Showtime at The Garden…

by Kevin D’Hooge

Brock Lesnar made his long anticipated return to WWE in 2012. During this reincarnation he has 9 wins and 5 losses.
The honorary list of victims during the “Beast Era” include John Cena (4 matches), Triple H (3 matches), Big Show (soon to be 2 matches), CM Punk (one match, but shhh don’t tell Vince), Undertaker (soon to be 3 matches), Roman Reigns (one match), Kofi Kingston (one match, RIP), and Seth Rollins (somehow 3 matches already).

That’s a fairly repetitive list, not to mention the fact that Brock battled with Cena, HHH, Big Show and Taker way back when. Punk, Reigns, Kingston, and Rollins are all new foes for Lesnar, who have had middling results in their showings.
Punk and Lesnar put on a bona fide classic at Summerslam 2013 that really allowed both men to shine.

Reigns and Lesnar put on the stiffest match of 2015 with their Wrestlemania 31 main event.

Rollins first faced Lesnar in a triple threat match at the Royal Rumble. It was largely a one on one contest between Rollins and Cena after Rollins put Lesnar through a table.

Other than that, Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania, defeating the beaten down Reigns and Lesnar in the process. At Battleground, Lesnar took Rollins to Suplex City before the Undertaker interfered.

That leaves us with Kofi Kingston, God bless his soul. Poor guy didn’t stand a chance at Beast in the East.

Alas, is there hope for a young up comer to take down the Beast? Is it Rusev, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, Cesaro, Dean Ambrose or Big E?

WELL IT’S THE BIG SHOW! Big Show did face (or heel?!) off against Lesnar at the Royal Rumble last year and didn’t stand a chance. I don’t expect different results at Madison Square Garden next Saturday.
WWE is certainly building the Big Show up as an equal to Lesnar. Show has been destroying the competition lately, including 2 straight wins over Cesaro.

Mind you, this is the same Cesaro that was main eventing numerous Raws over the summer and went toe to toe on the regular with John Cena and Kevin Owens. What this all means for Cesaro is a whole other story.

So how do we make sense of WWE selecting Big Show to take on Lesnar instead of someone like Cesaro? To be frank, it makes no sense, but I’ll try my best.

Big Show is now 43 and has lost many steps in the ring. The WWE Universe even demands that he retire every week. Big Show may be older, but he’s also wiser.

He has actually had surprisingly physical matches this year. Show’s in-ring psychology has been on point and he has sulked in the fan’s hatred of him.

Last week’s article was about heels attracting heat. Intentionally or not, Big Show arguably has more heat than anybody in wrestling today, and possibly ever.

Week in and week out he KO punches all of the fan favorites, whether he deserves to be doing so or not.

The heat may be cheap, but Big Show could not be more hated than he is right now (unless he beats Lesnar clean LOL). As I alluded to last week, we’re in the reality era and traditional heels are winning over fans with their flashy promos and rebellious attitudes.

Show and whoever writes his storylines are the antithesis of the cool trendy heel. There’s no way any of the upcoming talent could generate this much heat in a match vs Lesnar. But does Lesnar’s opponent necessarily have to be a hated 7 foot tall 500 pound giant?

The event at Madison Square Garden is a live special, not a PPV. If it weren’t for the advent of the WWE Network, this event wouldn’t even be filmed.

And I think we all know what happened the last time a hot young talent was vs. Lesnar on a WWE Network special (RIP Kofi). Lesnar-Show won’t last more than a few minutes. It won’t be the main event. It will be a squash. And is there anything we want more than for Lesnar to crush the Big Show?

Would we rather see the burial of Big Show or witness a good match vs. a hot young upstart? Tough call. But the way things are now, there’s no way Lesnar has a competitive match with anyone at a measly house show.
Big Show once had the iron clad contract, but now Brock does. What Brock wants, Brock gets.

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