Americanrana ’16 Recap…

Americanrana 16 was held on July 31 at Fete Music Hall in Providence, Rhode Island. The venue was sold out.
Americanrana was one of two events held at Fete that day; Women’s Wrestling Revolution ran an event earlier in the afternoon entitled Revolutionary.
Keith Lee vs. Brian Cage
The opening bout for Americanrana was nothing short of electric. Lee and Cage tore the house down in a barnburner.
Both competitors are famously known for their world-class strength and swift agility. This match showcased each competitor at the height of his powers. As a result we saw all kinds of gravity-defying top rope maneuvers and a variety of high-impact slams. After leaving it all in the ring, Lee picked up the hard-earned pinfall win with a powerbomb.

Of note this was Lee’s first win in Beyond Wrestling after falling just short to Donovan Dijak and John Silver in his last two matches. This was Cage’s debut with Beyond Wrestling. The crowd expressed adoration at the end of the match demanding that both men return to Beyond Wrestling.

AR Fox vs. Matt Tremont
This match was all about momentum. Tremont had the early advantage. He nearly took the match with a piledriver in the center of the ring. He also used Fox’s momentum against him; Tremont converted a Hurricanrana attempt into a powerbomb.

Nonetheless, Fox would get the upper hand. With Tremont fatigued in the corner of the ring, resting along the bottom turnbuckle, Fox connected on a corner to corner missile dropkick.

Next Fox did the unthinkable. He climbed the stairs up to Fete’s balcony section. He positioned himself by Tremont and launched himself for a Swanton Bomb. Fox picked up the 3 count and a highlight-reel finish that had fans buzzing all night.

The Crusade For Change (Darius Carter, TJ Marconi, Anthony Gangone, Devin Blaze, Tommy Trainwreck) vs. Team Strong Style (Danny Maff, Homicide, Eddie Kingston and B-Boy)
From the opening bell this was a tornado tag team match in every sense of the word. The match split off in various directions with the action spilling throughout the crowd and into the VIP section.

Of note, TJ Marconi and Danny Maff knocked each other into oblivion when they made the aforementioned VIP section their war zone. Marconi would later target Eddie Kingston. The two socked each other with everything they had. Kingston connected on a particularly painful looking head butt.

Team Strong Style would also introduce chairs into the match and used them to their advantage. At one point it looked like Team Strong Style had the match wrapped up. Darius Carter was cornered by his 4 foes in the ring. Instead of running away, Carter charged at them and continued the fight. The remainder of the Crusade reentered the ring and eventually ended Team Strong Style.

The Crusade won via rollup pin. They remain undefeated in 2016.

Kimber Lee vs. Chris Hero
Going into this contest, Kimber Lee had won her most previous match with Beyond Wrestling at Flesh two weeks ago against JT Dunn. Lee however competed in two matches on Sunday night. She main-evented Women’s Wrestling Revolution’s Revolutionary earlier in the afternoon against Deonna Purrazzo. Deonna earned the victory.

Kimber Lee found success with strikes against Chris Hero. She was hoping to ground him in order to neutralize his power advantage. Hero’s strength, power moves and his elbow strikes proved to be too much. Hero won by pinfall.

JT Dunn vs. Chris Dickinson vs. Donovan Dijak
The winner of this match would go on to be anointed the Ace of Beyond Wresting. This was a highly-competitive match that featured 3 bitter rivals all looking for the top prize. The sheer aggression each man felt was clear from the get-go. This was anything but a conventional match.

The action spilled out of the ring on multiple occasions. Of note, Dunn went flying off the balcony at Fete and collided with Dickinson and Dijak. Dijak landed a huge highlight when he sent Dickinson flying over Fete’s bar. Dijak and Dickinson later teamed on Dunn: Dickinson struck him with a forearm and Dijak hit him with a choke slam.

Dijak picked up the pifnfall win with Feast Your Eyes.

