Kalisto vs. Ryback
Ryback used his size as an advantage, manhandling Kalisto with a gorilla press slam. The Big Guy dominated but met his demise when he was outsmarted. The Luchador removed padding from the turnbuckle, which Ryback hit head first. The reigning United States Champion took advantage and delivered a Salida del Sol for the win.
Total Divas vs. Team B.A.D and Blonde
Team Total Divas took control early on when Alicia Fox hit Summer Rae with devastating forearm blows. Emma flipped momentum towards team B.A.D and Blonde when she trapped Natalya in team B.A.D’s corner. Naomi pummeled The Queen of Harts with a series of kicks. Natalya recovered and retaliated with a Hart Attack, paying homage to her father, Jim Neidhart and her uncle Bret Hart. Lana made her in-ring debut and knocked out Paige with a roundhouse kick. Brie Bella sealed the victory for Team Total Divas with a Yes! Lock on Naomi and later celebrated with her sister, Nikki Bella.
WWE reintroduced the Women’s Championship and retired the Divas Championship
Lita introduced the redesigned Women’s Championship belt, officially marking the retirement of the Divas Championship. This is a huge achievement for women’s wrestling. The new belt was modeled after the men’s Heavyweight Championship title and is red instead of pink. Female wrestlers will also be addressed as Superstars like the men instead of Divas. WWE is finally recognizing the women’s division in a proper way.
The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz
During The Dudley Boyz dominance, they reminded The Usos of how they used to beat up their father, Rikishi. Jey later overpowered with a superkick to D-Von for the win. The Dudley Boyz were left in a heap of splintered wood after being Samoan splashed through a pair of tables.
Zack Ryder vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Stardust vs. The Miz vs. Sin Cara
In the previous weeks, Owens played mind games and disrespected his opponents, often referring to the Show of Shows as KOMania. No one held back as soon as the men appeared on the big stage. Sami Zayn immediately went to work on KO and Dolph Ziggler sitout facebusted Zack Ryder. Eventually Stardust knocked everyone over with a ladder.
Amidst the chaos, Owens found ways to keep control. He pushed Sin Cara out of the ring onto a ladder, breaking the ladder in half and crushing Stardust in the process. The Miz ruined an almost surefire Sami Zayn win. He shoved Zayn off the ladder but Ryder quickly took Zayn’s spot and knocked down The Miz. With no other challengers in the way, Ryder stole the belt, sealing his victory as the new Intercontinental Champion. His father joined him in the ring to celebrate.
Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles
Jericho was clotheslined out of the ring and proceeded to throw a fit, leaving a trail of destruction in his path. Y2J later found momentum and went for an early yet disrespectful cover. Then, Chris attempted a second Walls of Jericho but AJ was able to reverse it for a calf crusher. Jericho elbowed Styles to escape and delivered a Codebreaker. AJ responded with two Styles Clash pursuits but Jericho was able to kick out. In the end, Y2J prevailed with a Codebreaker to defeat AJ.
The New Day vs. The League of Nations with King Barrett
The New Day emerged from an enormous Booty O’s cereal box dressed in Dragon Ball Z attire. The reigning tag team champions punished Sheamus with a unicorn stampede. Big E flew through the ropes to spear The League of Nations. Despite the champs mostly in control, King Barrett was pivotal for The League’s victory. With a cheap shot, he set up Sheamus for the Brogue Kick in the non-title match upset.
The League celebrated while King Barrett boasted that no three men in the world could go toe to toe with them. What a mistake! Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, and Stone Cold emerged.
Each Hall of Famer performed his finishing move on The League of Nations.
Thankful for the assistance, The New Day tried dancing with the Hall of Famers but they weren’t having it. Stone Cold struck first with a Stone Cold Stunner on Xavier Woods then chugged beer with Foley and Michaels.
Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose
The Lunatic Fringe tried to equalize the bout striking The Beast with a kendo stick. Lesnar responded with 9 suplexes. Dean responded with a low blow. Later, the unstable maniac flew through the ropes to spear Brock. With a chainsaw in hand, he was ready to dismember The Beast. Ambrose wasn’t able to start up the weapon so Lesnar took advantage with a suplex off the top rope. Haphazardly, The Lunatic Fringe threw chairs into the ring but with no clear plan. Bam! The Beast delivered his twelfth suplex. Ambrose fought back with a Dirty Deeds but met his demise with unlucky suplex #13 and a second F5.
Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte with Ric Flair
Snoop Dogg accompanied Sasha Banks to the ring. She was rocking Eddie Guerrero inspired attire. This was a pivotal match happening on the grandest of stages. It marked the end of the Divas Championship and the reintroduction of the Women’s Championship title. Becky went to work on Charlotte with multiple arm drags and DDT’s. Banks caught Lynch and Charlotte off guard with a frog splash, paying homage to the late Eddie Guerrero. The Boss even taunted her opponents Latino Heat style.
Ric Flair kept interfering so the Lass Kicker flew off the top rope to take out The Nature Boy. Sasha strategically pushed him so he would get hit. Charlotte impressed with a Moonsault to eliminate both her challengers. Charlotte eventually won the Women’s Championship when Becky tapped out of a Figure-Eight. Ric Flair infamously interfered by restraining Banks outside of the ring.
Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker
The Undertaker dominated with Snake Eyes and a running big boot. Shane recovered to capture The Deadman in a triangle submission. The Undertaker escaped and chokeslammed Shane-O-Mac on the steel steps.
Shane threw a trash can into the ring and flew coast to coast to pummel The Undertaker. With The Deadman temporarily unconscious, Shane-O-Mac used a bolt cutter to try and escape from the Hell in a Cell. The Phenom awoke and tackled Shane, busting open the cage. The Undertaker was about to tombstone Shane but the spunky Boy Wonder trapped The Phenom in a sleeper hold. The Deadman sacrificed his own body and jumped through the announce table to escape the hold.
The Boy Wonder smashed a toolbox on The Phenom, causing him to become unconscious. With his opponent on the announce table, Shane climbed the 20 foot cage and stunned the WWE Universe with a dangerous elbow drop. The Undertaker rolled away just in time to avoid being hit. Even more amazing, Shane kept motioning for The Deadman to fight him. The Phenom carried Shane back into the ring where he delivered a tombstone piledriver to seal Shane’s fate. Medics arrived at the scene and carried Shane away in a stretcher.
Andre the Giant Battle Royal
The WWE Universe was stunned with Hall of Fame contestants Diamond Dallas Page and Tatanka. Even more surprising was when NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal confronted The Big Show. Eventually, the superstars split in half to eliminate both Shaq and The Big Show. The Social Outcasts dominated but one by one, they were eliminated as well. NXT’s Baron Corbin eliminated Kane for a career defining moment and won the Battle Royal.
The Rock and John Cena vs. The Wyatt Family
The Rock made a grand entrance with a flamethrower and was introduced by the Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleaders. The People’s Champ announced that Dallas broke the record for the biggest WrestleMania attendance with 101,763 people.
The Wyatt Family interrupted but The Great One delivered a record breaking win in 6 seconds with the Rock Bottom to Erick Rowan. The rest of the family surrounded him but John Cena ran out to assist. Rocky destroyed Bray with a spinebuster and People’s Elbow.
Triple H with Stephanie McMahon vs. Roman Reigns
Stephanie reminded the WWE Universe that after tonight, all hope would be gone. During the match, Roman mocked Triple H with the crotch chop, D-Generation X’s famous “suck it” slogan. Infuriated, Stephanie distracted the ref, which allowed Hunter to deliver a low blow to Reigns.
The Game continued the assault with an inverted atomic drop and a spinebuster. Roman retaliated by slamming Triple H into the steel steps and speared The Game right through the barricade. Hunter attempted a pedigree but Reigns launched him out of the ring. Triple H crawled back into the ring joined by Stephanie. Roman speared Stephanie, which was intended for Hunter. Fully recovered, Stephanie handed her husband a sledgehammer. It was a smart move on Hunter’s part. If the match was disqualified, he would still retain the title.
Roman dodged the sledgehammer and knocked out The Game with two Superman punches and a spear to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


by Ashley D’Hooge

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