POWER RANKINGS 10/4 – 10/10

1. John Cena: Cena defeated Seth Rollins at WWE MSG this past Saturday in a steel cage match and continued his winning ways on Raw by defeating New Day member Big E. Both matches delivered plenty of thrills. Reports are indicating that the United States champion will be taking an extended leave of absence to get some much needed rest. Expect Cena to drop the belt at Hell in a Cell or the ensuing Monday Night Raw.

2. Kevin Owens: He is 2-1 in his last three matches, with the lone loss being a voluntary count out last week on Smackdown against Ryback. Aside from that, Owens defeated Chris Jericho at WWE MSG and squashed Sin Cara this past Monday on Raw. The victory against Y2J is another notch in Owens’ belt during his short run in WWE.

3. New Day: Technically speaking, they lost their 3 matches over the last week: they lost to the Dudley Boyz and Kane on Smackdown, they lost via disqualification to the Dudleys at WWE MSG and Big E lost to John Cena on Raw. With that being said, they appear to have taken on more sinister characteristics. They dragged a beaten up Dolph Ziggler to the ring with them on Raw this past week. At the conclusion of Big E’s match they cleared house. They managed to pulverize Cena, the Dudleys and Ziggler in a post-match brawl to close out Raw.

4. Roman Reigns: Reigns has been taking center stage in his feud with Bray Wyatt. This week on Raw he scored the match-winning pin via a spear to Luke Harper in a #6mantag match. Last week on Raw he got the last laugh on Bray Wyatt by spearing him through the announcer’s table in a post-match brawl. Reigns looks to be the favorite heading into his Hell in a Cell match with Wyatt.

5. Kane: He’s gone 1-1 during the week. The lone loss was a disqualification against the Dudley Boyz where Kane’s partner, Seth Rollins, drop kicked a table into the Dudleys. Kane has found much success in tormenting Rollins as much as possible. Most of their segments result in Rollins getting tombstoned by the Demon. Unfortunately for Kane, Rollins will likely win the feud since that’s how these things go.

POWER RANKINGS 9/20 – 9/26

1. John Cena: The Champ is back at the # 1 spot. I’m still not sure why he lost the United States title at Summerslam to begin with, but for whatever reason he did. Cena regained the belt at Night of Champions while defeating Seth Rollins clean. Cena picked up another clean victory over Rollins, no-selling a frog splash in the process, during this past week’s Raw. At the very least Super Cena’s terrific U.S. Open challenges should be returning.
2. Kevin Owens: Owens put on an impressive showing on Smackdown last week vs. Dolph Ziggler before Ryback interfered causing a disqualification. KO had the last laugh at Night of Champions when he used some heel tactics to pull off a surprising victory vs. Ryback. On Raw, Owens delivered hilarious commentary as usual with his nemesis Michael Cole and co. He also squabbled with Ryabck following the Big Guy’s squash win over the the Inspirational Bo Dallas. Owens is now the Intercontinental Champion and should bring long-awaited prestige back to the belt.
3. Wyatt Family: The addition of Braun Strowman has done wonders for Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt. They defeated The Shield and Chris Jericho at Night of Champions. Y2J ate the TKO submission from Strowman’s lethal choke out. The teams duked it out on Raw the next night to get the show started, with Randy Orton in place of Jericho. What’s next for this feud, and who’s willing to face off with the Wyatts knowing the capabilities of Strowman?
4. New Day: They are 2-1 in their most recent stretch of matches, with the only loss being a DQ courtesy of Xavier Woods’ interference at Night of Champions. They still retained the titles because of the DQ. Other than that, Kofi Kingston used a patented diva roll up to defeat D-Von Dudley on Smackdown last week. They also teamed up with their new friend Rusev to defeat the Dudley Boyz and Doph Ziggler in the funniest WWE match of 2015 (all laughs thanks to Dr. Xavier Woods PhD).
5. Seth Rollins: The WWE WHC is going through a tough stretch: he’s 1-3 in his last 4 matches. And in his one victory he ended up potentially ending the career of Sting. He lost a tag team match on Smackdown while partnered with Sheamus. They took on his old friends, The Shield. He also lost cleanly to John Cena on back to back nights, losing the United States title in the process. He’s still the WWE WHC, but it looks like Rollins’ nightmares are becoming a reality as the Demon Kane has returned and Rollins is in his cross hairs. Will this culminate in a Hell in a Cell match with the duo at the end of the month? 

