The Real Roman Reigns…

May I have your attention please?
May I have your attention please?
Will the Real Roman Reigns please stand up?
I repeat, will the Real Roman Reigns please stand up?
One day he’s power-bombing foes through tables with The Shield. The next day he’s a super-human setting Royal Rumble records. Next thing you know he’s winking into the camera and telling fairy tales. Then all of a sudden he’s broing out with Dean Ambrose and figuring out who’s ordering the next round of beers.
Now Roman’s assaulting Triple H and the Authority at every attempt. Even if it means physically assaulting Vince McMahon or scaring Stephanie McMahon.
We all know Roman Reigns has long been the victim of the Authority, as have many other superstars. Has Roman’s vengeance gone too far?
In all fairness, in the past we’ve seen rebellious heroes successfully drive corrupt heels berserk through mayhem and sadism. Is Roman that kind of hero? Not so much, no.
Roman bloodied up The Game two weeks ago on Raw following a match with Dolph Ziggler. The attack was retaliation for H’s beatdown a few weeks earlier. The violence fit because of what Triple H had done, but the timing couldn’t have been more inappropriate. Roman, why didn’t you just interfere earlier in the match so you could help Ziggler win?
Roman’s surprise attack this past week on Raw took things to a whole ‘nother level of awkward. Triple H, who couldn’t participate in the evening’s activities due to “corporate obligations”, was seen driving out of the Wells Fargo Center in a SUV with Stephanie.
Just as the garage door was opening, Roman was unveiled, opportunistically waiting on their departure…wait a second. Let’s backtrack.
Stephanie opened this week’s Raw with a promo, calling out Roman Reigns and praising HHH in the process. Roman interrupted and countered her words. Without foreshadowing of any kind, nearly two hours later Roman ambushed Triple H in his SUV. How could this transpire in kayfabe?
Was Roman stalking Triple H and Stephanie in their locker room? Was he waiting by the garage all night? Did he hack into Triple H’s Outlook account and scout his calendar for the night? How did he know it was Triple H and Stephanie in that SUV? It could have been anybody. Was he just ambushing every car leaving the arena? Why didn’t the SUV driver do a better job of evading Roman? He could have reversed the truck and exited elsewhere. Why didn’t the driver lock the SUV doors? Was this an inside job? Was the driver in on it with Roman?
I can’t lie. On Monday night I was waiting for a big reveal during this segment. Before Roman was unveiled behind the garage, I was expecting the camera to pan up to the driver’s seat to reveal Roman wearing a driving cap and a big smile on his face. That would have been much better that what actually happened.
I digress. In reality, somehow, someway, Roman ambushed the SUV at just the right time. He got in the truck and beat Triple H for a bit before H was able to miraculously escape and venture back into the SUV for safety.
Roman came off looking like a psycho. He was an awkward combination of Brandon Lee in The Crow and Robert De Niro in Cape Fear.
Over the last few years WWE has tried to book Roman Reigns as a PG-version of Stone Cold, The Rock, and John Cena. Depending on the week, he takes on a much-worse rehash of these personas.
Roman’s beatdown two weeks ago during the Triple H-Dolph Ziggler match at least sort of made sense because it was Roman’s first appearance in weeks and he was exacting revenge. This week’s beatdown on Raw just came off as creepy and heelish.
WWE is branding Roman Reigns as a hero to kids. If they want to continue with that, Roman can’t continue with the same type of attack he displayed on Monday Night Raw. Roman can’t continue to be given special one-of-a-kind treatment with his character either. Nobody gets to bend the rules of kayfabe face more than this guy.
Mature, seasoned fans can’t get behind Roman because there’s no consistency in his character. He’s always playing a face, but always to a different extent. He can’t be the PG-guy one week and the violent pseudo-anti-hero the next.
There’s only one thing Roman can do from here: turn heel.
by: Kevin D’Hooge

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