Head Over Heels Recap…

Beyond Wrestling presented #HeadOverHeels live on Sunday April 24th to a sold out crowd at Arts at the Armory in Somerville, MA.
Brian Fury vs. Drew Gulak:
Fury and Gulak got the festivities started with a technical chess match. Gulak initially took control of the bout with calculated grappling. He grounded Fury. Brian later used a desperation atomic drop to edge back into the match.
Fury reversed the brutality by utilizing knife edge chops and devastating boots to Gulak’s ribs along the turnbuckle. Firebrand Brian Fury emerged victorious in this barnburner with a Boston Crab submission.
Eric Spicely and Chuck O’Neil vs. Cam-An Connection (Cam Zagami and Anthony Green):
Mixed Martial Arts specialists Spicely and O’Neil took on the Cam-An Connection (Zagami and Green) in an entertaining clash. O’Neil started things off with a belly to belly suplex to Green. Once Green tagged in Zagami, Cam-An was able to take over.
Just as Zagami and Green were teaming up on a double suplex on O’Neil, Spicely thwarted the attack. Spicely caught his partner mid-suplex. The MMA duo simultaneously dropkicked Cam-An. Spicely and O’Neil were then able to win via submission.
Da Hoodz (Kris Pyro and Davey Cash) vs. Dave Cole and Anthony Stone:
In a heated contest Da Hoodz teamed up to take on Cole and Stone. Da Hoodz opened with a furious pace. They focused on isolating Stone. Anthony Stone finally turned the tables when he managed to counter a double suplex attempt by Da Hoodz into a Tornado DDT.
Cole received the hot tag and suplexed Da Hoodz across the ring. Cole and Stone teamed on a Coast to Coast missile dropkick from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, but it resulted in a 2 count. Da Hoodz in turn delivered a double team tombstone piledriver, but the count was broken up before the referee could count to 3. Cole and Stone won the match with a powerbomb.
John Silver vs. Tommaso Ciampa:
John Silver showed off his strength early with powerful shoulder tackles. He was taking Ciampa down at will. With the referee distracted, Ciampa used a perfectly-timed eye poke to get back in the match.
Silver spiraled back into control with elbow strikes and a gorilla press along the ropes.  After surviving lethal kicks and knees to the head, Silver hung on for a thrilling conclusion. He double stomped Ciampa’s back while he was dangling on the ropes. Ciampa miraculously performed a Project Ciampa, but Silver somehow kicked out at 2. Silver closed out the battle with an Inverted Backcracker.
Shynron vs. Chuck Taylor:
The Dragon Shynron was scheduled to face Lio Rush, but Rush was unable to compete due to an injury. Taylor answered the call much to the fans’ delight. In a dazzling back and forth battle, Shynron and Taylor pulled out all the stunts.
Shynron impressed with his one of a kind offense. He performed electric hurricanranas, all kinds of flips, and perhaps some aerial maneuvers he invented on the spot. Taylor had no choice but to try to ground Shynron. He nearly stole the match with an overhead belly to belly suplex into the turnbuckle.
The match came down to the wire as Taylor went for a face buster off his knee. Shynron reversed out of the maneuver and pinned Taylor for the 3 count.
Crusade For Change (Darius Carter, TJ Marconi, Anthony Gangone, Tommy Trainwreck and Devin Blaze) vs. Milk Chocolate (Randy Summers and Brandon Watts), Massage NV (Dorian Graves and VSK) and Johnny Cockstrong:
Suprise surprise! What was supposed to be a tag team match with Milk Chocolate vs. Massage NV became a 10 man tag team match when the Crusade For Change made a special appearance. Since they weren’t booked for a match they decided to create one.
The 10 men did battle in a sprawling, out of control bout. Massage NV, Milk Chocolate and Cockstrong took advantage early by swarming the 6’6” TJ Marconi. Things got taken to another level once both teams started taking high-risk aerial maneuvers outside the ring. Brandon Watts took to the top rope and leapt onto multiple members of the Crusade. Watts was injured in the process. Following the injury, EMT’s rushed to the scene to consult Watts. He was taken to the hospital with what was diagnosed as a possible neck injury. Check Beyond Wrestling’s social media pages for further updates.