POWER RANKINGS 9/06 – 9/12

1. Seth Rollins: Despite having his bronze statue tossed in a garbage truck by Sting and losing both of his matches on Raw, Rollins remains the man in WWE and is still WWE WHC. Rollins very well could have beaten Ryback on Monday, but a titan tron interruption by Sting proved to be the deciding factor. Rollins and New Day also fell short against Super Cena and the Prime Time Players.
2. John Cena: Cena must be gearing up for his opportunity to rematch with Seth Rollins for the US Title at Night of Champions. John Cena proved why he is Super Cena on Monday night when he was getting beat up for three-fourths of the match only to come back and execute the match winning AA.
3. Ryback: The Big Guy scored an even bigger win over WWE WHC Seth Rollins on Raw. He may have won on a diva roll up courtesy of assistance from Sting, but a win’s a win.
4. Dudley Boyz: The Dudleys still have yet to suffer a defeat in their return to WWE. They defeated the previous tag team champs, the Prime Time Players last week on Smackdown and took out Los Matadores on Monday Night Raw. They even came to the rescue for a beaten down El Torito, by tossing a Matador through a table.
5. Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose: These guys ought to consider entering the tag team division following their feud with the Wyatt family. Well you know, if they make it out alive. The former Shield members defeated the New Day on Smackdown last week and mopped the floor with the jobbing Ascension on Raw.

POWER RANKINGS 8/23 – 8/29

Despite an incredible weekend of wrestling and an entertaining 3 hours of Raw this week, only 6 superstars made the power rankings. This is partly a result of a promo heavy episode of Raw, new competitors entering the scene (and a few part timers going back to hibernation), and a few dusty finishes at SummerSlam:
1. Seth Rollins: With assistance from Jon Stewart’s chair shot heard round the world, Rollins made history: he became the first superstar to hold the WWE WHC and the United States title at the same time. Rollins unleashed an impressive arsenal of moves to put away Cena at SummerSlam as well. The champ didn’t get to celebrate for too long, as the Icon Sting ambushed his statue ceremony on Raw. Regardless, Rollins is lined up for another high profile feud.
2. John Cena: If it wasn’t for an ill-timed ref bump and help from Jon Stewart, Cena would be the WWE WHC and US Champion. He put up a formidable fight in defeat. It’s unclear what’s next for Cena as Sting will be feuding with Rollins.
3. New Day: They did it! New Day are your new tag team champions of the world! They won clean and Big E’s literal groundbreaking tackle to the outside of the ring of a Matador stole the show at SummerSlam. New Day will now be lined up to feud with the legendary Dudley Boyz.
4. Kevin Owens: What a weekend for KO! Him and Finn Balor went through hell in their ladder match at Takeover. Owens impressed even in defeat. The next night at SummerSlam, Owens made up for his NXT loss with a big rebound win over Cesaro.
5. Cesaro: Props to Cesaro for carrying Josh and ZZ in wrestling matches during the Tough Enough finale. He came up short against Owens at SummerSlam, but put up a (Jamie) noble fight. 
6. Ryback: The Big Guy is still the IC champ. He pinned The Miz to retain at SummerSlam, in part thanks to Big Show KO punching The Miz. Big Show was “rewarded” for this with an absolute beat down on Monday Night Raw thanks courtesy of Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, and Cesaro for some reason…

