It’s Bayley…

Just the other night I had NXT casually on. I was intermittently watching it.
All of a sudden halfway through, my attention was caught when I saw a familiar face on the screen: Deonna Purrazzo. Deonna is one of the premier women’s wrestlers on the independent scene. She is quickly climbing the ladder and has made numerous appearances with NXT.
As she entered the ring I anxiously awaited to see who she would be facing. To my surprise I heard the all too proverbial entrance music. It was Bayley.
The former NXT Women’s Champion has sparsely been seen on television ever since she lost her Championship to Asuka at NXT TakeOver Dallas in April.
Bayley’s most recent match saw her being physically demolished by the powerful Nia Jax. How would Bayley respond in her first televised match since the showdown with Jax in May?
Bayley and Deonna opened the match with expert chain wrestling. Each move was met with a counter. The two competitors alternated on headlocks, hip toss attempts and sneaky pins.
Clearly both superstars came to this match fully-prepared and having done their homework.
The story I gathered from this match was that of the new generation learning from the previous one. Bayley is arguably the most influential woman NXT has ever featured. She has a unique relationship with the audience that can hardly be replicated.
Bayley has been a dominant force in NXT for a while. Deonna is coming from a new generation. One that studied and learned from Bayley. Not only that, but also a generation that has learned how to prepare for Bayley.
Bayley would take advantage after the opening stalemate when she returned to the moves that helped her get to the top of NXT: a swinging neck breaker along the ropes and a spear into the turnbuckle. Bayley would however attempt one move too many.
Bayley went for an elbow strike in the corner, but Deonna dodged it and landed a clothesline.
Just like that Deonna got the upper hand and it was appearing that she wouldn’t let go. She couldn’t seize this opportunity.
It looked like Bayley was on the ropes. Purrazzo was looking as strong as ever. Kick to the gut. Knee to the face. Side Russian leg sweep. Pin. 2 count.
Was this it? Was Deonna Purrazzo going to pull off the biggest win of her career? Was this it for Bayley? Would this be her 3rd straight loss on NXT television? Is she still feeling the after effects of losing to Asuka and Jax?
Elbow strike. Snap mare takedown. Big boot to the face of a downed Bayley. 2 count. Closer to 3 this time though.
Was the end near for the formerly decorated Champion Bayley? What would Deonna have to do in order to finish her?
A-ha! Deonna smashed Bayley’s head off the turnbuckle. But wait, what’s that? There’s a fire in Bayley’s eye. Boom! Deonna smashes Bayley’s head off the turnbuckle again.
This time Bayley’s shaking her head. She wouldn’t go down like this. One more turnbuckle collision was enough. Bayley screamed “No!”
She stunned Deonna Purrazzo with elevated boots. Then Bayley knocked her down with a back elbow off the top rope. She sealed the victory with the move that won her the NXT Women’s Championship: Bayley to Belly.
Bayley shook off ring rust and a knee that was tortured by Nia Jax. She used her Championship mentality to dig deep, find another breath and defeat an eager new challenger.
It’s unclear what is next for Bayley, but the sky’s the limit.
We do know this: Bayley has officially made it because in the span of a 3 minute match she told a story that will linger far after it’s over.
by: Kevin D’Hooge

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