ropes with a flying forearm. After a two count from a spinning heel kick by Kingston, The New Day accused the ref of not being able to count and were ejected. AJ secured the win with a vicious flying forearm and managed to escape an ensuing attack by the New Day.
Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose
With his torso still wrapped up, Dean was brave enough to attempt a risky top rope move. KO countered and tackled him in the corner. Ambrose wasn’t full speed but managed to flip Owens out of the ring. Kevin took his beef out on Mauro Ranallo then tore apart the broadcast table. The Lunatic Fringe dove out of the ring to pummel his opponent. Back in the ring, Ambrose Hurricanrana’d his way out of the Pop-Up Powerbomb and delivered Dirty Deeds for the win.
by Ashley D’Hooge

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