POWER RANKINGS 8/16 – 8/22

In this writer’s opinion, power rankings do not apply to this week’s action in WWE. There were a fair amount of promos, interruptions, and squashes, so we’ll do something different. There are 10 matches lined up for Summerslam and I usually hand out 10 spots in the power rankings. This week I’ll power rank the Summerslam card, which is actually looking rather strong from top to bottom.
1. Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar: This won’t be the most technical match of the night nor the fastest paced. However, the sheer presence of the competitors in the ring once again will be goosebump-inducing. This might be one of the last times we see these two monsters in the ring with each other, so hopefully they deliver.
2. Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens: This will probably be the fan favorite match of the night. I expect these two to bring out all the stunts in what will likely be a mat classic.
3. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins: This will be a revenge match  filled with bad blood. I expect a physical John Cena to show up looking to inflict pain on Seth Rollins. The Champion vs. Champion angle makes things exciting. I just hope this doesn’t end in a no contest.
4. Team Bella vs. Team BAD vs. Team PCB: The elimination style of this match will no doubt make things interesting here. If the Divas are given sufficient time, this could turn into a show-stealing match.
5. Ryback vs. Big Show vs. The Miz: This match looks questionable on paper and any one on one contest involving these competitors would bring plenty of yawns. I think Miz is the x-factor here. Something tells me these guys are holding something back and we may be in for some pleasant surprises during this match.
6. Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev: The storyline has been very soap opera-ish, but at the end of the day, these are two of the best workers on the roster. This match will have some fireworks going for it when, not if, Lana and Summer Rae get involved.
7. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns: This should be a good match, but it just feels like something is missing. A stipulation would be fitting for this match as it contains some of the more demented and physical superstars on the roster. Standard tag team fare just feels limiting.
8. Prime Time Players vs. Los Matadores vs. Lucha Dragons vs. New Day: The build up to this feud has been lackluster and lazy. It feels like we have seen variations of this match on Raw and Smackdown for the last month as well. With that being said, these four teams have potential to incorporate high-flying stunts and spots in an entertaining match.
9. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus: I’m still not quite sure why these two are feuding in the first place. They had a match at last month’s pay per view, so I don’t expect this one to be much different. Still, Sheamus and Orton are two veterans and they may find a way to make this work.
10. Neville and Stephen Amell vs. Stardust and Cosmic King Barrett: This could actually turn out to be a fun match, so it’s saying a lot that I have this ranked last. The only things keeping this down are Barrett’s impromptu last minute involvement and the fact that Amell, an actor, could potentially go over actual WWE talent. From a kayfabe perspective, this should be a fast-paced, high-flying matchup.

POWER RANKINGS 8/09 – 8/15

1. Seth Rollins: The WWE WHC remains steady, if not shaky, at the top of the list. He opened up Monday Night Rawllins with yet another vintage tongue in cheek promo at the expense of John Cena. Rollins’ arrogance set in motion an inadvertent defense of the WWE WHC against Randy Orton, which the champion narrowly escaped thanks to interference from our beloved Sheamus.
2. Cesaro: Welcome to the Cesaro Section! He has won over marks and smarks worldwide. Cesaro continues to grow on the mic and has really found his look as the suit wearing action star a la Daniel Craig/Jason Statham. He ate the pin on Raw against Randy Orton in a triple threat match, but it’s best for business to not feed Cesaro to Rollins just yet.
3. Kevin Owens: Despite Randy Orton taking a shot at Owens’ unspectacular physique this past Monday on Raw, KO is looking slimmer and appears to be getting in better shape. Once again he was electric on the mic in the opening segment of Raw and showcased some highlight reel moves in the Triple Threat match against Orton and Cesaro
4. Roman Reigns: It still amazes me that Reigns won Superstar of the Year last year…I’m not sure what he did to deserve to receive that distinction. This year, however, he looks to be a front runner for Most Improved Superstar. Reigns has been having sharp, short promos on Raw and Smackdown. He picked up a big win over Rusev on Smackdown and brought the battle to Bray Wyatt on Raw during the Dean Ambrose-Luke Harper match.
5. Randy Orton: Orton picked up double duty on Raw, defeating Cesaro and Kevin Owens in the process before narrowly being disqualified by Sheamus in the main event. Orton put on an impressive physical performance over the course of the night. It would be nice if WWE allowed him and Sheamus to have a legitimate feud instead of just having them robotically interfere in each other’s matches.
 6. Rusev: The Super Athlete Rusev had a bit of a down week. Roman Reigns beat him clean on Smackdown. Rusev was squashing The World’s Strongest Jobber, Mark Henry, on Raw before Lana and Summer Rae interfered with the match. Rusev and Summer Rae stood tall as Summer locked the Accolade in on Lana.
 7. New Day: They lost in their seemingly weekly tag match with PTP and Mark Henry last week on Smackdown, but they did defeat Los Matadores on Raw. They’ve been given some more time in the spotlight lately and have provided memorable backstage segments. Unfortunately, they won’t be the lone team at Summerslam facing PTP for the Tag Team championship.
8. Neville: The Man that Gravity Forgot scored a win over his old nemesis King Jobber on Raw. He’s officially been assigned to face the aforementioned Jobber and Stardust, with actor Stephen Amell as his partner, at Summerslam. Sadly this assignment will take a bit of the spotlight away from Neville.
 9. Stardust: The Strange One destroyed Zack Ryder last week on Smackdown in a one on one contest. He ended up clobbering Neville after his victory on Raw and smacked his rival, actor Stephen Amell, who was in attendance at Raw. Stardust ended up being taken down by the star of Arrow, but at least he has seen a resurgence in his character of late.
 10. Stephen Amell: Sad times when an actor makes the list over actual superstars. In fairness to him, he had an athletic entrance into the ring on Raw and took Stardust down in convincing fashion. It should be fun seeing the continuation of this feud. Amell certainly looks to have a future in WWE. 

