WWE Recap 3/13/16 – 3/19/16…


The New Day (Xavier Woods and Big E) vs The League of Nations (Rusev and Alberto del Rio)
The New Day were fresh off a win at Roadblock and put their titles on the line again on Raw. The reigning champions broke the Bulgarian Brute with a Unicorn Stampede. del Rio stomped on Big E’s spine while Rusev had a near fall over Woods. Kofi provided a distraction to help Xavier get the pin.
Angry, The League of Nations went on a rampage and destroyed The New Day. King Barrett Bull Hammered Kofi, Sheamus Brogue Kicked Big E, and Rusev applied The Accolade to Woods. The League showboated over the corpses of the champs.
Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman
Heyman told Dean to stop provoking his client. He explained that Brock would pulverize The Lunatic Fringe and be opponent-less at WrestleMania. Paul left the arena but The Beast was more interested in Dean, who swiped at Lesnar with a crowbar.
Ryback vs Sin Cara with Kalisto
Sin Cara was headlocked then speared in the post. Ryback dodged a high flying splash but was later sent over the ropes and into the barricade by a wheel kick. Sin Cara was defenseless against Shell Shocked and lost to Ryback.
After, the Big Guy challenged Kalisto for the United States title at WrestleMania.
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon
Triple H lectured the audience about the powers of the authority. Dolph Ziggler interrupted and stated he was tired of listening to Triple H’s speech. Stephanie threatened to fire him last week over a Tweet but Ziggler refused to quit. Hunter hinted Dolph should join The Authority but The Show Off insulted his wife. Stephanie slapped him then proposed he could fight anyone he wanted at WrestleMania if he fought someone of her choice on Raw. Triple H was announced as his surprise opponent.
Sami Zayn vs The Miz
Sami delivered two clotheslines then dropped a crossbody on The Miz. Zayn flew with a Swanton Bomb outside of the ring then hit The Miz with a Helluva Kick for the win.
Brie Bella and Alicia Fox vs Team Bad
Brie executed a combination of Yes! kicks, a drop kick, then went Brie Mode followed by a Bella Buster off the top rope. Lana caused a distraction, which helped Tamina get the pinfall victory.
The Usos vs The Social Outcasts (Bo Dallas and Adam Rose)
The Social Outcasts did a pre-victory lap around the ring. Jimmy Uso easily picked up the victory with a Samoan Splash on Bo Dallas.
Dean Ambrose and Mick Foley
Foley visited the Ambrose Asylum and confessed he was tired of hearing about Suplex City. Mick wanted Dean to take The Beast to the deepest, darkest places of The Lunatic’s mind. Foley presented a gift to Ambrose, Cactus Jack’s barbed-wire baseball bat. Dean would be able to use this for his upcoming street fight with Lesnar.
Dolph Ziggler vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon
Ziggler showcased his athleticism with a leapfrog and a takedown on The Cerebral Assassin. Hunter overpowered The Show Off and threw him outside the ring for maximum punishment. Ziggler was whipped into the steel steps then The Game vertical suplexed him back into the ring. Hunter rested on the top rope to enjoy his destruction. Dolph countered a “flying nothing” from the Game when he bashed him on a high-risk maneuver. The Game fought back with a spinebuster and attempted his finishing move but instead took a superkick to the head. Dolph countered numerous Pedigree attempts but finally fell victim to The Game.
Roman Reigns returned to the WWE after facial surgery two weeks ago. As a token of revenge, Reigns attacked Triple H. He drove Hunter into the barricade, bashed The Game’s skull on the announce table, and shoved referee Charles Robinson. The brawl made its way to the technical area then to the back, where Reigns continued to dismantle the WWE Champion, whose face was busted open. The Uso’s, Mark Henry, and Jack Swagger tried to calm Roman down but he smashed a big screen TV off Triple H’s back.
Chris Jericho vs Neville
Neville suffered an injury and Chris rolled him up for a pin attempt. An argument ensued between Y2J and referee Charles Robinson that led to Jericho being disqualified.  
After the match, AJ Styles hit Chris with a flying forearm.
X-rays later showed the extent of Neville’s injury, a left ankle fracture after a baseball slide. He will be sidelined for a significant amount of time.
Vince McMahon/TheUndertaker/ShaneMcMahon
Mr. McMahon summoned The Deadman and insinuated The Undertaker didn’t mind getting his hands dirty doing the devil’s work.
Shane called out The Undertaker for being Vince’s puppet. The Deadman motioned an attack, but Shane was too quick and dodged out of the way. Vince pushed his son toward The Undertaker, who delivered a Chokeslam to Shane-O-Mac. After, Taker tried to slam Mr. McMahon but Vince slid out of the ring at the last second.
by Ashley D’Hooge


Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns wasted no time and kicked off SmackDown by reminding everyone how he savagely beat up Triple H to the point where he needed his head stapled. Roman’s message was simple: The Game better watch out because Reigns was out for Hunter’s blood.
AJ Styles interview
Kevin Owens interrupted and compared AJ Styles to Sami Zayn. Owens thought it would be funny if Styles and Zayn had a show on the WWE network where they held each other and cried. AJ compared KO to Chris Jericho. KO mentioned him and Y2J were also both Canadian. Then he insulted Renee Young by noticing she had the same haircut as Styles.
Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz
The Miz caught Dolph Ziggler in a dropkick attempt and catapulted him over the top rope. The A-Lister showed more aggression with a Double Axe Handle Slam then trapped Dolph in a figure-four leg lock. The Show Off crawled to the rope then hit The Miz with a superkick for the huge win.
In an interview with Michael Cole, Kalisto accepted Ryback’s challenge for a shot at the United States Championship at WrestleMania.
Bubba Ray Dudley with D-Von Dudley vs Goldust
Bubba Ray trash talked Goldust while D-Von provided a distraction with a table, ultimately setting up the win for Bubba. In a post-match attack, The Dudley’s ganged up on Goldust. R-Truth came to the rescue but was flattened by a Big Boot from Bubba. The Uso’s aided in scaring off the Baddest Tag Team on the Planet.
Charlotte with Ric Flair
Charlotte, The Divas Champion, appeared to apologize to her WrestleMania 32 opponents. She compared Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks to the Four Horsemen, praising them as “Horsewomen.” Shortly after, she laughed and announced they were not worthy to fight her, let alone measure up to the legendary Horsemen.
Banks declared she would win the title since she beat Charlotte in NXT for the Women’s Championship and had yet to lose a match in the WWE. Lynch took a jab at Banks when she expressed it took more than an ego and dollar store jewelry to become a boss.
A shoving match ensued then the rivals ganged up on Charlotte and kicked the champion out of the ring.
Kofi Kingston with The New Day vs King Barrett with The League of Nations
The New Day weren’t upset after losing to The League of Nations last Monday on Raw. They brought four bags of garbage to represent The League and theatrically kicked the garbage out of the ring.
During the match, Sheamus tried to distract Kingston. Kofi hit The Celtic Warrior with a superkick and easily won with a roll up pin over King Barrett.
The Social Outcasts
The Social Outcasts announced they would be competing in the third annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania.
Dean Ambrose quickly broke up their bickering and beat them up with a kendo stick. He addressed a rumor that Brock Lesnar would be at next week’s SmackDown and revealed he would be waiting for The Beast inside the ring.
Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles
Styles seemed to dominate the match, using his phenomenal forearm in several attacks. KO hit AJ with a superkick and Styles responded with a pele kick. The Phenominal One was about to attempt a high flying move but was distracted by Chris Jericho. Owens took advantage and won with a Big Boot and pop up-powerbomb.
Y2J nailed AJ with a codebreaker then chanted “AJ Styles” above his rivals mangled body.
by Ashley D’Hooge

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