Behind the Clothesline Rhymes: The Stacked Card Podcast Intro…

First off, I’d like to thank the whole Stacked Card family for allowing me to write for their site. I’ve been in contact with the guys since I first started being active on Twitter in June and they’ve made me feel like family from the beginning. “Behind The Clothesline Rhymes” is a featured article I intend to write weekly. Every week I’ll choose one of my songs and give you guys an in depth look at its creation. What better song to start with than the intro I did for the Stacked Card Podcast?!


I was approached by the fellas at the end of June and they wanted to know if I was interested in creating a song for the pod. After listening to their show I was excited to do it. I’m honored to be associated with the podcast because they are knowledgeable, passionate about wrestling, and they do it for the right reasons. Therefore I accepted, and it was time to select a beat.
A few weeks prior I released a freestyle to John Cena’s current theme and since Mathew and Kevin are from the New England area, I thought it would be fitting to use Cena’s “Word Life” theme for the Intro.
I decided to play off of the hook that John Cena used. The first lyrics I had for the song was “Advance Podcast-onomics”, because I wanted to play off when he says “basic thuganomics”. I wanted to be direct, introduce the guys, and get the audience ready for the show.
I tried to get all of the facts about the show to the masses without it feeling forced. It’s also a intro, so I didn’t want to make it too long either. I was looking for ways to create metaphors around the name of the podcast and came up with:

“The Stacked Card, card stacked like Trish Stratus”
“Using Wrestling and rap tryna craft a blend/
Perfect even Dillinger gotta say that’s a ten/”
My goal was to show my skills, however not take attention way from the show. Hence I only mentioned my name once at the end. I wanted to put over my brand of hip hop which lead to the lines.
“From New Japan to Vince Brand/
Impact to the Indies on Soundclound where the hits land/”
I made sure to mention New England and that you can find the show on SoundCloud. It was also important to include all the promotions that they cover, but in a clever way.

The last thing that I felt I had to include was the fact that I thought that Kevin and Matt are the podcast tag team champs.

That sums up the intro, and some of the thinking behind it. I thought this would be a cool insight into how cerebral my writing process is. I’ll put a poll up on my twitter to allow you guys to choose which song I break down next week. This has been “Behind The Clotheslines Rhymes”. Thanks for reading.

by R8ted R
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