POWER RANKINGS 8/02 – 8/08

1. Seth Rollins: The WWE WHC takes over the top spot with John Cena hobbled for the time being. Seth has been destroying promos left and right and defeated Neville on Raw in a match of the year candidate. Rollins is getting hot at the right time.
2. Cesaro: The King of Swing is at an all time high. All in attendance at San Jose’s Monday Night Raw held up “Cesaro Section” signs. He’s been exuding confidence in his promos and took home a victory along with Dean Ambrose against Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins on Smackdown.
3. Kevin Owens: Yes, he ate the pin in the aforementioned Smackdown main event tag team match, but KO has been receiving significant air time. His feud with Cesaro is must see tv. Owens was electric on Miz TV and hasn’t “walked Owens walked” from a tv match all week !
4. Rusev: The Super Athlete hasn’t gotten any mic time since his “sensational” fish segment on Raw last week, but he has been shown off in other ways. He squashed Mark Henry on Raw this week and defeated Jack Swagger in a surprisingly competitive Smackdown match last week.
5. Paige: She has been stealing the Diva spotlight lately. Paige scored a submission win over Naomi on Raw. She has been shining elsewhere, being featured on an entertaining episode of the SCSA podcast and continues to be the harshest judge on Tough Enough.
6. Neville: To the WWE Universe’s relief, Neville came to the rescue of R-Truth last week on Smackdown, defending him from Stardust. He then went on to wrestle a clinic with Seth Rollins on Raw, nearly stealing the belt on a few occasions.
7. Roman Reigns: The Samoan Badass hasn’t been too prominent on tv recently. However, he reminded us of his potential on Raw this week with a few highlight reel maneuvers in a tag team victory on Raw.
8. Dean Ambrose: Congrats to the Lunatic Fringe for making my Power Rankings for the first time ever! He was a part of tag team victories on both Raw and Smackdown. He shouldn’t get too comfortable on the list as it seems like WWE is slighting as simply a henchman for Roman Reigns against the Wyatts.
9. Charlotte: She didn’t give anybody a concussion this week! Wooooooo! There’s a reason to celebrate! In all seriousness, she remains an absolute athlete in the ring and caused Divas champion Nikki Bella to tap to the Figure Eight in a Diva tag match on Raw.
10. Randy Orton: Sadly the Viper looks to be heading aimlessly towards Round 2 with Sheamus at Summerslam. Somehow he is still one of the most over superstars on the roster, proving so on Raw as he received the hot tag and turned the momentum toward his team’s favor.

