Ripped Off In The Prime Of Life Recap…

Beyond Wrestling held Ripped Off In the Prime of Life live on Sunday June 26.
Chuck O’Neil vs. Matthew Riddle (Steel Cage Match):
Riddle and O’Neil kicked things off with a MMA rules steel cage match. Riddle dominated Round 1 with takedowns against the cage, ground and pound and suplexes.
In Round 2 Riddle looked noticeably tired after throwing all the strikes he did in Round 1. O’Neil took him down with strikes and delivered ground and pound of his own. Riddle grabbed onto the arm of O’Neil and slammed him to the ground. He immediately took his back and landed several shots.
Riddle immediately took the fight to the ground in Round 3 and went for an armbar. O’Neil stayed composed, slammed Riddle off the cage, and slammed him into the ground. This wasn’t enough and the positioning allowed Riddle to lock in a Leg Triangle choke for the tapout victory.
Dave Cole vs. Anthony Stone:
A rivalry was reborn when these two former tag team partners went one on one. The action was all over the place. The fight took to the ground numerous times and there were even decisive top rope maneuvers delivered by both men outside the ring. Cole secured the win with a submission finish.
Sugar “Suge D” Dunkerton vs. Brian Fury:
Fury initiated the bout with chain wrestling, taking hold of Suge’s arm. Fury next brought the battle to the ground. Fury focused on the lower leg of Suge D.
In a memorable sequence, both men countered on elbows and forearms to the face. Suge D took momentum when he delivered a series of elbows in the corner. He ducked a desperation attack by Fury and floored him with a clothesline.
Fury gained a second wind and hit Suge D with a knee to the body followed by an Enziguri. Fury secured a headlock, but Suge D used a variation of a stunner to get out of it. Suge D bounced off the ropes and attempted flying knees, but Fury caught him mid-air and gave him a popup powerbomb. Suge D kicked out at 2. However, Fury later locked in a Boston Crab for the submission win.
Team House of Glory (Private Party, Smiley, Ken Broadway, Sonya Strong) vs. Crusade For Change (Darius Carter, TJ Marconi, Devin Blaze, Tommy Trainwreck, Anthony Gangone):
In a massive 10 person tag team match some of the best Beyond Wrestling and House of Glory have to offer went to battle.
The Crusade’s Minute Men (Tommy Trainwreck and Devin Blaze) got things started with a variety of moves from their tag team bag of tricks.
When HOG’s Smiley attempted a top rope move, TJ Marconi caught him in mid-air and side slammed him to the mat with authority. Sonya Strong changed the momentum for Team HOG by avoiding Marconi’s offense and by hitting him with body kicks.
The match went back and forth: Smiley wowed with a suplex/back flip combo. Anthony Gangone in turn landed a neckbreaker slam on his knee. Darius Carter cleared house with devastating strikes. Team HOG Wrestling connected on a triple somersault-plancha outside the ring.
TJ Marconi won it for The Crusade For Change with Skynet: a series of powerbombs in which members of HOG were powerbombed onto one another. Nobody can defeat The Crusade For Change as they remain undefeated in 2016. Who will be their next victims at “Flesh”? Beware of THE BEST. There is a reason why they are the featured image of this article.
John Silver vs. Keith Lee
In this Hoss Match Silver chose to grapple with the mighty Keith Lee. After Lee showed off some power, Silver tried boxing him up.
That didn’t work either as Lee sent him to the ground yet again. Keith Lee would later toss Silver over his head and then sent him out of the ring. Just as Lee was going for a high-risk move outside the ring, Silver scrambled back in and surprised Lee with a series of kicks, ending with an enziguri.
Silver went for the dagger. He bounced off the ropes hoping to land more damage, but Lee senta Silver for a ride with a pop-up powerbomb. Silver kicked out at 2.
Keith Lee now wanted to use his power to finish it. He splashed into Silver in the corner multiple times. Finally Silver fought back and countered Lee’s offense.
Silver dug deep and showed true heart and grit: he slammed Lee flat on the mat halfway through the match and later superplexed him off the top rope.
Just as Lee had Silver caught in an elevated powerbomb, Silver countered into a Sunset Flip for the win.
David Starr vs. Tommaso Ciampa
Ciampa and Starr delivered laughs and thrills from the beginning. They tried outwitting each other from the start with nicknames. Then they had a battle of wits in the ring. Starr was trying to get Ciampa to…”Look at it”… Use your imagination.
Ciampa took the early advantage on the ground.
When Starr took control and smashed Ciampa’s head off the turnbuckles, Ciampa decided to continue on his own. He did the “You” point, Big Boot and Leg Drop, BROTHER. 1 count.
Starr nearly took the contest with a German Suplex and Suicide Dive outside ring. He did 1 more Suicide Dive at the request of the fans.
Ciampa would come back and hit a Project Ciampa for the Win!
Jordynne Grace vs. Taeler Hendrix
Hendrix opened up by headlocking Grace. Jordynne reversed out with a variation of a stunner. Knife edge chops from Hendrix had Arts at the Armory echoing.
Grace avoided a Hurricanrana attempt and hit Hendrix with a missile dropkick off the top rope. A facebuster by Hendrix nearly gave her the contest.
Grace avoided last second offense by Hendrix and won the match by pinfall.
Team Pazuzu (Jaka, Angel Ortiz, and Mike Draztik) vs. Scarlet and Graves:
Both teams pulled out death-defying moves I’ve never seen before. Pazuzu was in control early. Mike Draztik pulled off a flawless moonsault early on.
All 3 members of Scarlet and Graves would later fly out of the ring and knock down Pazuzu.
Jaka got the hot tag and took out Scarlet and Graves by himself with a German Suplex and a big splash in the corner.
Scarlet and Graves would counter with a moonsault and Standing corkscrew (!). The pin was broken up by Pazuzu.
In possibly the highlight-reel move of the night Team Pazuzu had one of their foes tangled in the ropes by his feet and he was fully extended. Jaka jumped directly on his core while he was hanging. Ouch!
Scarlet and Graves would win on a roll up pin courtesy of a distraction from their manager JT Davidson.
Jon Gresham vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
Gresham and Sabre did battle in a chess match. Gresham chose to attack Sabre at his own game. He secured an arm lock behind the back. Sabre took him to the ground.

