WWE RECAP 3/06/16 – 3/12/16…


Shane McMahon said he wanted to save Raw from its downward spiral. He claimed under his direction there would be no more backstage politics or backstabbing. The authority would cease to exist and wrestlers with talent would get more opportunities.
The Undertaker’s music played but Vince walked out instead. Mr. McMahon stated he would always have power and Shane’s sons would see him fail for the first time against The Deadman. Vince then summoned security to escort Shane out of the building.
Shane wanted to walk out peacefully but was forced to beat up the security team.
Kevin Owens vs Neville
KO tackled Neville and set him up for a Swanton Bomb but Neville guarded himself with his knees. Neville continued to play defense by rolling out of the way of two Cannonballs. Then he took out Owens with a standing shooting star press and a superkick. Kevin ended up winning with a rollup pin.  
Out of nowhere, Sami Zayn from NXT beat up Owens with help from Neville.
Brie Bella vs Summer Rae
Brie dominated the match with a half crab, Yes kicks, and a drop kick. She seemed to have the contest won with Brie Mode but Lana caused a distraction, which allowed Summer Rae to win with a roll up pin.
Lana took off her heels and used Bella’s own move against her, the Bella Buster.
Dean Ambrose
The Lunatic Fringe wanted respect and to be the new face of the company. He wants to go on Oprah, be on the cover of People Magazine, and make Triple H buy him a shiny new suit and shoes. Never mind. He didn’t want any of those things, just the title.
Triple H reminded him that Roman had his face glued back together at the hospital. If Dean didn’t get the message, he would gladly introduce him to the announce table again. As a punishment, Ambrose would have to face Bray Wyatt.
Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus, Rusev, and King Barrett
Stephanie McMahon punished Ziggler for an inappropriate Tweet that supported Shane’s looming bout against The Undertaker. Dolph would compete against The League of Nations in a Handicap elimination match.
Even with the numbers against him, The Show Off overcame a brutal beating to eliminate King Barrett with a superkick. After a missed Famouser, Rusev took a cheap shot and kicked him which allowed Sheamus to get the victory with the Brogue Kick.
Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks vs Team Bad
Ric Flair accompanied Charlotte to watch the match ringside. Tamina ambushed Banks but it wasn’t enough to discourage The Boss. Sasha won via submission with the Bank Statement applied viciously to Naomi. Upset, Charlotte suplexed both Sasha and Becky.
The New Day vs Y2AJ
With the tag team titles on the line, Y2AJ had a lot to prove as a new team. They were close to winning the titles twice. The first close call was when Jericho survived a unicorn stampede and AJ performed a high risk maneuver. The second time was when Jericho Lionsaulted off the middle rope and hit Kofi. Big E saved Kingston, so Y2J turned his frustrations onto him. Chris attempted a Codebreaker but the Alpha Unicorn countered to get the three count.
AJ helped up Chris but Y2J performed a Codebreaker.
Boom! A second Codebeaker. Another one! Three Codebreakers.   
Disgruntled, he destroyed the announce table and stuffed a Y2AJ shirt down Styles’ throat.
In the back, Jericho told Renee Young he snapped because he was tired of hearing the crowd chant “AJ Styles.”
Kalisto vs Tyler Breeze
Prince Pretty had no chance against a corkscrew. Kalisto won with the Salido del Sol.
Curtis Axel with The Social Outcasts vs Ryback
Ryback snapped and punched Axel relentlessly. Axel had no shot of winning at all. Ryback guaranteed victory with his patented Shell Shocked.  
Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt
The two men were evenly matched and even knocked each other out with double clotheslines. Ambrose launched himself to new levels and hit Bray with multiple punches. Wyatt turned the tables when he caught Dean off the top rope.
The Lunatic Fringe later fought out of Sister Abigail and Bray countered the Dirty Deeds. The arena suffered a blackout and the rest of the Wyatt Family surrounded the ring to sabotage the match, causing a disqualification.
This was the third week in a row that Ambrose had gotten beaten up. Bray finally assaulted Dean with Sister Abigail.
The Game joined the party and stared down The Wyatt Family. Bray even dared to touch his championship belt. The suit came off but The Lunatic recovered on time to perform the Dirty Deeds on Hunter and celebrated with Triple H’s belt. Is this foreshadowing to what we might see this weekend at Roadblock?  
by Ashley D’Hooge


Miz TV
The Miz interviewed Sami Zayn to open SmackDown and talked about his rivalry with Kevin Owens. The two adversaries started as friends first. Zayn was even the best man at Kevin’s wedding. Their friendship turned sour when KO destroyed Sami’s shoulder and he was sidelined for seven months.
Owens was asked to join the interview and thought he was the real victim since Zayn sabotaged his match last Monday. Sami challenged Kevin to fight at WrestleMania but Neville interrupted and stated he also had unfinished business with KO.
One thing almost everyone could agree on was that The Miz had nothing to do with their issues. Sami stated The Miz’s time was up in the WWE, which lead a furious Miz to attack Zayn.
The Miz and Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn and Neville
The Miz and Owens double teamed Neville after his high risk move failed to connect. The Miz showboated and ignored KO’s pleas to be tagged in, which cost him the match. The Intercontinental Champion grabbed his title and walked away. Sami hit The Miz with a Helluva Kick for the win.
Brie Bella vs Summer Rae
Lana was a special guest commentator for the match. The commentators asked what her problem was with Brie but Lana ignored the question. Bella Yes! kicked then drop kicked Summer. Rae was able to dodge Brie Mode and Bella, in turn, slammed into the ropes. Brie was victorious with the Yes! lock submission. Lana greeted Brie in the ring by stealing her own move: the Bella Buster.
Chris Jericho
Jericho stated he was upset that the audience chose to cheer for AJ instead of him. He predicted Styles would not last in the WWE. Chris felt that the audience treated him like trash. Just as he explained that AJ’s career would go up in flames, he lit a Y2AJ shirt on fire and threw it in the trash. Jericho menacingly stared into the camera as the smoke from the burning shirt rose into the air.
The Lucha Dragons vs King Barrett and Sheamus with Rusev
The League of Nations dominated in the first half of the bout. Kalisto performed a springboard hurricanrana but Sheamus delivered a crushing forearm to the smaller Luchador. The Lucha Dragons gained momentum in the second half. Sin Cara flew with a springboard crossbody to King Barrett then Kalisto somersaulted to hit the League of Nations. In the end, King Barrett’s Bull Hammer elbow proved victorious for the League of Nations.
The Wyatt Family vs Dolph Ziggler, Usos, and Dean Ambrose
The main event featured a huge eight man tag team. The Usos started off the contest targeting Luke Harper. Harper got revenge by beating up Jey with uppercuts then drop kicked and splashed him in the corner. The Usos later took flight and wiped out The Wyatt Family. Ambrose faced Rowan and overpowered him with a running bulldog and flying elbow. The Lunatic Fringe nailed a Dirty Deeds on Erick Rowan and won the match.
Ashley D’Hooge

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