POWER RANKINGS 7/26 – 8/01

1. John Cena: Cena has seemed like a parody at times over the years with his heroically clichéd “Never Give Up” attitude, but this past Monday he added new meaning to those words. Broken nose and all, Cena picked up the clean win over the WWE WHC Seth Rollins in inspiring fashion.
2. Seth Rollins: The WWE WHC shot back up the power rankings by defeating Cesaro last week on Smackdown and bloodying up John Cena on Raw. While his vicious knee to Cena’s nose was unintentional, the act gives Rollins the mean streak he sorely needs.
3. Cesaro: For what it’s worth, he main evented Smackdown last week and looked to be in secure of the victory until Seth Rollins gave him the ol’ poke in the eye. Cesaro had the crowd on its feet during Raw as he jolted to the ring in defense of an under attack Randy Orton. Whether Orton will be appreciative of the rescue is another story…
4. Rusev: He has not been performing much in the ring of late and his gift giving segment on Raw with Summer Rae was pitiful and embarrassing at best. While it wasn’t the best material to work with, Rusev proved how natural he is on the mic and his knack for embodying charisma.
5. Sasha Banks: The Boss looks to be both the Diva of the future and the present. She beat Paige in a 1 on 1 match on Raw and forced her to tap out to the Bank Statement for the second week in a row. Perhaps the best elements of the Diva Revolution are the freedom given to the characters and allowing the “heels” to win clean.
6. Kevin Owens: Frustratingly, Owens has not been completing his matches lately. His in-ring promos are also missed. He looks to having a promising program with Cesaro leading to Sumerslam. Hopefully Owens is only being restrained for now only to explode in a Summerslam bout.
7. Luke Harper: Now this guy knows how to deliver brief nonsensically brilliant promos. Key word being brief. Bray Wyatt, take notes. Harper’s move set and ability to sell moves make him an elite superstar, who will hopefully be used correctly this time around.
8. Stardust: He doesn’t have much in-ring work to speak of recently, but his promos have been entertaining. Bray Wyatt can also learn from this guy. Stardust is taking the spotlight from Neville (the hero) in this storyline, proving that sometimes the villains are more fun to root for.
9. Becky Lynch: Becky displayed a varied and painful looking move set on Raw. She scored the tap out submission against Brie Bella and Alicia Fox in a tag team match. She also didn’t botch any moves or cause Fox to have a concussion (*cough Charlotte *cough).
10. Big Show: As much as I do not want the young up comer in the power rankings, he’s here. This is more of a statement of how WWE is not utilizing their talent in the best manner, as many top superstars had time off or wasted away in pointless segments this week. Regardless, Big Show-Dean Ambrose on Raw was a lot better than it had any right being. They told a good story in the ring and part of that is a testament to Show. However, he should not be being pushed as an IC title challenger in the year 2015, especially at the expense of Dean Ambrose…

POWER RANKINGS 7/19 – 7/25

1. John Cena: The United States champ won his feud against Kevin Owens and looks to have his sights on the WWE WHC and Seth Rollins next. Could he be holding 2 belts soon? Without a doubt Cena has been having a career year.
2. Brock Lesnar: Lesnar suplexed Seth Rollins to oblivion during Battleground, but was unable to pick up the title due to Undertaker’s curious interference. Lesnar looked as vicious as ever as he and Undertaker battled the entire locker room in order to take some swings at each other on Raw. This rambunctious segment is creating buzz for their Summerslam clash.
3. Cesaro: The King of Swing sat out Battleground, but was a key factor in helping himself, John Cena and Randy Orton win a 6 man tag match on Raw. Great things are in Cesaro’s future.
4. Rusev: I can do without the corny soap opera story line with Summer Rae and Lana, but Rusev has been impressing in the ring. He was the last man standing from his team during Raw’s 6 man tag match and put up an inspiring fight.
5. Bray Wyatt: Luke Harper is back with Wyatt. This reunion helped Wyatt pick up the win at Battleground against Roman Reigns. The duo proceeded to beat down Reigns and Ambrose on Raw showing their menace.
6. Randy Orton: Orton took out Sheamus during a slugfest at Battleground. He continued his winning ways on Raw by owning the match winning pinfall during the main event.
7. Seth Rollins: Rollins was manhandled by the beast Brock Lesnar at Battleground and continued to run away from challenges at Raw by declining John Cena’s challenge.
8. Kevin Owens: KO looked weak at Battleground, tapping out to a poorly executed STF lock by John Cena. Like Rollins, Kevin Owens continues to look weak. On Raw he did so by running away from the main event tag team match.
9. Charlotte: She does make the occasional botch, but it would be hard not to with such an explosive and acrobatic move set. She has picked up the pinfall in her last 2 matches, including a triple threat match at Battleground.
10. Sasha Banks: The Boss has not disappointed during her first few WWE bouts. She put up a valiant effort at Battleground and scored a tag team victory on Raw, causing Paige to tap out to the Banks Statement.


