C5 and Gigantic Recap…

Beyond Wrestling presented not 1 but 2 live shows at Aurora in Providence Rhode Island on May 29, 2016.


Da Hoodz vs. Dave Cole and Anthony Stone #C5

These two teams started the day’s activities fast and furiously in a No Disqualification Tornado Tag Match that set the bar high for the rest of the night. Da Hoodz used various weapons to their advantage: a kendo stick, steel chair and of course their most beneficial one, a baseball bat. Da Hoodz won with their highlight reel finisher: Ain’t Nothin’ but a G Thang.

Brian Fury vs. Chuck O’Neil #C5

Fury and O’Neil nearly wrestled to a standstill. They showed off their wrestling prowess with numerous grappling tactics, intricate holds, and bone-shattering strikes and chops.
Fury looked to have the match all but wrapped up. He had O’Neil tightly tightly gripped in his vintage Boston Crab. O’Neil held on for dear life and managed to reverse out of the submission into one of his own. O’Neil won via tapout. A huge win over a talent like Fury will bode well for O’Neil moving forward.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Matthew Riddle #C5

LuFisto vs. Jordynne Grace #C5

This was a hard-hitting showdown that really got the crowd pumped up. Both Jordynne and LuFisto brought 110% to this match!

Tracy Williams vs. Sugar “Suge D” Dunkerton #C5

Suge D was slow getting up following the match. Some fans chanted “One More Time” following the match, egging Williams to deliver another piledriver to Suge D. Williams did not. Nonetheless, Suge D addressed the audience afterward and questioned why they would chant that. He felt the crowd turned their back on him. Dunkerton left the ring in a rage. How will this change in character affect Suge D moving forward?

David Starr vs. Joey Janela #C5

This was a showstealer to say the least. Both guys looked strong and will surely have classic rematches down the road. People were still talking about the car incident at the end of the night!

Crusade For Change (Darius Carter, TJ Marconi, Tommy Trainwreck, Devin Blaze, Anthony Gangone) vs. Team NYWC (Anthony Nese, Randy Summers, Stockade, Rex Lawless, Blake Morris) #C5

Despite the added incentive of winning one for Brandon Watts, who was injured at an event last month, Team NYWC could not stop the impeccable force that is the Crusade for Change. This time around the Crusade made Watts watch as each member of the Crusade nailed a signature move on his partner, Randy Summers. Darius Carter won it with the Foreclosure. Nonetheless, it was nice to see Brandon Watts in good shape and good spirits following his surgery.


AR Fox vs Jaka #Gigantic

Johnny Cockstrong vs. Space Monkey #Gigantic

Apologies to Johnny Cockstrong. The correct move names are: Go2Cock and Head in Tights Piledriver!

Alexxis vs. Veda Scott #Gigantic

Da Hit Squad vs. TDT (Tabernak De Team) #Gigantic

*It’s ..and it did get messy. I believe a massive hole got put in a wall during this sequence. 

Great stuff in this one: Maff suplexed both members of TDT simultaneously. Steve Mack connected on a suicide dive and Maff won it with the Burning Hammer.

Chris Seaton vs. Sonya Strong vs. Ken Broadway vs. Marq Quen #Gigantic

This was a great House of Glory showcase! HOG and Beyond Wrestling will collaborate on June 17 in Jamaica, NY. 

Pinkie Sanchez vs. Homicide #Gigantic

EYFBO (Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik) vs. Monster Mafia (Ethan Paige and Josh Alexander) #Gigantic

This was another candidate for showstopper of the night. The crowd was fully invested in this one. The acoustics were literally through the roof!

Donovan Dijak vs. Keith Lee #Gigantic

This match was as good as it gets. To see these huge men move around the ring like cruiserweight’s was a real treat to see. Hoping to see more Keith Lee in Beyond Wrestling, he is phenomenal! Already a match of the year candidate for 2016 in my opinion!

JT Dunn vs. Jeff Cobb #Gigantic

Dunn shot himself in the foot here. He had the advantage by the end of the match, but elected to argue with the referee. This distraction allowed Cobb to nail his finisher at the perfect moment.

Chris Dickinson vs. “Big” Damo O’Connor #Gigantic

It’s official: Donovan Dijak and Chris Dickinson will team against JT Dunn and Chris Hero next month. The event is titled “Ripped Off In the Prime of Life”. It will be held Arts at the Armory in Somerville, MA on June 26, 2016. Buy your tickets HERE!

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