Sabre would go on to take Gresham’s back and was looking to choke out his opponent.
Sabre would break the hold only to place his boot on Gresham’s spine and proceeded to stretch his arms inward. When the action moved back to striking Zack Sabre Jr. utilized kicks of all types, including a precise Pele kick to the forearm that Sabre had been targeting.
Gresham was on the ropes (literally and figuratively). He chose to swing Sabre off the ropes and he used the momentum to suplex him. Gresham showed his heart and athleticism by successfully pulling off a standing Hurricanrana. Gresham won the match on a roll up pin. A rematch is scheduled for Beyond Wrestling’s “Flesh” on July 17. The event will be co-run by Evolve Wrestling.
Donovan Dijak and Chris Dickinson vs. Death By Elbow (JT Dunn and Chris Hero)
The main event featured a well-seasoned team in Death By Elbow as well as a team made up of former bitter enemies: Dickinson and Dijak. Dickinson and Dijak have one thing in common; hatred for Death By Elbow. Chris Dickinson delivered a promo for the ages to open this one up.
Death By Elbow took the early advantage. They double teamed on Donovan Dijak and made sure to knock Dickinson from the ring apron at every opportunity.
Dijak and Dickinson fought back with big suplexes, super kicks and Gorilla presses.
JT Dunn was absorbing much of the damage. When Chris Hero tagged back in Death By Elbow went on a rampage.
Breathtaking moves were being done back and forth. The one mistake Dickinson and Dijak made was that they couldn’t get on the same page. Dijak inadvertently hit Dickinson with a few moves more than once.
When a nearly blinded Dijak nailed a Feast Your Eyes on Dickinson, thinking it was a member of Death By Elbow, Dickinson had had enough. Once he got up he ambushed Dijak. Hero and Dunn pounced and landed Death By Elbow for the win.

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