1. John Cena: He is still the title holder of the most competitive title in the company. Kevin Owens had the last laugh on Raw when he interfered and put Cena in a pop up powerbomb. Before this it looked like Super Cena was about to make quick work of Rusev.

2. Seth Rollins: Rollins could not hold his own against Brock Lesnar during the inevitable contract signing gone wrong. Seth was not entirely buried during the invasion of Suplex City. He heeled it up on the mic and literally kicked Kane while he was on the ground.

3. Cesaro: He was wrestling like a video game character on Raw. Cesaro seemingly turned on all the cheat codes in a wild triple threat all star match with Rusev and Kevin Owens. He ate the pin, but looked impressive.

4. Rusev: He showed a surprising amount of heart and fight during his performance on Raw. The once proud Russian supporter showed a different side of his talent as he was given ample freedom on the microphone and really stood out during the triple threat marathon of a match.

5. Kevin Owens: KO wisely gave up during the aforementioned triple threat match in order to focus on his match with John Cena at Battleground. In typical Owens fashion, he interfered during Cena-Rusev and attacked the US Champion.

6. Brock Lesnar: I was thinking of keeping the part timer off the list, but he’s impressed during the last few weeks. He’s been carrying around J&J’s destroyed Cadillac like it’s a trophy. He’s been dismantling the Authority left and right and is ready for his 1 on 1 rematch with Rollins.

7. Ryback: The Big Guy pulled out a few new moves during his victorious tag team match on Raw. He won the match with a well executed Big Splash off the top rope.

8. Roman Reigns: Roman finally sought his opportunity against Bray Wyatt, wisely and unsuspectingly during his entrance on Raw. Roman’s looked strong as him and Wyatt clashed in the ring.

9. Randy Orton: Offered a priceless promo on Smackdown last week calling out Sheamus. He defended his actions by picking up a win in a tag team match against Sheamus and Big Show. I wonder if this means Sheamus will pick up the win at Battleground…

10. Bray Wyatt: The Eater of Worlds wasn’t too active this week. He did not get to face Dean Ambrose due to Reigns’ interference. Wyatt looked equal to Reigns during their clash and the two look to put on a physical bout.


