Money in the Bank Quick Hits…

In my opinion, Money in the Bank was lukewarm. A few matches surprisingly exceeded expectations while others did not. Here are some quick thoughts on the event:
  • The New Day defeats The Club, Enzo and Big Cass and The Vaudevillains: I like multi-team tag team matches on PPV’s especially when they open the show. They are always a surefire way to ignite the crowd. Tornado tag team matches are obviously the best, but the format of limiting two men in the ring and allowing any of the other teams to tag in at any point adds a great level of strategy. Per usual, Big E landed one of my all-time favorite moves: the big spear through the middle rope to an unsuspecting opponent. Big Cass dazzled with a big boot over the tope rope and fell to the outside in the process. He’ll have to remember that one for the Royal Rumble. The action was out of control, anybody could have won it, but The New Day retained with the Midnight Hour. I’m not so sure if the legal man was pinned at the end however… Grade: 8/10
  • Baron Corbin defeats Dolph Ziggler: One-half of my prediction was correct here; Corbin won the match. Now I need my second prediction to come true: please let this be the last match of the feud. This match just felt awkward. Corbin was in the monster role and Ziggler was the resilient underdog. Wait, what!? Dolph, the two-time former Heavyweight Champion, was the guy taking the beating for the most part here? I wasn’t a fan of the booking and I think Corbin will suffer as a result. I’m usually not a fan of squash matches, but they would at least establish Corbin with credibility on the main roster for unsuspecting fans. He won squash matches all the time in NXT and the fans hated him for it. For better or worse, at least they gave him plenty of heat. Cheap or not, it was an emotion. The only emotion this bout drew from the Las Vegas crowd was boredom. This could’ve been a better match if it was more of a 50/50 affair. Grade: 3/10
  • Charlotte and Dana Brooke defeat Becky Lynch and Natalya: I watched MITB on a delay, so this match happened to coincide with the last 2 minutes of the NBA Finals. So yeah. Go Cleveland! I’m quite pumped about Lebron James and the rest of the Cavs picking up a well-deserved Championship. I did catch a good part of this match. It just felt like an afterthought with verylittle implications. I thought Becky did well. A double missile-dropkick to Charlotte and Dana was particularly impressive. I was shocked to see the heels go over. A win was needed for Charlotte here though, as she has been losing frequently on television, including last Monday to Paige. Grade: N/A
  • Apollo Crews defeats Sheamus: Whad’ya Know? Apollo walked away with a big W. There were a lot of cool moves delivered here. In particular, Crews landed a springboard moonsault outside the ring and Sheamus nailed White Noise off the top rope. I feel like these two could put on a great match if they received a featured time slot. The lucky roll-up pin was used by Apollo here. I’m not a fan of wins like this, but at least Sheamus still comes out looking strong. Grade: 4/10
  • John Cena vs. AJ Styles: I just wasn’t a huge fan of this match. I don’t think their styles matched well here. Maybe my expectations were too high. I think these two were more concerned with the theatrics, the height of the moment, and with trying to outstrike each other. I suppose it wasn’t the dramatic, technical masterpiece (think of any Cena-Owens or Cena-Rollins match) I was hoping for. The ending, which included a few ref bumps and The Club ultimately helping AJ win, didn’t help matters either. I guess seeing both Cena and Reigns lose clean in one night would have been too much to ask for. Hopefully Cena-Styles II is better. Grade: 6/10
  • Dean Ambrose defeats Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and Sami Zayn in the Money in the Bank match: Best match of the night in my opinion. You have 6 of your top competitors laying it all on the line for a life-changing brief case. All kinds of crazy spots were pulled for this one. My favorites were Alberto Del Rio double foot stomping Cesaro on a ladder and Sami Zayn Michinoku Driving Kevin Owens spine- first on the narrow end of a ladder. I was bummed that Kevin Owens didn’t win, but it was still a great match that was unpredictable until the very end. Dean Ambrose definitely deserved the win. Grade: 9/10
  • Rusev defeats Titus O’Neil: It was just a fact of life that Rusev would win this match. Which is why I took this time to use the restroom, get some snacks and fast forward to the main event. I’m sure these two put on a 5 star classic, but I’ll probably never know. From what I heard, Rusev looked quite dominant. WWE just needs to make his feuds feel important and competitive again, like it did in his 2014-2015 US Title reign. Grade: N/A
  • Seth Rollins defeats Roman Reigns *Dean Ambrose cashed in Money in the Bank on Rollins after the match and was victorious: Rollins-Reigns was an awesome match. What a return to form by Rollins! He looked as great as ever. My favorite moment was when he successfully landed the very move that tore his ACL: a somersaulting corner-to-corner turnbuckle powerbomb. The Architect pulled out some other favorites including Slingblade, a Frog Splash, a top rope high knee, and Falcon’s Arrow. Rollins didn’t miss a beat. Roman looked awesome as well. His Last Ride/Razor’s Edge power bomb was magnificent. Both guys deserve credit for putting on an awesome main event and a really impressive spot late in the match; a Spear from Reigns countered into a Pedigree by Rollins. Reigns took the clean loss, something that hasn’t happened in singles competition for him since his NXT days. I wasn’t expecting the Ambrose cash in and apparently neither was Rollins. I wanted Rollins to hold onto the belt, but at least Ambrose won in amusing fashion. His music hit during Rollins’ celebration, but Dean was nowhere to be seen. He snuck into the back of the ring, smashed Rollins over the head with the brief case and cashed it in to the delight of all in attendance in Las Vegas. Grade: 9/10
 by: Kevin D’Hooge



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