Save Us Y2J…

The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla has been the undisputed savior of the WWE ever since his return to full-time action in January 2016. At the time, devastating injuries to the likes of John Cena, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and Cesaro left WWE without a much-needed big name leading man.
No need to fear. Much like Ron Burgundy, Vince McMahon called for his Anchor Team of 1 to the rescue. Jericho has delivered time and time again. Y2J seems more motivated than ever and has been delivering some of the most impressive work of his distinguished career.
What’s most impressive about Jericho’s most recent run was his call to action. Y2J is not exactly a full-time competitor at this stage in his career. Due to other responsibilities, Jericho’s wrestling schedule is limited. The man runs the highly successful Talk is Jericho podcast, is the lead singer of Fozzy and is actively involved in various TV and film gigs.
Somehow, someway Y2J has proven he is the best in the world at what he does. Jericho is a true company man. In the snap of a finger he dropped everything he was doing and stepped up in the biggest way possible.  
Jericho’s 2015 consisted of various house show matches. The only filmed matches he partook in were: July’s Beast in the East, October’s Showtime at the Garden, and November’s Survivor Series. Not exactly the tune-up necessary for a full-time work schedule.
Despite this, Jericho has been sulking in the spotlight ever since his return to WWE. He has been a focal point on Raw, SmackDown and live events.
Jericho has even been involved with some of the hottest feuds of the year. Jericho and AJ Styles killed it in their tag team feud against the New Day. They even had a match of the year candidate together.
This feud came to a halt when Y2J turned on AJ Styles and returned to his heel comfort ground. These two superstars delivered a dream feud of epic proportions. They brought it all in countless mat classics.
Jericho’s most recent gem of a feud, against Dean Ambrose, was also an A+ effort.
We got to see dynamic promos cut every week and matches that delivered the goods and then some. The unthinkable even happened to Jericho this past Sunday at Extreme Rules: he was dropped back-first on a pile of thumb tacks. OUCH!
Jericho survived to live another day and qualified for Money in the Bank the next night on Raw.
Wait a second, let’s rewind. Jericho is 45, is in his 26th year of wrestling, has been actively competing on the roster week in and week out the last 5 months, did battle in the demented Asylum match, needed to get 70+ thumb tacks removed from his body at Extreme Rules, and THEN competed in and won a match against Apollo Crews the very next night on Raw that gave him a spot in Money in the Bank.
What can’t this guy do? Chris Jericho is proving he is one of the greatest wrestlers ever. It’s almost unfathomable that he is having this great of year at this point in his career.
If recent history has taught us anything, Jericho is probably due for a break in the next few months. His last few years with WWE are notorious for having large stretches of time off.
Maybe this time is different though. Maybe Y2J will get another run at the WWE WHC by winning MITB. Maybe he’ll be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns.
Hey if Sheamus won it last year then, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!
by Kevin D’Hooge



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