John Silver vs. Matthew Riddle
This was the first match after intermission. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the sound system was not operating and wouldn’t work again until the show concluded. No worries. The fans sang the entrance songs from here on out. Silver started this match on fire. He was doing nearly the unthinkable; out striking Riddle at his own game of combat.
As he started flooring Riddle, Silver included suplexes into the mixture.
Riddle held on though. He had success with kicks to the body, a spinning piledriver and suplexes of his own. Riddle continued his hot streak and won via submission.

Team Catch Point (Drew Gulak, Tracy Williams, TJ Perkins) vs. Team Pazuzu (Mike Draztik, Angel Ortiz, Jaka)
EYFBO (Ortiz and Draztik) took the early advantage by using their tag team skills. They focused on Gulak and kept him in their corner so Jaka could join in on the fun as well.

Things changed for Catch Point when Tracy Williams was tagged in. He cleared house. It felt like the momentum shifted when he hit Draztik with a bicycle kick. After a frenzy of a finish where bodies were flying everywhere, Team Pazuzu picked up the win.

Following the match the rivalry continued as Matthew Riddle came out along with his fellow Catch Point members and Chris Dickinson and Pinkie Sanchez joined Pazuzu. Pazuzu won the ensuing battle, but it looks like this is going to turn into a war.

David Starr vs. Johnny Gargano
Starr and Gargano faced off in a much anticipated one-on-one contest. This was announced as Gargano’s final match with Beyond Wrestling before he wrestles full time in NXT. Gargano showed off his skill set from the get go.

He connected on a brutal spear through the middle ropes. Starr wowed with a facebusting tilt-a-whirl-slam.

There was added drama when both men collided with official Steven Dumeng. Gargano held onto the momentum from there. He tossed Starr head first into the turnbuckle and hit his downed opponent with a super kick. Starr not only held on to kick out at 2, but he was able to lock in a submission and won via tap out.

Both men showed mutual respect after the match and mentioned how they had infleunced each other’s careers.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Brian Fury
Like his frequent tag team competitor Gargano, Ciampa was wrestling his last match with Beyond Wrestling before wrestling full time with NXT. This was a true battle of two of the best wrestlers New England has to offer.

Ciampa was using a variety of strikes to land damage on Fury. His knees were particularly ferocious. In one combination, Ciampa connected on a running knee and a Project Ciampa. Fury somehow kicked out.

Fury showed a lot of resiliency and he used chain wrestling and his grappling to gain the upper hand. Ultimately, Fury locked in the Boston Crab and won via submission.

Both men showed respect for one another following the match and thanked the fans for the support.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
The main event lived up to the expectations and then some. The match offered the stipulation of being a 2 out of 3 falls match. Whoever scored 2 finishes (pin or submission) within the match would be victorious.

This added stipulation served a necessary means to an end for the feud thus far. Gresham had won the last 2 matches.
The first fall(s) occurred relatively early. Gresham and Sabre Jr. traded on a pin that was deemed a “double pin” by official Kevin Quinn. At that point the match was tied 1-1. The next fall would determine the winner.

Sabre Jr. showed off a wild arsenal of moves. He landed a curb stomp and a fall out powerbomb. Gresham kicked out at the last second.

Zack Sabre Jr. would later use a brutal knee to rock Gresham. Gresham was down, but he was not out.

He dug deep and resorted to his submission wrestling abilities. He reminded us why his nickname is The Octopus. Gresham locked in a Figure Four on an unsuspecting Sabre Jr. and held on for dear life. Gresham had been targeting Sabre Jr.’s legs earlier, particularly with other Figure Four attempts.

Jonathan Gresham would win the match via submission.

Huge congratulations to “TC Tapes” Tanya for capturing the DDT Championship for some time during last night’s event. She also received a well deserved award to honor her dedication to Beyond Wrestling. 
Americanrana 16 was a huge success and was an event for the ages. It gave full closure to all that has happened in the last year and offered promising conflicts for the future.
by Kevin D’Hooge

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