The IC Title Is Awesome…

Wrestlemania season is in the books. #ManiaAfterRaw has concluded. New storylines are pushing forward in WWE. With all that has happened over the last week there is one storyline I can’t get out of my head:
It’s not WWE sticking with Roman Reigns as the baby face champ. It’s not Vince McMahon remaining in power. It’s not the potential of Shane McMahon installing a brand split. It’s not AJ Styles emerging as the #1 contender for the WWE WHC. It’s also not the influx of NXT talent on the main roster.
The thing I’m most excited about is a 10 year veteran and former WWE WHC taking center stage in the Intercontinental Title realm. AWESOME!
That’s right The Miz is the man again. He likes to present himself as the center of attention, but over the last few years he’s been vacant from the spotlight of meaningful in-ring action.
The Miz is arguably the top heel in WWE. There’s probably nobody who relishes boos more than him. The Miz is on top of the world right now. His climb to capturing the IC title has been masterful to say the least.
WWE’s booking team boldly decided to go with Zack Ryder as the winner of the Intercontinental Title Ladder match at Wrestlemania. Ryder, who has long been on the losing end of countless matches, finally got his Wrestlemania moment. To the delight of the 100,000+ fans at AT&T Stadium on Sunday night, Ryder surprisingly won the match and got to celebrate with his father.
WWE is at its best when the company toys with the emotions of the WWE Universe. WWE knows very well the crowd wanted to see Ryder do well. They fully know that Ryder has taken a back seat to other talent. They also knew that nobody in their right mind would expect Long Island Iced Z, of all people, to climb the ladder and secure the IC title. This was a joyous occasion that gave fans hope.
That all turned upside down on #RawAfterMania. Ryder defended his new belt against The Miz. After a grueling back and forth contest, it would ultimately be familial outside interference that was the deciding factor.
Miz got into it with Ryder’s father, who was sitting ringside. Mr. Ryder struck back with a smack across Miz’s face. Out of nowhere, Miz’s wife and former Divas Womens Champion Marysse Ouellet came to the defense of her husband. She got into a skirmish with Mr. Ryder and had to be removed by security (!).
As a result of the distraction, Miz nailed a Skull Crushing Finale and won the IC Title from Ryder.
In the span of 24 hours WWE did a lot. They inspired hope in Zack Ryder. They created genuine emotion in his unsuspecting rise to the top. In a split second they took that all away. The Miz struck like a snake and used all the tools at his exposal to rip the inspiration and life out of the WWE Universe.
It was a risky move, but I think it’s the exclamation point that will once and for all breathe life back into the IC Title.
The Miz is a bona-fide movie star. He has charisma to spare. He’s a master at crowd work. He’s also developed into one of the premiere in-ring workers the company has to offer.
Good googly moogly! How have we gotten this far without talking about the return of Maryse! She automatically makes all Miz segments must-see from here on out. With that being said, like The Miz, she is also a master of crowd work. She is extremely skilled at generating heat (literally AND figuratively).
Miz and Maryse can be the next top power couple in WWE. I genuinely hope this push is not a tease. I’d like to see The Miz climb to the very top once again.
For what it’s worth, Miz defeated Zack Ryder on SmackDown last night in a rematch for the IC Title. Let’s hope this is not the last we see of Zack, who deserves a push of his own.
Miz has put in plenty of hard work over the years. Although it may look like an oxymoron, it’s nice to see an A-lister get a chance for once.
by: Kevin D’Hooge

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