In the meantime, the Crusade were able to isolate Johnny Cockstrong. Marconi held him in place as each member of the Crusade landed a signature move on him. Darius Carter finished the match with a Foreclosure and 3 count. The winning streak continues for the Crusade For Change as they presented their case for the most dominant faction in wrestling.
 Matthew Riddle vs. Sugar Dunkerton:
Riddle and Dunkerton met in a hard-hitting contest. Suge D entered the ring decked out in Prince gear in honor of the late, great rock legend. Dunkerton chose to match Riddle at his game: combat. Riddle, a former UFC fighter came prepared for everything in Dunkerton’s arsenal. Despite a valiant effort from Suge D, Riddle won the match with a springboard flying knee.
Team Pazuzu (Jaka, Mike Draztik, and Angel Ortiz) vs. The Colony:
Pazuzu looked impressive in this fast-paced battle. Bodies were flying all over the place. Ortiz wowed with a leg scissors. All of Pazuzu took to the air at one point by delivering suicide dives and Swanton Bombs outside the ring to The Colony.
Pazuzu showed off their power on a 40 second delayed suplex.  Draztik and Ortiz (EYFBO) showed off their tag team prowess with a tilt-a-whirl slam, leg drop combination. Jaka won the match for Pazuzu with a thunderous kick and pinfall to The Colony’s Fire Ant.
Ryan Galeone and Veda Scott vs. Jonathan Gresham and Jordynne Grace:
Galeone showed his power off early with a single arm slam on Gresham. He followed this by slamming Veda on Gresham for additional damage.
Gresham later took control and had Galeone grounded. He attempted a Shooting Star Press, but Galeone blocked it with his knees. Galeone couldn’t avoid a Samoan Drop by Jordynne Grace though. Gresham attempted another beautiful Shooting Star Press and landed it this time for the win.
Colt Cobana vs. Kimber Lee:
Cobana initiated the match awkwardly. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to strike or kiss his opponent ! Kimber Lee held her composure by delivering a Hurricanrana, German Suplex and a suicide dive. Kim won with an Alligator Clutch.
Da Hit Squad (Danny Maff and Steve Mack) vs. Death By Elbow (Chris Hero and JT Dunn):
Death By Elbow initiated the match by double teaming Mack in their corner. Hero and Dunn delivered death by elbow to Maff afterward and Hero added insult to injury by German Suplexing him.
Danny Maff would get the last laugh as he unleashed a top rope Hurricanrana to Hero. In a resulting frenzy each competitor landed countless signature moves. Steve Mack finally secured a pin for the win.
Of note, following the match Joey Janela made his presence known ringside, staring down his nemesis JT Dunn. All of a sudden David Starr entered the picture. Starr and Janela engaged in a violent brawl across Arts at the Armory. They had to be separated by officials in the back locker room. It will be interesting to see if Janela and Starr get to battle in the ring.
Donovan Dijak vs.  Chris Dickinson:
Americanrana came early as Dijak and Dickinson collided in a match that had been building for months. The men fought viciously across the venue. They spectacularly traded on super kicks outside the ring.
Back in the ring, Dickson amazingly countered a Feast Your Eyes attempt by Dijak into a Texas Clover Leaf. However, Dickinson wasn’t able to escape the next Feast Your Eyes attempt. To everyone’s surprise, Chris Dickinson managed to kick out of Dijak’s finisher.
Without a moment’s notice JT Dunn entered the ring. He knocked out the referee and Donovan Dijak. Chris Hero accompanied his Death By Elbow teammate. They next took out Dickinson. Jonathan Gresham attempted a last minute rescue, but he too was taken down by Death By Elbow.
Jordynne Grace ran out to the ring to retaliate the damage done to Gresham. Kimber Lee joined her. Death By Elbow escaped their attack at the last second, causing Lee and Grace to inadvertently strike each other.
Dunn and Hero were the last ones standing. Can anyone take them down?
Make sure to follow Beyond Wrestling on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their next live event will be #Gigantic at Aurora in Providence, RI on May 29,2016.
by: Kevin D’Hooge



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