1. John Cena: Up 3 spots. The U.S. Championship arguably has more prestige than the WWE WHC right now. Cena’s run as champ has done numbers for the title and in showing the potential for Cena’s challengers. Cena and Cesaro once again had a match of the year candidate on Raw.
2. Seth Rollins: Down 1 spot. J&J Security helped Rollins jump Roman Reigns on Smackdown last week to earn a disqualification loss. On last night’s Monday Night “Rawllins”, Seth decided to call out Brock Lesnar (with the assistance of axe handles and J&J by his side) only to have the Beast pummel J&J’s Cadillac, tear through the security team and chase Rollins out of the building.
3. Cesaro: Up 7 spots. Cesaro has gone toe to toe with John Cena over the last two Raws. He’s won the love of the WWE audience. If he keeps it up, he may have a chance at the U.S. title at a future PPV (hopefully a Triple Threat with Cena and Owens).
4. Kevin Owens: Down 2 spots. Kevin has been out of luck lately. He lost his NXT title to Finn Balor at Beast in the East. He didn’t even get to interfere with the outcome of Cena-Cesaro. When he finally infiltrated Cena’s pinfall victory, he fell victim to the Attitude Adjustment. With Owens drawing the short end of the stick, it’s all but certain that he will gain the U.S. title at Battleground.
5. Bray Wyatt: Up 1 spot. Bray had a clean victory over Dean Ambrose on last week’s Smackdown. He continues to get the upper hand against Roman Reigns. This week he fooled Roman into thinking he was ringside and the distraction caused Roman to get counted out against Sheamus.
6. Rusev: New entrant. The Bulgarian Brute is healthy again! He duped Dolph Ziggler and the WWE audience by milking his injury for an additional week. It’d be interesting to see if Rusev will wrestle with a boot of some sort, that would be sure to inflict extra damage on the Show Off.
7. Neville: Up 1 spot. Neville and Chris Jericho wrestled a show-stealing match at Best in the East. Y2J didn’t give the upstart the rub, but Neville still looked impressive and showed he could keep up with the future hall of famer.
8. Ryback: Down 3 spots. Ryback defeated Mark Henry on last week’s Smackdown. He actually looked like he was on the verge of being defeated by Big Show on Raw until The Miz interfered. Ryback made up for this by shellshocking Miz and taking down Big Show.
9. Randy Orton: New entrant. The Viper has been virtually forgotten following his feud with Seth Rollins. Him and Sheamus look to have a date at Battleground, but WWE is doing very little to add excitement to this showdown. Orton showed on Raw that he is still over with the WWE Universe by RKO’ing Sheamus following his count out victory. However, at this point almost anybody would get cheered for laying out Sheamus.
10. Dolph Ziggler: The Show Off won his tag team match with John Cena at Beast in the East. Other than that there isn’t much to speak of. Rusev inflicted much pain on Ziggler on last night’s Raw. Ziggler sold the injury well. He was even shown being sent away in an ambulance. He may not have looked strong, but his character is getting a much deserved promising storyline.


1. Seth Rollins: The future of the WWE is on fire: two weeks ago him and the Authority took out Brock Lesnar and this past week Roman Reigns was mopped around by Rollins and company. Rollins holds the belt and he has the Authority in his corner. He has never looked stronger.
2. Kevin Owens: The NXT Champion has been catching John Cena off guard ever since his defeat at Money in the Bank. Owens brutalized Cena after his loss at MitB and dethroned both Cena and Cesaro this past Monday on Raw. Owens looks to have the upper hand.
3. Sheamus: The Money in the Bank winner has been on a hot streak recently. Ever since his heel turn, Sheamus has looked mighty strong in the ring. This past Monday he had a convincing win over Neville.
4. John Cena: Even though, Owens has had the upper hand in their feud recently, Cena is still a major force. He was putting on a classic match with Cesaro before Owens’ interference. Cena was also the victor over Owens at Money in the Bank.
5. Ryback: The Big Guy has been owning the fans of late. He defeated The Miz this past week (via count out). He still looks like the favorite to defend his title at Battleground.

6. Bray Wyatt: The man rarely performs in matches, but he has been getting in Roman Reigns’s head of late and has been cutting memorable promos.
7 Roman Reigns: He hasn’t been winning too much lately, in order to sell Bray Wyatt in the feud, but he has definitely improved in the ring and is executing his father figure role to a cue.

8. Neville: He has barely been given the mic and is sporadically used in storylines, but Neville never disappoints in the ring. WWE higher-ups have much confidence in him based on his match selection. If only he won some more…Startlingly, this summary sounds like the next superstar on the list.

9. Dolph Ziggler: His linking with Lana makes no sense, but this past Monday’s segment was a nice change of pace. Hopefully a mixed tag match is in the works between Ziggler and Lana and Rusev and Summer Rae. As always, Ziggler has been arguably the best in-ring talent of late.

10. Cesaro: Unfortunately Tyson Kidd will be on the shelf for some time. Cesaro has been impressing in singles matches lately, his last 2 bouts have been with Kevin Owens and John Cena. This is a great sign of confidence from WWE. There are also rumblings that Cesaro may tag team with Neville.

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